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Weekend At The Stanley. What Could Possibly Happen?

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In this sequel to "The Reunion" and "Tate's Hell," David and Carol continue their adventures and decide to go to the Stanley Hotel for the weekend. It turns out to be an adventure they will never forget. Hope you enjoy it

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Weekend at the Stanley.  What could possibly Happen?

By Brian Lee Clements


David and Carol Anne have been talking to each other almost every night since their high school reunion down in Panama City back in May.  She lives in San Francisco and he lives in Colorado Springs.


David had lost his wife a few years ago and retired from the Colorado State Patrol a few months later.  He was really enjoying retirement.  Catching up on his reading, exercising and also going to a movie now and then. Even though there were not many good movies released recently.

Carol was still living in San Francisco as a Freelance Computer analyst.  She was getting a little worn from the frequent tremors that has been occuring in the area.  She has been reluctant to move but has been thinking about it the last couple of months.

One night while talking, they discussed getting together for a trip or something.  

Carol suggested, “How about back to Panama City or Destin for a few days.  We could head west instead of East like we did when we went to Apalachicola and Tate’s Hell Swamp.”

David responded, “That would be a good idea.  But, I don’t know if you heard but Panama City got hit by Hurricane Michael a few days ago and really tore up the area.  Strongest hurricane to ever hit the area. Turned out to be a strong Category 4, one mile per hour below Category 5.”

“Wow! I didn’t know.  I haven’t been watching the news the last few days.  My head’s been buried in my work.  I’ll call some of my friends when we get done.”

“It may be a little difficult because of the phone lines being done..I’ve been communicating with people by way of Facebook.  That may be the best way for now.  How about me coming out to San Francisco?  That might be fun.  I’ve never been there.”

“Not a good idea either.  It’s been very smokey due to the fires here in California.  I’ve heard that the air quality here in San Fran is worse than a third world Country.  How about if I come out to Colorado.  I’ve never been there before.

“That sounds like a great idea.  There is so much to do here in Colorado, hiking, skiing and of course, the Rocky Mountains and the National Park up in Estes Park.”

“OK, Let me find out when I can get away and call you tomorrow”

“While you do that, I’ll check on things we can do and also some of the other events that are going on in the area.”

Carol sent out emails to her clients to see if she could get away and she figured that mid November would be the best time.  She like to give her clients at least a three week notice if she was going out of town.

Carol called David this time and asked, “How does November 15 through the 23rd sound?  I could spend Thanksgiving with you also. I really don’t have anybody to spend it with.”

“That would be great,” David replied.  “My kids have all moved away.  Ohio, Texas and Washington.  Have you gotten your tickets yet?

“Not yet.  Not sure which airport to fly to.  Which do you think?"

“The Colorado Springs Airport is just about 20 minutes away from my home, but, the Denver….."

“OK.  I’ll do that one.  Denver airport is just too big.”

“That sound good.  Just let me know what time to pick you up.”

“I’ll do that.  Have you made any plans yet about entertaining me?”

“Yes, I have.  We could go hiking on the Incline, visit the Air Force Academy, Garden of the Gods, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Too late for the Coffin Races. And then spend a couple of days in Estes Park near the National Park.”

“Where would we stay there?”

“I was thinking about the Stanley Hotel.  Very nice place to stay."

“I’ve heard of that place.  Isn’t it supposed to be haunted?”

“They say it is.  I’m not sure how haunted it is.  Are you ok with that?"

“I thinks so.  Isn’t the movie, ‘The Shining’ based on the Hotel?”

“Yes, it is.  You know your movies, don’t you?  You ok with it?”

“After going through Tate’s Hell, I should be good with anything you dish out.  Let’s go for it.  Can we get one of the so-called haunted rooms?”

“Sure,” David said reluctantly.  “I’ll check on the rooms tomorrow.”

The next day, David checked online about the so-called haunted rooms and he found out there were three rooms and The Vortex that are considered haunted.  Three of the rooms were in the attic area and he didn’t want to be in that area and the Vortex is the grand staircase.  That just left one room.  Room 217.

So, David decided to go ahead and call the reservations at the hotel.  

“One ringy dingy...Two ringy dingy,” David says to himself as the phone rang.

The other end answers, “Stanley Hotel, How can I direct your call?”

“Yea, I would like to make a reservation.”

“Sure, for what night, sir?”

“November 16th and 17th, if possible.  Also, I was wondering if room 217 is available for those two nights.”

“Yes sir they are.  You’re in luck.  Room 217 is available for those nights also.  The previous reservation canceled about 10 minutes ago.  It’s a very popular room.”

“I’m sure it is.  My girlfriend wants us to stay in one of the rooms there.”

David gave the reservation clerk his name and other information they needed including credit card and email address.  After confirming everything, he tried to figure out what they could also do there.  There was horseback riding hiking and also the running of the elk, which is pretty cool.

That night he called Carol and told her what he found out.

“I got 2 nights at the Stanley on November 16 and 17.  Two nights of fun.” David said.

“Carol asked, “Any cool rooms?”

“I got us room 217.  The Stephen King Room”

“What is that?”

“Room 217 was the room Stephen King stayed in when he got the idea for “The Shining.  I’m surprised you haven’t heard of it.”

“Wow! This is going to be a lot of fun. Isn’t it?”

“Should be.  I got a few things planned plus we can also wing it.”

“Sounds like a great idea.  I just got my flight scheduled.  I will be getting in around 4:45 on the 15th.  Leaving San Francisco around 10:20 that morning with a layover in Salt Lake City”

During the next week, David got his house cleaned.  In fact, he called a maid service to help him because he really wasn’t good at cleaning as his late wife, Grace, used to tell him all the time.  Having a five bedroom house was just a tad too big for him by himself, now that the kids have grown up and left.


The big day came and David was getting everything ready.  He even bought some flowers for her welcome.

David got to the airport at 4:00.  He realized he was a little early so he decided to look in the gift shop for a few minutes.  When the passengers started to come out, some of the ladies started giving David a yellow rose.  He was kind of embarrassed because nothing like this ever happened to him before.  As he got the last rose, he saw Carol peaking around the corner to see his face.  Everybody waited to see what would happen as David and Carol hugged and kissed.  You could say it was kind of a magical moment.

With each carrying their bouquet, they headed down to the luggage claim and got to the car.  David got her two suitcases, he noticed that one was very heavy.

“What in the world is in this thing?”  David asked.

Carol repied, “Survival gear. What else could it be?”  

“You’re kidding me, right?"

“Yes, I am.  It’s just some extra clothes and shoes for the week.”

It was a brisk evening.  They went out to get something to eat at Village Inn on Woodmen Road where they discussed what they will be doing the next day and also in Estes Park.

Carol asked, “What’s Estes Park like?”

“It’s beautiful there.  Right on the edge of the Rocky Mountains and the National Park.”  I don’t know if you had time to read about the area.”

“A little.  I was trying to read more about the Stanley Hotel.  I am very intrigued about it.  But right now I am a little tired.  I don’t know if I will be able to get any sleep tonight.”

“Ok.  Let’s finish our meal and head home."

David’s home was only 10 minutes away from where they ate.  When they got to the house, Carol fell in love with the place.  After he showed her around, they got changed and went to sleep arm in arm.  

After a good nine hour sleep, David opened the blinds and showed her the view had of Pike’s Peak.  She was in awe with the view and just stood there for a couple of minutes.  After David got her attention, they ate breakfast, showered and got ready for their trip to the Stanley Hotel.

When they left, David decided to show Carol some of the sight that they will be seeing during the next few days.  Some of the sights they drove through or by were Garden of The Gods, Air Force Academy, and America The Beautiful Park.  Then it was time to make their three hour ride to Estes Park. 

The traffic wasn’t too bad on I-25.  Just a couple of slowdowns in the usual place.  They got off the interstate for a few minutes and drove by the Colorado State Capitol.  They didn’t have time for a tour so they drove around it and went back to the interstate.

After a few wrong turns, they got to the Stanley Hotel around 4:30.  Just in time for dinner.  They were both starving to death.  They got to their room; room 217.  They put their luggage down and looked around at the room.  It didn’t seem too spooky. Just an ordinary room. They then freshened up and went down to the restaurant. 

They got to their table and started talking about the restaurant and the many pictures that were hanging on the wall.

Carol starts the conversation, “This is a gorgeous place.  How old is it?"

David repies, “I read that it was built in the early 1900’s.  Stanley had Tuberculosis and built the hotel because of the beauty of the area.”

“Well, it is beautiful.”

As David starts staring at the pictures, Carol asked, “What are you looking at?”

“The pictures.  I want to try to memorize some of the pictures in case we run into some of them like we did at Tate’s Hell.”

As they ate, they took notes of some of the pictures and the stories that accompanied them.  After about an hour they went back to their room and notice something peculiar about their room.  The suitcases were put away and Carol’s clothes were also put away.  But David’s clothes were still on the bed.

David said, “Somebody must be playing a joke on us.”

“Why would they do that?" Carol Replied.

“Because of the ghost that’s is said to inhabit the room.  Let me read you what I found out from TripAdvisor.”


David gets out the sheet he printed and reads:

The room is thought to be haunted by Elizabeth Wilson, AKA Mrs. Wilson. She was the hotel’s head housekeeper and, during a storm in 1911, was injured during an explosion as she was lighting the lanterns in room 217. She survived, but she broke her ankles and her spirit seems to be a regular in the room. Guests have reported items moved, luggage unpacked, and lights being turned on and off.  Mrs. Wilson is also old-fashioned: She doesn’t like it when unmarried guests stay in the room together, so some couples have reported feeling a cold force come between them.”


David continues, “Well, what do you think?”

Carol answers, “This is going to be a blast.”

“Glad you think so.”

They changed into their pajamas and Carol went into the bathroom to brush her teeth.  As he puts his clothes in the drawers, David hears a scream coming from the bathroom and runs to open the door. But for some reason it is locked.  Both he and Carol both try to open the bathroom door.  She from the inside, but it wouldn’t budge.  Finally, after about a minute, the door opened by itself and Carol steps out sopping wet.  

“What the hell happened?  Why did you scream?” David asked.

“I don’t know.”  Carol replied.  “I was brushing my teeth and all of a sudden water starting spewing all over my face.  I reached for a towel and then the lights went out.  Kind of startled me for a minute.”

David started to laugh, “I got to get a picture.”

He gets a picture of Carol with a wet face and wet hair.  Carol uses her blow dryer to get her hair the way should be.  Somehow her flannel pajamas were dry with not a drop of water on it.  

Now it was David’s turn to use the bathroom.  Nothing happened at first but he got an erie thought for some reason that the people in the paintings in the bathroom were turning their heads and watching him brush his teeth.  The door then started to squeak and close.  David didn’t catch the door fast enough and it shut. 

David looked up from the doorknob and let out a loud “Crap.”

“Now What happened to you?” Carol asked.

“You didn’t tell me that there was a mirror on the back of the door.”

“Did you get spooked?”

“Afraid I did.  Thought I saw an ugly dude in the bathroom with me but it was just the reflection in the mirror.  Plus the paintings were acting a little weird.”

Carol started to laugh and said, “ I guess it’s time for bed before we psych ourselves out and can’t get any sleep.  What are those on the wall?”

“Night lights.  I thought it might be easy to find the bathroom if one of us needs to get up in the middle of the night.”

“Really?  I guess it’s ok.  But three of them?"

They get into bed and say good night and start cuddling.  All of a sudden, David starts to feel cold on his back.

“Your feet sure are cold on my back.” David say. “You need to put some socks on.”

Carol replies, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.  I have socks on.  Plus I have my flannel pajamas on and I’m laying in front of you so it can’t be my feet.  Maybe it’s the feet of Mrs. Wilson.”

“Oh, god. I wish you didn’t say that. Now I’m starting to really freak out.”

“I’m sure if we say good night to Mrs. Wilson she would leave us be for tonight..”

They both then say together, “Good night, Mrs. Wilson.”

And then for some reason David says, “Good night, John Boy.”

After a few seconds, David adds, “It can’t hurt.”

After David’s back warms up, they both fall asleep in each other’s arm in about 15 minutes.  Nothing else happened during the night and they wake up around 7:30 the next day.  After they shower and dress, they decided to go to the “Egg and I” for breakfast.  Only had a 20 minute wait, so they decided to figure out what to do that day. 

“I would like to do a little shopping while we’re here.”  Carol stated.

David replied, “Sounds good to me.  Then we can do some hiking on some of the trails and then maybe some horseback riding if there is time.”

After being seated and looking at the menu, the waitress comes by their booth and tells them about the specials and drinks.

“Ok...Are you ready to order?

“David replies, “I think I’ll have the steak and egg breakfast..How about you?”

Carol thinks for a few seconds “I’m going to live a little and have the Denver Omelette.”

After giving the waitress back the menu, they start talking about the night before.

“How did you sleep?” David asked.

“Ok, I guess.” Carol replied.  “You started breathing in my ear and neck. It was hard getting used to.”

“I did?  I was probably fast asleep,  Are you sure it wasn’t Mrs. Wilson?”

“Ha, ha. Ha.  Now, don’t get me going.  You’re the one who used three night lights.”

“You do have a point.  Did anything else happen last night?”

“Not that I recall. You”

“Except for the cold feet.  Nothing.”

Breakfast got there quickly and they wolfed everything down in 15 minutes.  They paid and went walking around town.  They went to three or four shops when they decided to sit down for a minute.  Before they could start talking an elk stuck his head in between the two of them.  The laughed about it and David took a picture of Carol with the Elk.

After the Elk left, they decided to take a quick hike on Kruger Rock Trail.  Carol was still not used to altitude and they decided to cut the hike a little short.  They decided to go back to town and did some more shopping which lasted until about dark.

They then went back to the hotel and took a tour of the hotel.  They saw all of the spooky places in the building including the basement areas and the grand staircase.  It was a very historical place and they said the building was not haunted.

After dinner, David and Carol were ready for another interesting evening in room 217.  When they got to the room, they started to hear music and giggling coming out of one of the heating vents.

“Do you hear that?” David asked.

“I sure do.” Carol replies. “Where do you think it’s coming from?”

“I’m not sure.  Why don’t we wander around and find out?”

“I’m game.  Let’s go.”

As they go exploring through the motel, the music starts to get louder and louder.  To David, the pictures starts to look a little weird also but Carol tries to reassure him that it’s just in his head.  The eventually end up at the dance hall.  There was apparently an event going on there.

Carol seems to be intrigued with the whole setting.

“What do you think?” Carol asked.  “You want to go in?”

“Why not?”  David replied, “We haven’t danced since our high school reunion.  Should be fun.”

“I wonder who we should ask.  I don’t see anybody around to talk to.”

“Let’s just go inside and see if anybody tackles us.”

They go farther into the room and start introducing themselves to some of the guests.  A lot of the guest were dressed in 1930’s type clothing.  Almost a theme dance, you could say.  Everybody was having a great time with the drinks and dancing.

“This is very strange,” David says. “But I really like it.”

Carol replies, “So do I.  Everybody seems so authentic.”

‘You’re right.  Let’s do some dancing while we’re here.”

David and Carol get out on the dance floor and start dancing for about an hour.  They start noticing a few odd things about the people there.  The people start watching David and Carol as they dance. After the last dance, David and Carol decide to sit for a while to catch the breath.

Carol asked, “Did you notice that nobody has said a word to us yet?”

“Why should they?” David replied. “We don’t know anybody here, do we?

“I guess not. Should we go?”

“Sure, I'm a little worn out.”

As they get up to leave, the conductor of the band makes a quick announcement:

“We have a request for some lovebirds out there, David and Carol.”

Everybody starts looking at them and they look at each other and look puzzled.

The conductor continues, “This is a special song for the two of you and from what I understand you danced to it a few months ago.  I am hoping that you will take the dance spotlight.”

Not wanting to create any embarrassment, David and Carol decide to accept the spotlight and get on the dancefloor.  The band and singer started to sing their song:  “Could I have this Dance?”  They are stunned.  How could anybody know this about song?  They never told anybody about it.

As they danced for the next five minutes, they just stare into each other’s eyes and start thinking what they have missed over the years.  As the song comes near the end, David makes a decision.

David stops.  Gets on one knee and asks, “Carol, we’ve know each other for over 40 years and I would like to spend the next 40 years with you. Would you marry me?”

Carol is shocked, but a smile slowly comes to her face.  As she hears the music in the background, she answers, “David. Yes, I would love to marry you.”

All of a sudden there is a big cheer that engulfs the dance hall.  Everyone starts congratulating them.  It all seems surreal to them.

After about 30 minutes, they head back to their room.  They were very tired so they went straight to bed and slept arm in arm again.  This time, there was no cold feet in David’s back. Nor was there any air blowing Carol’s ear.

The next morning, the first thing Carol saw on the nightstand was a engagement ring.  She was very surprised to see it  because she didn’t know that he had bought it.

“When did you buy the ring?” Carol asked.

“What ring?” David replied.

“The one you left on the nightstand.”

“Huh? I haven't had any time buy a ring yet.”

“What do you call this?”

David looked closely at it and was very confused.  A beautiful ring and it fit Carol’s finger perfectly.  Not wanting to create another awkward moment, he slid the ring on her finger and gave her a passionate kiss.

After eating breakfast, they packed up and started talking about the weekend that they spent at the Stanley. They went do to check out and talked to the clerk about the weekend.

“I hope you had a good stay at the Stanley Hotel?” The clerk asked.

“Yes, we did.” David replied. “We really had a nice time at the dance last night.”

“What dance? There was no dance scheduled for last night.”

Carol was confused.  “The one in the dance hall.  We danced for over an hour plus we got engaged last night.  Here is the ring I found on the nightstand.”

The clerk glances at the ring and then says, “That looks just like the setting that Mrs. Wilson had on her engagement ring when she was alive.  A very nice setting.  But, I can assure you that there was no dance last night.”

Carol is still confused, “But...but...but.”

David then says, “I feel the same way, Carol.”

As they leave leave, they tell the clerk thank you and as they walk out they see a picture dated December 5, 1933.  The people in the picture were the same ones that were at the dance hall with them.  That date of the photo was the day Prohibition ended.

As they leave, they just laugh, shake their head and head to the car.  They are in disbelief again as to what happened. 

As they start leaving Estes Park, they start wondering when they will get married and where they would live.  Before they have a chance to really talk, Carol’s phone starts to ring.  It was one of her clients in San Francisco.

Carol answers, “Hi, George….How’s it going?  That’s Ok…..Yes, I’m having a nice time...Am I sitting down?...Yes, I am. Why?...You’re kidding?...When did this happened?...Last night?....Really….Let me talk it over with David.  Thanks, George.  Talk to you later.

David asked,  “What happened?  What? What? What?”

“Shh...That was one of my clients and he was making a proposal to me.”

“What is it?”

“He is moving his operation to Colorado Springs and he was wondering if I would like to join his firm out here.  What do you think?”

“That...That sounds great.  When did all this happen?

“He said it all came together quickly last night.  From what I gather, it all happened about the time we danced and proposed to me.


A minute went by.


Then David says, "Wow...And you wondered last time what I had planned for our next trip.




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