A Night in the Hall of the Gods

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
In the outerplanes, the domain of the Gods of Vaelia: the God of Knowledge and the Goddess of Luck met and shared a drink, and like always, they argued and fought, as they always had, over the nature of all.
A night like any other, in the hall of the gods.

Submitted: December 07, 2018

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Submitted: December 07, 2018



Gods are curious, sometimes they fall by chance, and chance may in fact control what cannot be explained. However knowledge will always try to trump chance, and attempt to explain the unexplained.

In the Outerplanes, the far realms of the Gods where all souls go after their mortal body dies, lays the God's common palace, there Gods and mortals join in the dinning hall where they feast and socialize with each other.

In this palace luck and knowledge met once every few nights, if this was either by chance or careful planning no one ever found out, but the God's met. Sigurd and Fortuna, and like they always did, they argued and fought over a cup of Coffee and Tea.


“Damn you! Damn you Fortuna! Why must you make everything so...chaotic?”- The god of wisdom and knowledge Sigurd said as he sprouted his younger form, complete with his far northern tundra fur coat and leather vestments, as well as his long blond hair, traditional of his old White Runner tribe.

”It is how it must be Sigurd, you are a mortal, you would not understand the true nature and balance of existence.”-The primordial goddess of luck and chaos said as her long, puffy and wavy black hair just barely hid her smirk.

She sipped her fluorescent tea and carefully tried to not spill anything in her traditional white and black checkered robe.


Sigurd slammed his cup of coffee on the table -”I am not Mortal! Not anymore at least, and I do understand the giant machinations of existence...well to some degree, even though I spent my entire life in search of that knowledge, there is quite a long deal that I cannot make sense of...and that is you! Luck!”.

The goddess put her hand on her head and leaned on the table as if to mock her counterpart, and taunted him.-”But I am not complicated at all, it's all very simple Sigurdy, anything can happen at any given time, for no reason at all.”

”No! It can't! For everything that happens, there is a trigger, and that trigger causes a reaction, and that reaction makes many other reactions, that continue towards infinity.”


“Then what about this fish?”

”Fish?”- Suddenly, a fish fell on top of Sigurd's head, and after he removed it from his head, he answered with an annoyed tone.-”Very funny. But that is easy to explain, we are Gods, we have magic.”


Fortuna stopped giggling and she asked in a semi-serious tone. -”But...what is magic?”

”Oh no, you will not get philosophical with me, not you of all people, and magic comes from...we just...I...”- Sigurd thought for a moment, he had seen many books and sources that quoted how magic was cast, but he never was able to found the source of it.

”The Wizards get their magic from our old source and they repeat it.

We on the other hand are simply infused with the magic, but where did this magic come from? How did it came to be? There's no reason.

One day it was just like that, ever since existence was created, it has always been like it, no reason, no source, just is.”


”No! There must be a reason.”

”Maybe there is, or maybe there isn't, and that my sweet, poor, Sigurd is why I, Fortuna, am the greatest most powerful God in the Universe! mwuahaha!” -The goddess let out a childish Evil laugh as thunder struck around her.

“Hmm, now that I think about it...doesn't the magic source have something to do with you?”-Sigurd asked as Fortuna started to look to the ascended human with surprise.

“What is this? The lawful Sigurd asking about forbidden lore?! My my, Sigurd how chaotic of you.”-Fortuna said as she started to blush. -”I would never have thought of you as someone who would defy the rules of The One.”

Sigurd started to frown and as he turned back to his coffee, he contemplated on the rumors he had caught. -”I wouldn't. I just heard that you have something to do with it, but...for some reason the One has deemed that the primordial times be erased from the records, and none of the other primordial gods ever wants to talk about it.”


Fortuna started to giggle and told her wisdom hungry friend. -”Well lucky for you, this primordial goddess is chaotic, and she may or may not let out a few secrets...for fun of course.”

“I know you are very, strange. But would you really go against something that The One has said?”-Sigurd said with a fearful tone.

As he said this, Fortuna sat back on her seat and while turned to Sigurd, she let out a sly grin and whispered in a low tone to Sigurd -”Who says I haven't already?

Maybe when the wizards became powerful, someone, had something to do with their discovery of the Pargon.”- The sly goddess rumored as she let out a low cackle.

Sigurd stared at Fortuna with an incredulous look and he asked. -”Did...did you really?”

“Maybe I did, and maybe I didn't, or maybe luck had it's say, and chaos decided.”


Sigurd stood up and with a god's fury demanded. -”Stop acting so childishly and give me a straight answer damn it!”

”Hey! I'm not acting childishly. Wheeee!” -Fortuna said as she spun around on her chair.


Defeated, Sigurd sat back down on his own chair and held his head with frustration, all while the almighty powerful goddess of randomness, chance and luck spun around on her chair.-”By the books of Windwatch, you are impossible to deal with.”


The Goddess then stopped and she had now changed from her usual human, female adult form to that of a young twelve year old girl. With her arms raised in the air, and with her now comically oversized sleeves hanging, she said -”It's easy Sigurd, don't think about it.

Things just happen, and we just have to play the cards we have been given, so what if you can't figure out why some things happen?

Just don't worry about it, why do you feel so inclined to figure out how everything works anyway?”


Sigurd stopped, he looked at his cup of coffee and after he had glanced back at Fortuna, who now once more was back to her old self, he said -”I guess...When I was growing up, way back with the White Runners; I always found it peculiar how no one wanted to make anything to improve their situation.

Everyone was just, content to hunt for food and gather things.

I bet that if I had not been banished from them and forced to travel around the world, they would all still hunt and gather.

So it annoys me when I find something I can't explain.

Because if I can explain it, I understand it; if I understand it, I can use it; and if I can use it, life can change for the better.

And so more discoveries will be had that will just keep opening more and more doors.

If there is no way to explain something or the very first step stone technically has no reason to exist, then...the logic that the world follows, has no logic.


Because it would not follow the logic of the step stone, and so it would make no sense to try to explain anything, because there is no reason, logic would just be an illusion, a fake pattern created by human eyes.

And I can't accept that, not after everything I have seen.”


Fortuna now had her head on top of the table and with her face turned towards the base of it, she spoke in a muffled tone -”Oh my strucs, why do you always have to make things so complicated?” -Fortuna complained before she raised her head and answered.

”Maybe, randomness is part of the pattern.

Sure it's not symmetrical, but it always shows up, and cracks up on existence once in awhile to keep it in check.

Think of it like, a tapestry, made with several emblems and patterns on it.

These patterns repeat themselves, but, on the very small strings that make the tapestry, you can find that they are in fact made of different colored strings that do not follow the rule of the major work.

The colors, have no reason to be there but they still show up and make part of the bigger picture, why are they there? Maybe the artist ran out of string, and by chance had to make do with another string he had with him.

Things happen! Maybe there is no reason, but they do, and they rule the world.

Because when all things die out, and all has run it's course, by chance a faint light explodes in the dark and creates life all over again.


Chaos, runs together with Order, and together they keep all in check.” - The Goddess backed down and with a tired expression awaited an answer from her own opposite and counterpart..

The god of widsom drank from his coffee and awnsered.. -”Mmh...perhaps you are right Fortuna, still...I can't stop to wonder as to why.”


The lady of luck visibly started to groan, and retorted with an frustrated posture. -”I can't believe you used to be a human, normally they are not as annoying as you are.”

”Annoying? Me? Have you seen yourself?!”

”What?! I am not annoying, I am very charming.

In fact, I got hosts of people that clamor and call for my name in their hour of need, oh how great it is to feel glorified by them.

Sometimes I help them because I'm feeling nice, other times, it feels so good when you see their face with anger and disappointment, oh how good it is to live for that thrill.”


”I sure know it well...and that is why, skill and planning will always trump chance.”

Fortuna got up from her seat, and started laughing right next to Sigurds face -“Bwahahah!

Fat chance, Sigurdy, when all push comes to shove, luck and chance will reign supreme in the end.”

”Never! Mankind will learn to conquer the elements!

They will become bigger than Gods, and then reason, logic and knowledge will finally have the final say in Existence.”

“Ha, it will never happen, even if it takes all eternity, I will become the ultimate winner Sigurdy.”

”We will see, I have calculated it, and my calculations have a very small margin of error.”

The God's then drank their beverages, and after some last pleasantries they went their way, only to return, always return, to banter and fight in the hall of the Gods.

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