The story of a prince

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Historical Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Story of a prince who lost his love and got back it.

 Rajshree, daughter of king of Devgarh, along with her pals was playing at the bank of a river. It was a fine morning of the spring season.



All of sudden she heard a painful voice let out by a bird. She looked up and watched a bird falling in the thickets near the river. She felt pity for that bird and rushed to save it. Soon she found out the injured bird in the thickets and picked it up. The bird was shot with an arrow by a hunter.


"Who is that cruel person?" she said to herself in low voice.

"It is me." someone replied to her from behind her. Being surprised, she turned back and found a young and handsome man standing before her. The man had such a royal aura as she being oblivious of herself and bird, began to gaze at him.

The man said again to her, "it is mine. I hunted it. Please give it to me."

She couldn't say anything to him and looked at the bird with pity in her eyes.



Getting what she had in her heart and brain for that bird, he said, "I am sorry if I hurt your feelings by hurting this bird."



She said in her soft voice, "Look, how much it is in pain. You should take pity on these dumb creatures and should not hunt them." She paused for a moment and then asked him, "Who are you and what are you doing here?"

"I am Devraj, son of king of Vijaynagar. I am here for hunting," he replied. He smiled and asked, "And who are you?"

She replied, "I am Rajshree, daughter of king Rajsingh, the king of Devgarh."



That was their first meeting, after this a succession of meetings went on and they fall in love.



One day prince Jaidev who was the prince of state Rajpur and who was in one sided love with Rajshree, sent a message to Rajsingh expressing his wish to marry Rajshree. Rajsingh got ready for her marriage to Jaidev.

But Rajshree refused this marriage proposal saying that she would like to get married to Devraj instead of Jaidev. On her refusal, Rajsingh got furious and decided to give her to Jaidev in marriage against her will. He detained her in his royal palace.




When Devraj heard that Rajsingh was going to marry Rajshree to Jaidev, he decided to talk to Him over the issue.


When Devraj reached the palace of king to convince him, Rajsingh didn't even welcome him. Devraj, being insulted had to return.


Rajshree and Devraj both were sad. Rajsingh gave her to Jaidev in marriage after a few days. Devraj had anger and hate for Jaidev. It was hard for him to forget his love. Jaidev was a cruel and mean person. Rajshee was not happy with him due to his bad habits and behavior.



Those days British were trying to expend their regime in India by hook or by crook. Rajpur was situated at a strategic point. A British commander named Davidson was preparing his army for capturing Rajpur. When he heard the story of Devraj, he approached Devraj to take the advantage of the situation.


"I am ready to help you against my bitter enemy," Devraj replied to Davidson after listening to his plan.


Getting allied with Devraj, Devidson decided to attack Rajpur. He sent a message to Jaidev that either Rajpur surrender before him or be ready to be destroyed by British army.

That message was a shock to Jaidev. He was not ready to deal with such type of situation. He sought help from Devgarh, but Devgarh had a treaty with British for not to help any state against British regime.

So Devgarh was unable to help him.


Here there was something going on in the mind and heart of Devraj. He was in dilemma. He held a secret meeting with his ministers and commanders before setting out for battle.

And the day came when armies of both the sides move forward to attack on each other. Devidson sent a sent a message for the last time asking Jaidev for surrender. Jaidev refused to surrender and the battle began.

Although Jaidev had a small army in comparison with that of Davidson, he fought bravely and got success in retreating Davidson's army for a short period of time. Seeing that, Davidson picked out some of his soldiers and moved forward to deal with Jaidev.


And within a few minutes Jaidev and Davidson were face to face for fight. They fell on each other.

And here, as per his preplan, Devraj ordered his commanders to attack Devidson's army instead of Jaidev's. At Devraj's that move, Davidson's army got perplexed.


Jaidev got severe injuries in fight with Davidson and it was hard to him to face his opponent any more. Suddenly he felt giddy and fell down. Davidson rushed to kill him with sword, just then Devraj reached the spot and fired his gun at Davidson. Davidson fell down and died at spot. His army had to flee from the battle field.




Jaidev was seriously injured and there was a little chance for him to survive. His minister told him how Devraj helped them in winning war and how Devraj saved his life. Listening to all this Jaidev felt very sorry. He wished to meet Devraj.


Jaidev was at his last breath when Devraj reached to meet him.



Jaidev said to him remorsefully "In spite of being on bad terms with me, you help me in the war. I snatched your love from you but you save my life in battle field. You are so good person. I am very sorry for what I did to you. Please forgive me." saying this he began to cry.


Devraj said, "I did it for my nation. I don't want British to capture our motherland. We can defeat them only when we are united. You don't need for saying sorry. I hope you will get well soon."




Jaidev looked at him and said, "my last time is come, I will not live any more. I want you to fulfill my last wish, won't you?"


"What wish?" Devraj asked.


Jaidev said in slow voice, "I want you to accept Rajshree as wife. I want you to marry to her.

Don't refuse it."

Devraj got surprised hearing him. Before Devraj could say anything, Jaidev had been died.



As per the wish of Jaidev, Devraj married Rajshree. He ruled over both Rajpur and Vijaynagar for a long time.



Submitted: December 12, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Sumit Kumar Arora. All rights reserved.

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Open Sky

Nice plot. Really enjoyed it. I am not so good at plots! Will you help me review my ongoing story and give me some maybe feedbacks or suggestions?

Wed, December 12th, 2018 12:24pm

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