In Your Eyes

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A second collection of poems.

Submitted: December 05, 2018

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Submitted: December 04, 2018



Chasing Time

Time keeps running through labyrinths.

As I pursue to grasp its fabrics,

But through my fingers it slips away.

Always a fraction ahead.

Time leaps far and wide,

As fear spreads like spilt wine.

Yet, time keeps running far from my reach.

Being carried within tormenting seas.

Time dances across fields of dreams.

Taunting every pass of ever being esteemed.

Never too close from my tenure.

Always a slip away from being ensnared.

I cry out for Time to stand still.

Yet, it mocks my determined will.

Shattering my demising soul.

Broken I have become.

The flames I once loved are now gone

Extinguished as my will, that flocks away in fright.

No longer am I chasing time.




I wondered upon a tilted world.

That shifted into distorted swirls.

Yet along I went, pondering all of my uncertainty.

As I did, I lost myself in my own absurdity.

A dreamlike reflection that appeared within my thought.

Of a distant life that I had once sought.

Like a movie film rolling into existence,

I searched for a moment that called to my inner persistence.

Yet, trying to grasp this moment I fell within a cave.

That had within itself an enormous maze.

Lost in this maze, I cried out, and at a distance I heard a voice,

Calling me to follow, and so timidly I rose.

Yet, I followed so desperately to be released,

Aching for this horrid nightmare to cease.

Not knowing where this voice was leading me.

Is it to a life with or without meaning?

Such uncertainty that clouds my sight

Will it never end, these hopeless nights?

That are bound to such darkened views.

Where subconscious has paid its due.

To never see such light, ignite into wondrous flames.

Sparkling with life that can never be tamed.

And yet, this light beckon to be released from my soulfulness,

So, that I may walk on earth without this uncertainty.



A Dreamer

She’s a girl with many dreams.

She’s a girl with many dreams.

A seeker of idealistic love.

Pursuing her idyllic world.

For she’s a dreamer living inside her mind.

Living high up, in a shrouded rind.

Oh, she is a dreamer full of fairy tales.

Living in books, filled with fantasies.

For she’s a dreamer evading life through tales.

Sailing away in these fairy tales.

For she’s lost in a deceptive world.

To illusions she yearns for the most.

For she’s a dreamer, full of fairy tales.

Living in books, filled with fantasies.

For she is a dreamer.

Oh, a hopeless dreamer.

A foolish dreamer, living inside the mind.

Seeking an idealistic love.

For she’s a dreamer, lost beyond reason.

Oh, an endless dreamer, slipping away from reality.



Just a Girl

You ‘re just a girl running from this world.

Without a thought to where you’d go.

Far off you are, broken by a past.

Haunted by words you try to hide.

That are etched within your bleeding heart.

Words that run across your memories

Tangling your soul, deeper still.


You’re just a girl running from this world.

Fleeing from what you once yearned for the most.

Coveting what was never yours.

You hold on to a past that decays before you.

Trying to ignore the pain inside you.

And blinded you are,

By a love you cannot let go of.

For fear of losing what little you have left.

An unrecognizable girl tormented by deceptive lies.

Broken you are, holding tattered pieces of your heart.

You ‘re just a girl running from this world.

Without a thought to where you’d go.

For pain bleeds you dry, and fear torments your mind.

But most of all, you’re just a girl.

Running from yourself

A reflection that haunts your broken soul

That none can ever mend.

But by surrendering to the One

That knows your heart the best.





Oh love, they have taken everything from us.

They have ripped you from my life.

They have imprisoned us behind these darken walls.

Forgotten by all, no longer to be heard.

How long do we have left before we go?

I do not know if I can hold on.

For cruelty has rendered me motionless,

Fraught with disparity;

How long can I go on like this?

Oh love, where are you now?

If only to fight this raging storm

For memories roam through my mind

Leaving an oasis within my soul.

Where are my love ones to be found?

What have they done with them?

Oh, atrocious walls that surrounds us all.

By enemies that keep us their prisoners,

Having broken many dreams of hope.


Oh, how I ache for you.

My strength has departed from this wretched place.

How can we go on when death surrounds us all?

Oh, how it hurts to hear the children’s painful cries.

For their mothers to protect them from all cruelty.

Only to be slaughtered by our enemies.

I cannot bear seeing us fall like this.

Disgraced by humanity.

Oh love, where have they taken you?

Where are my love ones to be found?

Hidden beneath disparaged ruins?

Or ravaged like savage beasts?

How can we go on when all hope is lost?

Forgotten within these darken walls.

Crying to be rescued from these tormenting nightmares.

But only to be silenced by the morning’s day

Never to feel the winds loving embrace or the sun’s blissful kiss.

Or hear the laughter from all that once rang true.

Memories are fading fast beneath our feet.

Lying in desolation are our bodies.

Abandoned to our enemy to slaughter us like animals.


Oh love, I cannot bear seeing cruelty ruining our lives.

Punished for only existing.

Only these walls to hear our desperation;

And only this destitute place to know of our existence

Oh love, how long do we have left before we go?

Taken away from all we’ve known and all we’ve loved.

I cannot bear these tormentors torture upon us.

Oh love, I do not know how long I have left.

Light is fading fast beneath my fluttering lashes.

Blurry, are each of my captors faces.

Slipping away, I pray peace may come for us all.




If only it were, but just a nightmare.

The lonely nights I’ve spent without you.

It tears me apart waking, and not seeing you.

Reaching for you and startled, that you’re not at my side.

If only it were, but just a nightmare.

The lonely nights I’ve spent without you.

Yet, you have silently walked away from my life.

As bright flames shoot across the skies

They dim away till none are left, and I miss you more with time.

If only it were, but just a nightmare.

The lonely nights I’ve spent without you.

Awakening, only to find your life is gone.

Into Heaven’s embrace, and I miss you more.



Dreaming of You

I die a little each day dreaming of you.

A little of me breaks apart each night

Just seeing that lovely face of yours.

As I wake, you slip away like a blazed shooting star

I reach out for you, but you’re not there.

Your presence has departed between

The descending moon and the rising sun

I ache inside where memories fly within my soul;

Like butterflies softly caressing their wings upon my flesh,

Like your kisses that soothed my inner turmoil.

But no longer can I feel you, and no longer can I hold you.

I die a little each day dreaming of you.

My heart falters within the morning rays.

Flashes of moments come barging at my door.

Lying beneath the majestic skies, facing one another,

An ethereal beauty leaves me breathless,

As I rest my eyes upon your gleaming storm-like eyes.

I lose a bit of me each day to you,

With your soulful eyes, and when I lost you completely,

I lost all of me within the last beating of your rendering heart.

Imprinted in my mind, is the moment you took your last breath

I beg for your return, but my cries go unanswered.

I die a little each day dreaming of you.

A little of me breaks each night remembering you

So, I lie between the descending moon and the rising sun.

Awakened by the horizon light, with a memory of you.

Your lovely face lit up in wonder, and I drown in your storm-like eyes.

How I dream of you; being gently held in your loving embrace

Soothed by your words and your sweet teasing kisses.

Then you slowly walk away, as I cry for your return.

Yet, you smile, fading away as night falls and day arises.

I awaken from our bittersweet moment.

Lying beneath the fading stars, now scattered across the rising sun,

I die a little just dreaming of you.




To await a spark of recognition,

Within your sun kissed eyes.

To wait for your tender embrace

To sooth my growing fears.

To await your scorching lips pressed upon my own,

To erase all doubts that is inside my mind.

Yet, while your eyes reflect my own reflection,

They hold no recognition of who I am.

A stranger I’ve become to you.

Time flees away in earnest hurry

And I still await a spark of recognition,

Within your sun kissed eyes.




In Your Eyes

In a world of one race,

I was born.

Living in a land,

Where I am detested.

You scrutinized,

Sable hair and muddy eyes,

“A lineage not of mine.”

So, you articulated.

“Minority to our Majority.”

And so, it was said.

“One race divided in many fractions.”

In your eyes,

You scorn,



Am I not human?

Am I not like you?

So, I am multicolored.

So, I come from foreign lands.

So, I speak another language.

So, my features differ from yours.

Where not our ancestor’s foreigners?

Land of immigrants?

One race, of many fractions.

Why not say the truth?

In your eyes,

I am taint,

A desecration to your land.

A land that fears minority growth.


In your eyes,

You label me

a murderer, criminal.

In your eyes,

You belittle my worth,

I came to despise my reflection.

Disparaged what I was given.

Misunderstood who I was.

Your eyes,

Unintended meant more than my own self-worth.

So, I despised you.

Life kept going,

You hate me,

I hate you,

A chain passing along generations.

Will never solve the rift that exists between us.

Of one race, divided in many fractions.

In your eyes,

I am a foreigner,

In the land, where I was born.

In your eyes,

Clouded eyes.

I realized,

Burning in hate is useless,

Pain inflicted only heals through forgiveness.

And my self-worth does not come from you.

For I am different,


A foreigner,

In a world of one race.

Unique and Imperfect we all are.




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