New Year Christmas Story

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This is a Christmas story written from the hearts voice within. May you draft this real. :)

Submitted: December 03, 2018

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Submitted: December 03, 2018



Yesterday do you feel the paradise had a slave,

The Garden of eden where the first act of compromise was made,

When we are reminded the escape was a hideout,

And God who gave light for the day reminded them,

You had many guests who visited my family in heaven,

I asked you to keep the faith even when I know why you are away,

Hiding in a stage do you fear the truth for this drama,

My very true Son came before you to show the way,

Before there was dark I wandered among the wonders in this rosary,

Requesting for someone who will bring the reason why you flocked away into the night,

May you know the act is a question mark,

You made it without any reasons,

Once life in the eden was a machine,

Made to serve the fallen never-ending process,

Today my garden of Eden is this Earth,

I have send all my angels for your help,

I dont say that you may regret any failure,

May you the answer starts with true faith,

Till you may workout the passion Christ is living with us as an example,

Someone whom you forget as a child gifted to honor this message,

Many who still feels the message starts from the Garden of Eden,

I am going to tell you this story again,

But with a different ending.

There is a trader,

He has three sources,

One became his games which gave him many fortunes,

The next came as his secrets which gave him many fames,

And the last is his family which gave him many faces,

Once again before the oracle I started watching his moves,

There was no clarity in his claim for the rest,

It was noted that there is a new messenger for peace,

But there is no new story and the chants just made no special divide,

It was getting longer than usual,

This trader gave the world new instruments,

And its innovations multiplied daily,

For this reason many here watched there will be a new resource for all,

The trader was happy as no one dared to challenge his worth,

The day wallstreet could buy them a package always felt undone,

The night our toystore still had something for others became a mysery,

Unfortunately back in the jungle there was an alarm for wildfires,

And one family hardly escaped for the rest of our story,

Time brought this family back into the Garden of Eden,

A lost child feared what they saw,

How it almost became the home of horrors,

Yet they grow up lending something from their savings for others,

For God who loved us all may once again be the light of our world,

This message gave the family to work endlessly,

The child grew up and he was given a chance to see the world,

Like a free bird many unfortunate incidence became the ladder of his wonders,

All the savings could be so loved for the safety of a single child's delight,

Once again the fear crucified the living Earth,

The trader was summoned to the court of our supreme foundation,

Now all the stage was correcting the look of the trader,

Some said about the trader these stories,

Before us now,

We have some flames in his looks,

We lost a friend in his heart,

We fear a feast in his ways,

The Queen may long live said the trader,

What happened to you? enquired the queen,

Is everything is well in our paradise on Earth?


The trader responded,

"You may live long,

But I have missed something on my way back,

Yesterday I kept this instrument for my sake,

Today I am designing this as a craft,

Which will make the living Earth,

More like a family for all."

The oracle told,

"The trader is a wise man... "

One angel was just parting her ways,

To reach the home of our Queen...

And the fortellers of the Queens court,

Just came with this message,

"We have found a free bird caught in the last mile wind to the heaven"

The Queen understood the message,

But didnt wanted to alarm the arena,

Ordered the trader to be given a hospitality for all his wellness,

The court was adjourned.

It was going to be dark,

People were struggling to battle many unknown miseries,

The bird was burning its soul in the sunshine,

Yet struggled to come out and wrote on the sand "not to be a machine",

The Queen read it and erased it out of their footprints again,

Again the trader was alarmed,

Yet the angel came into the court and silently sat besides everyone,

Lastly the queen asked the trader,

How do you like to honor you again ?

The trader didnt know the sand he saw their footprint was a spell,

But was curious to unearthen this secret,

He asked for the sand stored in the fountain again,

Yet the Queen warned,

" We have a message out of the last fall,

If you want it,

I will give it to you,

But you need to crown this,

Like I guard our messengers"

The trader left the court,

Back in the Earth,

Before everyone the trader,

Served the worth of a messengers last memories,

It became to haunt the trader ever again,

He really need to do something about all his rituals,

Fear was so last,

For all the computation that made his wallstreet,

Like a ladder with wonders wallstreet always thought like the machine,

But the message was very clear,

And the trader now need to do something to survive the Living Earth as it is,

With lifeforms that is not to be a machine,

There still is no escape for our trader,

He wanted to do something,

Yet the last fall of our angels request,

Made the Queen's knight guard the message from the heart of our universe,

Finally the family of one,

Became the one of an angel,

Who became so blessed for humanity,

For the Queen gave the word,

May an angel live the fullest for the wish of our fathers heart,

Things became so worthy,

Life became an arena,

To love the sun to socialize,

To gift the earth to entertain,

To value the time to relax,

And to believe the heart to exercise,

With all this story,

I am writing you a special message,

May you read this like a child,

And grow all the harvest from the faith within,

For a christmas has returned,

Beginning with a heart to feel the great love of God,

Our garden of Eden is the greatest gift of all,

Let us do the best for all.

For this very reason, make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to goodness, knowledge; and to knowledge, self-control; and to self-control, perseverance; and to perseverance, godliness; and to godliness, brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness, love. — 2 Peter 1:5-7 (NIV)

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