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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: December 07, 2018

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Submitted: December 07, 2018



Gasp! I wake up, shivering with fear. Hunched over my willowy frame, I realize it was just my nightmare. The reoccurring one, with a shadowy figure hunching over me, me being unable to move. I heard dreams have meanings, and this one must, but I just can’t figure it out! It must mean some sort of… restraint… or something. “Lilia?” A yawn. “Is that you?” I stay still, willing my dad not to come in my room.


The door opens.


“Awww…” My dad walks in, seeing me “sleeping” in my bed. “My baby’s sleeping…” He comes in to kiss my cheek as I try not to flinch. He draws back, leaving me alone. One more outburst like that… it might reveal me. I try to read, but it just isn’t working out. I lay still until I fall asleep, the silence of the suburb sweet solace for my ears.


When I wake up, I see a note above my bedside table. I can’t read it very well, but I think it says “I’ll come” in weird handwriting. I shrugged it off.


When I begin to walk down the stairs, the suburban silence sinks to the bottom of my mind. I realize everyone is already downstairs, eating breakfast. I sniff the air, smelling hints of bacon and eggs. Today must be important. This is what Dad cooks when it’s an important day. A small sustenance and prayer that Mom will live. But when I get down, I see Dad humming. Guess not what I thought it was. I sigh. “What’s the occasion, Dad?” I ask with a smile plastered on my face. “It’s-drumroll please-” My little sister starts patting the table. “-that your mother is getting better!” My heart skips a beat. This means that soon, I will feel her warmth again. Soon, I will be in her arms. This is the best news I’ve heard since…well…since ever! Maybe today will be a good day.


The first period was the worst, dragging like it’d never dragged before. Before long, though, the school day was over. Mondays’ ends are always the best. A good afternoon of playing solitaire and reading, no city sounds to disturb me.


I do my homework, dragging out unnecessary materials like I always do, and go out to the forest, the one behind our house making the crickets louder for us. My place.


When I get to my clearing, I see a hunched figure in my treehouse. I climb silently, wanting to see who it was. The climb, slow and grueling, only drags on because of my anticipation. But when I get up, I see the man, or what I assume is a man, has smoke curling off of his back and arms. “Who are you?” I whisper. “Wh-” The creature whips around. “Da-” He vanishes. What was that? I question my sanity, if Moms’ hospitalization has damaged my mental state. Wait, no, insane people don’t know they’re insane. I sigh, relieved. I carry on as I normally do then, anxious about my health. Delusions?


The next day, I see a group of kids being bullied. I don’t recognize them fully, but I might know them. The girl i see stands up and her muscles flare out. I instantly recognize she is Hina, my friend from elementary.


I walk up. “Guys! Do you recognize me?” They look up.


“You do look oddly familiar…”


“It’s me! Lilia!”


“Oh, Lilia! I haven’t seen you since fifth!”


“Yeah, I know… do you want to catch up with a sleepover?”


She looks over.


“Hey guys, sleepover?”








“Ok,” replies Hina.


“We’re on.”


We begin the walk to my home.


“Dad?” I yell. “I’m home!” Nothing. “Anyone?” I walk to the kitchen. I see a crack in the wallpaper, followed with a  note in quickly scrawled handwriting, saying “I’m coming. And your group is next. I know you are special. I know about your powers. I WILL COME.” Pretty creepy.


I decide we should get out of there immediately.


“Run!” I yell to my friends. They nod. Then, I see a wisp of smoke with my father's face on it. “R- wait… Dad?” He swivels and starts to run toward me. This was a bad idea.


We run in the direction of the park, only ½ a mile away. Hina groans. Her endurance isn’t the greatest.


Finally, we arrive. We look back, seeing no trace of the monster.


“Hey, you guys?” They look up. “I-I think he was looking for us.”


I shiver, moving in and out of visibility. Kade’s hands start to warm up. Hina’s muscles start to bulge. Wind whips up around Joseph. Our powers will get out of control if we have stronger emotions.


“I-I think we have to fight it.”


We toil as we look for a suitable trainer in the city, one as special as us. We can’t find a good open one, but there is one that says, “At mountain vacation. Be back November. Mt. Leghler.” “I know where that is!” exclaims Kade.


The trail was as long as our faces. “We’ll never make it!” groans Joseph. “Yes we will,” I answer, disregarding his annoyed expression.


We trudged up the mountain, finally realizing how far we were actually going. I sigh.


At last, the top of the mountain became visible. We could see a vintage Japanese-style house, waiting for us to enter. We began to jog, excitement rushing through our veins alongside adrenaline. Our new trainer was on the top of the cliff…


After many long days of training, we were finally ready. The searches had begun.


We had been searching for weeks now. Months. The creature had hidden itself well. But we finally found it.


The hideout.


We approached cautiously, moving very slowly to keep the element of surprise. The land around the gymnasium was knobbly and rough, but we had practiced.  Prepared for every contingency. The door was wide open, leading into a dark hallway in the school.


As we walked into the darkness, we could only hear, not see, the monster. His ragged breathing cut through the crisp fall air, chilling all of us to the bone. As we approached the noise, we began to see faint wisps of smoke, not daring to breathe, much less speak. “I’ve been expecting you,” a ragged voice whispered so lightly if we had not been as close as we were, we would've missed it. I jumped back, screeching in fear. The tufts began to form a solid being, not in any shape or size, constantly changing. Hina hid behind Joseph, cowering in fear. The thing turned to them. “Come to fight, have you?” “N-” “Then fight.” The thing reared up, preparing. We had practiced this, but never had it seemed as scary as it did now. We all reared up in our battle positions, waiting for the first strike, my nunchucks slick in my hands.


Halfway through, things weren’t looking so good. We all had at least one scar. Hina was nearly out, and the monster wasn’t tiring. Joseph groans and sways, unstable because he was so hurt. Kade was in the corner, shooting at the monster at intervals from behind a pillar. “Fight!” he yells, shaking them out of their daze. I was on the ground, drifting in and out of consciousness.


Finally, with the battle over, we could evaluate our positions. None of us were unscathed enough to care about the others. We all were heading for the door, trying to run before the building collapsed. Myself, still drifting, saw how it was, panicking, now surging with adrenaline. I tried to stand. Fell. Now I crawl, as fast as I can, to the door, collapsing when I emerge, too tired to do anything. The only thing to do now was to take a nap. For… energy…


I wake up an hour later. I start to crawl, clawing at the dirt with my fingernails. “Find… home… please…”. I paused. “P-please…”. My parents had no idea where I was, friends asleep, and my wounds hadn’t been tended to. I knew I wouldn't make it, but I knew I had to get as close as possible. Wait, I was in the park, much closer than I might've thought. I smiled, barely any whites showing through my blood stained teeth. Then, and only then, I passed out...


We defeated it for now, but…

 It’ll come back.


I wish it were gone, but as I open my eyes I realize…


I’m… terrified.


© Copyright 2020 codenameaspen. All rights reserved.

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