Everyone is innocent

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In this article I will briefly explain on how everyone is innocent and I will also propose the only possible way to achieve peace in this world.

Submitted: December 04, 2018

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Submitted: December 04, 2018



Everyone is innocent, everyone is a victim of something;

That kid that used to bully you, your annoying brother, that unsupportable boss of yours, that narcissistic friend, that greedy businessman, that bigot of a racist Klan member, the corner drug addict, the friendly neighbourhood manipulator and the psychopathic murderer.

Everyone is victim of something, maybe it was during their childhood, like the bully who used to get beaten by his father every time he came home, or your annoying brother that suddenly felt less loved when you were born.

Maybe it’s because of certain circumstances and life situations, like your stressed out boss who doesn’t know how he will pay his employees this month or is being pressured by CEO into doing something that doesn’t fit his ideals, or like that narcissistic friend of yours that was put on a pedestal since a very young age, pressuring him to be perfect, never being loved for who he really was, never expressing his true nature.

Maybe it’s because that they got caught up in a vicious cycle, like the greedy businessman that is given prestige in function of what is inside his bank account, leaving their heart aside and as a result, empty, or like the Klan member that was brought up in a certain belief system that is prejudicial to the human race without ever being thought that difference is what makes us all unique, or like the drug addict that never really had good things happening in his life and took drugs as a means to help relieve the pain he felt.

Maybe it’s because they were born with a brain that lacks the ability to express attitudes of empathy and compassion towards others, like the manipulator or the psychopath.

Everyone is a victim of something, of a social construct, social pressure, bad parenting, birth deformation, life problems, bad influences... In fact, the reasons are endless and I’m not arguing whether these reasons excuse their behaviours or not, everyone has the power of free will and everyone should weigh the consequences of their decisions before taking them.

What I’m trying to say is that the only way to break this cycle that plagues every culture, every society and every civilisation that ever existed on the surface of this planet, is through deep understanding, trough compassion and empathy. We can’t argue that everyone is a victim of something, it’s a fact that many of us are unwilling to accept, so why do we keep fuelling this cycle with more hate, with more fear, with more anxiety, when we are capable of listening to each other and understand each other, so let's accept this fact and listen to each other, it can’t be one sided it has to be all sided. We all have to come together one day, or we are doomed.

It’s not an easy task but I believe we can free ourselves from the shackles that weigh on us, and no matter how rough the seas will be, I will make efforts like this one to wake people up from their slumber. Everyone is innocent, you are innocent, and I will liberate you with love and only when everyone on this planet is free, will I become free. I will help you achieve your dreams so please help me achieve mine. I woke up one day knowing this was my purpose in life, and funny enough, everyone’s purpose in life is the same, it is to love.

I wish everyone reading this, listening to this and/or feeling this the best, I wish you no matter who you are, no matter your walk of life, no matter your sins, I wish you absolute freedom, I wish you happiness, I wish you love and I want you to know that you are forgiven from whatever you have done. I hope that I shone a light on the dark side of humanity and that we can all see it more clearly from now on.


I wish you Love, Light and Peace.


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