Unconditional love

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(Please note: This is a fantasized way of my story and it is completely fiction)

Submitted: December 10, 2018

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Submitted: December 10, 2018



My name is Charlotte; I’m 23 years of age, well currently I am lol! I’m a Filipino lady. Light chocolate skin, caramel eyes, brunette hair. Just a typical, original, dark and dirty Filipino women!

I have graduated from my secondary school it has been like 2 years roughly. And I really miss it already! We all had a ball when we finished high school. We had an overage cocktail party, a costume party, clubbing party. It was magnificent!

I never knew that I would miss school so much! In fact I partied a lot with my best friend Garry. We never ever wanted to be school kids again! We had a lot of fun, enjoyed the sunshine on tropical parts of Australia! Yes we had a chance to go and visit Alice Springs in Northern Territory, Australia for our gap year and for schoolies! It was amazing! With Garry my only friend that I totally adore and love very much…..!

Yes I love him but we’re friends. More than friends, we grew up together in a small town in Filipino. We’re both Filipino by the way. Garry has been like my other half, he has been my friend, my lover, my brother. He has been my everything! And I definitely can’t ask for a better friend!

But after puberty I began to realize that I was slowly falling in love with him…..yes no matter how much it sounds silly or naughty I was pouring down rain in love with him!

But he has an ugly truth and secret….. He is gay! Unfortunately. I haven’t seen him for 2 years so what I feel for him now is unknown…. I will only predict what I feel for him if I were to suddenly pump into him in the woods! Haha! But how much can I guarantee? That is unlikely or even rare to happen!

Back then I knew what I wanted….. I wanted only him...... a desire, a craving, filled with fire, obsession, lust…..!!! Hell yeah I wanted him undercover! But he never saw me that way! Which was devastating and disappointing for me indeed and the fact that he is gay……

We had tones and plenty of years spent together. In my backyard pool, the German Sheppard dog trainings, billiard games, at school yards, at the movies, our tennis matches…. Yeah I used to play tennis with him and he would always win! But will my love ever win his attention?..... Or will we just be friends forever? I can’t foresee that right now at this present moment…..

One scorching hot day I and my mate Tyler decide and plan to go for hiking at Bohol. In there, there is Chocolate Hills, scuba diving and tarsiers. Tyler is a great friend of mine, even though he is a weirdo, he is shifty too. And in fact his in love with me….. Well that’s my thought! I wish Garry was with me so we could spend some time together at this place….. But tough luck for me…..!

This place is a bit creepy…. I think it’s the chocolate hills that freak me out. I wonder why Tyler wanted us to go there instead of Boracay beach. That beach is more like a paradise packed with people but this place is deserted. There are not many people around.

‘Ready to exploreBohol?’ Tyler asks

‘Um well yeah almost’ I say. Packing all my belongings in my big black travelling bag.

‘I really don’t understand you women it’s only hiking why do you need all that stuff?’ Tyler goes through my bag

‘And a book too? Ahaha’ ‘well get used to it if you ever want a girlfriend’ I reply

‘Who says I don’t?’ he asks. I stare at him for a minute it looked as if he was referring to me…..

Oh dear god should I really go for this trip? I start to wonder…..

‘Well in that case…..’

I shut the door behind us and we leave. I have doubt, suspiciousness and fear for some reason my gut instincts are alarming me. But I hope it’s the false alarm.

We walk and run for an hour then we rest our pumped up bodies flowing with blood on top of a mountain.

 ‘Want some fresh water?’ ‘No thanks I have my own’

 ‘So when are we going to get closer and talk about love for once?’

‘I beg your pardon?’  ‘I saw Garry clubbing then leaving with a girl the other day’

Oh no you didn’t! What a faggot! He is trying to get me jealous and get cold to Garry.

‘And may I ask how you interpreted that?

‘Sorry my apologies my friend told me’  ‘Tyler how much do you know Garry to even tell me that?’

No answer.

‘Yeah I thought so next time don’t make up stories from you mind and tell me okay?’

‘Hey are you cut?’ ‘No it’s fine I’m just saying so you know’

‘And I’m just saying that you should move on with your life and find someone who loves you back’

‘Tyler! Cut it or else!’ I snap at him ‘or else what Charlotte?’

‘I’m leaving’ I say to him and swing my bag over my shoulder.

‘No you’re not we just came now, where are you leaving?’

Tyler grasps my hand very tightly. I start to get frightened now……

‘Tyler what are you doing? You’re hurting my arm’

‘You’re not leaving until we have a decent conversation. Right her now’

‘What do you want from me?’ ‘Oh please I thought you already knew that by now!’

‘Charlotte, I’ve been going insane from the day I saw you at that restaurant. I love you and I want you to forget Garry and be with me’

‘I know but I can’t I love Garry and always will till the rest of my life. I’m sorry’

Tyler scowls at me and I’m much more petrified now. God I want to leave. He looks psycho like a psychopath, I should have known!

‘I love you and I will do everything for you to love me, you can’t imagine the things I can do!’

‘What can you do? Huh?  You’re not normal. Are you going to hold hostage or kidnap me or something? What?’

‘Even worst!’ ‘What do you mean? Get to the point what are you going to do if I reject you?’

‘If you don’t love me you’re going to own me or else I will murder garry and get this over and done with, the clean way!’

‘What! You’re kidding me right? You can’t! You’re not that bad are you? Please tell me it’s a joke’

‘I’m dead set serious Charlotte!?’ ‘Be mine or love a dead man the choice is yours’

‘How will I know that you’re not lying to me?’

Tyler speedily gets a gun out of his backpack and shows it to me.

‘Is that convincible enough now?’

Oh my god! My eye pupils enlarge now at this very moment.

I put my hands over my head. I can’t believe this is happening right now. What am I going to do? What If I don’t do as he asks will he kill Garry?

I begin to think….. I must do this. Okay as long as Garry is safe and alive I’ll do anything for him to live. So I think I’m going to do it.

‘Okay Tyler. I’m going to sleep with you but please leave Garry alone’

‘Sure princess as you wish!’

We both had to have sex. Right here on the mountain. I can’t even put this into words because it is so gross!

After that horrific day I went on social media and saw that Tyler uploaded all our naked photos on the net unknowingly! Without my permission! How could he do this to me! Right now I am shocked, embarrassed, exhausted from this wound, a wound that will be hard to heal in my heart, my soul and body. But only for Garry I did this, only for my love, Garry.

I’m tucked in bed today. Suddenly my phone rings constantly, it doesn’t stop, but I don’t answer any of it from my nervousness so I just let it ring, I just ignore all the calls…..

I just remember….. Garry I wonder if he has seen everything……!

I hope he didn’t.

All of a sudden the doorbell rings. I don’t want to see anyone, but I have a feeling that it might be Garry, my Garry.

I open the door. My eyes gaze around from tip to toe. Oh my gosh!

It’s Garry! I am so psychic, see what love can do!

 ‘Charlotte! I saw everything on social media are you okay?’

‘Garry’ I jump on him to hug him with my eyes filled with tears.

‘Hey, hey, it’s okay I’m here for you’

 I release him and sniff

‘Garry I must tell you something. Tyler he not only raped me but there is something hidden behind that incident. Something more important…..’

‘Yes what is it?’

 ‘Tyler forced me, he threatened me to own him or else…. He said he would murder you…….’


‘Yes I sold my body for you, for your life’ I pat his face with my hands and stare in his eyes with love and affection.

‘Oh my god Charlotte I’m so sorry to hear this, but you have done something so brave, you’re such a loyal friend! But what did he want from me? Why would he?’

‘It’s more than just friends Garry’


‘He knew that I still loved you despite our friendship’

‘I do not understand….. So you love me?’

‘Yes Garry I love you, even though you’re gay, I gave my body to Tyler for you’

Garry starts to cry, tears are dripping down his face.

‘Charlotte! I always knew you had feelings for me but now this….. I can’t believe I never saw you that way when someone loves me so much like this’

I wipe away Garry’s tears

‘Hey it’s okay please don’t cry for me I can’t stand it’

‘Charlotte, I want to owe you back everything you have done for me including Tyler’s terrible, disgusting event’

‘So you want to try and love me?’ I smile at him my mouth to my ears

 ‘Yes’ he smiles back to me

 I exhale and laugh from my happiness!

‘Really? You do? This is incredible I love you more now Garry’

 I just remember.

‘But you’re gay’

‘I am no longer I will make every bit count with you, for a love like this I will switch to being straight with your unconditional love you have for me’

‘Garry’ I become speechless

‘I love you so much and always will to prove it to you everyday that I have will and ambition to do anything for you. For your life and safety’

‘Charlotte, you’re a love angel’

I smile warmly at my lover and hug him firmly with the biggest smile on my face; I will cherish him, with pleasure and delight till the rest of my life. Garry has come to acknowledgment, I am the happiest women on earth right now because Garry loves me; I know he does but I love him more! And always will! Forever in all eternity!





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