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Do They Know

by The black death


Do they know the battles that were fought and won with a determind heart and a steady mind 

Do they know the triumphs and pain experienced on the long winding road that still leads on

Do they know the duegeons so dark and deep that have been cleared to embrace days light again

Do they know the Adventures who helped navigate this path or the ones who were helped to do the same

Do they know the demons laid to rest only to conjure the ghost that whisper tales of the past


Do theyknow the efforts taken to muffle these ghost and dispel  so the path could be countiued down.


As they cross this path only to see what's in sight. Jugement should not be cast in there mind.

For they do not know the trials faced, the moumtians conquered before this path has crossed theirs. 


Submitted: December 07, 2018

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