A Nice Size Story

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The road in life, as it is often referred to, Is it real?

Submitted: December 10, 2018

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Submitted: December 10, 2018






Clyde and I were playing a spirited game of Penney-anti Poker; he was 47 cents ahead but I was gaining fast.

I drew to a One-sided Straight and hit the Ace. Boy was I surprised!

Clyde saw the card and said, "An Ace of Spades, there's a warning for you."

I laughed and replied, "What kind of warning? As far as I can tell, that card says that I have an Ace-high straight."

Clyde shuffled the cards for another round, and then said, "Oh you just wait and see, the warning has been given and now it is your turn to act on it." 

I laughed, again, and stated, "Well get the cards dealt! How am I going to know how bad my luck is going to be if you take forever to deal the cards?"

As Clyde dealt the cards, he stated, "I never said that card was bad luck, I just said that it was a warning."

So I asked, "Are you saying that it is the Ace of Spades fault, should I get hit by a car nine years from today?"

Clyde discarded two cards as he asked, "Did you walk under a ladder or break a mirror? Because some might say that those will get you hit by that car, but the Ace won't."

That is when I asked again, "What has any of this got to do with the Ace of Spades?"


Now I should mention that Clyde has a strange way of linking concepts together. Apples and oranges don't always look different to Clyde. And when he gets done explaining what he is trying to say, well, they don't always look different to me, anymore.

Tell you what, I'll finish this story and maybe you will see what Clyde was driving at.


Clyde replied, "As I see it, it all has to do with the chain of events. There is usually a plus that fills the minus hole when a bad choice is made. Or it can be just a reminder when a wrong choice is made by you, or by others. Those sorts of things can knock you off of your road."

I showed a winning hand to Clyde, and said, "Oh you mean like Karma, or maybe the Yin and Yang; right?"

Clyde looked at me like I was speaking Gibberish and asked, "Aren't you listening?"

As I raked in my winnings, $1.27, Clyde sat back in his chair and took a long drink from his lemonade.

And that's when he reset his expression to philosophical, something he does when his brand of wisdom is about to round the corner, then he stated, "Let's say that your life is like a book that you are writing."

"Is it a Best Seller?" I asked.

"Don't interrupt," Clyde said,

"Sorry," I said, "please go on."

"In your book, there is an event that happens and you talk about it, or write something down about it that you think helped you during that time. Then someone reads what you wrote, or hears what you said, and it helps them through their time too."

I scratched my head and asked, "What has that to do with the Ace of Spades?"

"Don't you get it?" Clyde stated. "The card is a warning, a reminder, like a black cat is a warning and reminder.

Your entire life is mostly your own to do what you want with it, but during that life you have a destiny to fulfill. To do, or say, or write that one little thing that will end up helping others to get back to their roads.

One Little Thing is.

Or maybe it is a bunch of little things. Who Knows?

The point is, you may be one of those whispers in the wind, that glimmer on the horizon, that small link in the chain that makes really big things happen.

So, my friend, take heed to that Spade and figure out what you have not done, or said, or written today."


Well I hope that you got something out of what Clyde said, because I sure didn't.

However, the whole experience made a nice size story, so I wrote it down.



D. Thurmond / JEF




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