Talking to One's Self

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Just a little poem about paying the Piper.

Submitted: December 06, 2018

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Submitted: December 06, 2018



The sign says "No Parking - AT ANY TIME"

And yes, that means it is a crime.

To ignore it and say, "Stick-it", may get you a ticket.

Pay attention, and believe that sign!


No, the sign didn't say, "You're special today"

But you thought it did, so you parked anyway.

Then you act like you've been bitten when a ticket's written

'Cause you did something stupid and now you've got to pay.


You got caught when you took that chance

Now you crying and saying, “It’s such a shame!”

No-one twisted your arm, or said, “There's no harm,”

You took the risk and you are to blame.


No, it's not just another game we play.

And with law-enforcement, what else is there to say?

Whether it's the parking ticket blues, guns, or booze,

You're the one that rolled the dice, now shut-up and pay.




JE Falcon


© Copyright 2019 JE Falcon. All rights reserved.

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