airless Breath

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At the continuing COP24 conference in Katowice, Poland, little progress is being made due to a persistent lack of political will. One cannot say enough about our species’ irresponsibility. (Image by D Conway)

Submitted: December 04, 2018

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Submitted: December 04, 2018



Airless Breath

Once a quiet voice of wilderness,
combustion rages,
lifting waves of acrid smoke,
its cargo-catching air streams
compliant carriers of change.

How removed
these forests and factories ablaze,
unaware its distant partner,
Nature’s frozen iceberg world,
shrouded in soot and ash,
calves to the sea.

This residue aftermath
clinging to crystal flakes,
once of precious maintenance
for evolution’s progressive journey,
has become icebergs collapsing.

Bewildered bear and seal seek refuge
as ice-floats break apart,
dissolving our once Nature and climate security
Into liquid desolation.


We continue to behave with monetary blinders,
servient denial,
or hollow faith.

Change continues to happen,
its rate unattended and,
like a serpent consuming its tail,
we cling to inaction,
fueling this vortex of insanity


Nature’s final utterance
wearing a trim of tears,
an intricate lace of droplets
around a weeping voice,
echoing Man’s receding wilderness.

Has our planet become
a fracturing collapse
of lamented nakedness
and a forsaken sea of sorrow?



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