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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
Written 14/10/2018

Submitted: December 11, 2018

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Submitted: December 11, 2018



Nameless I float,

Hovering above the rest of the population,

Lost without a tether. 


How do you exist in a world 

That is obsessed with knowing who you are 

When you’re not even sure yourself?


Who your parents are,

Your cousins and aunts, grandparents 

And neighbours too. 


How do you fit into this world

When the one thing everyone has

You don’t?


The identifier known as 

A Name

Eludes me,

And has done for some time now. 


The one that’s most solid is 


But that was always supposed to be temporary 


Leon, Liam and Mikey -

Chosen for my family -

Simon, Alexander and Nicholas,

For myself. Even

Myrnin, Matt and Frankie

For those I adored didn’t stick. 


Hope, Christian and Jason

For strength? Maybe 

Samuel, Albert or David 

For perseverance? 

Dax, Nyx and Ace

For individuality? But no. 


I tried 

Mark, William and Robert 

-good upstanding names - 

As well as 

Jonathan, Thomas and Richard

Because maybe I needed something stable. 

Jeremiah, Zachariah And Benjamin,

The Bible is a good enough place to look as any I suppose.

Theo, Damon and Elliott,

You never know what’ll work. 

Max, Alfie and Christopher, 

But naming myself after a character  or 

Friend is never a good idea

In case he turns on me. 


So I went back to family with

Ellis, Leslie and Gabriel. 

Then the friends who feel like family, but

Shane, Andrew And Lewis 

Didn’t fit either. 


Nate, Sebastian and Rae

Felt like strangers and 

Dannie, Alexey and Elio

Just weren’t me. 


Gideon, Timothy and Charles

Filled my mind with soldiers and kings. 

Phoenix, River and Roman

Were too free to be mine and 

Henry, Steven and Daniel

Too restrictive. 


Eric, Luke and Jace

Are the names of heroes whereas

Raphael, Raylan and Jacob

Have enough baggage as it is. 

Ethan, Isaac and James

Are real boys who know who they are. 

Philip, Nico and Sage, 

Were last-ditch attempts. 


I’ve read three baby name books

From cover to cover

And dozens of online lists. 


I’ve been doing this for three long years

Yet I’ve never been further from the answer. 

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