A Christmas To Remember

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Submitted: December 12, 2018

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Submitted: December 12, 2018



A Christmas To Remember 


I wake up in the morning

and take a peak outside my window

I see the snow laying on the ground, in the trees and all around

I glance at the robin chirping its way around

I share a small smile,

At such a beautiful sight

Even though soon enough it will be gone.

I'm thankful for the warmth I have,

On such a cold and windy day.


I walk through to my livingroom

and turn on the christmas tree

I stare at all the baubles

are they meant to fill me with glee?

I think back to the good times

When things were easier

When christmas felt like christmas

Filled with love and laughter.

I look down at the presents for I am thankful for all I have

Wondering how we got here

Wondering could this christmas be out last ?


At Christmas it is madness

Shops filled with rage and annoyance

Not a single smile fills the store.

People rush around us not taking a second to breath

When did life become this?


When it's christmas day we spend it with our love ones.

Reminding our selves of how important they are

sharing love between us

It's not about the presents but about who we are,

About the love we give each other

and the kidness that we share.


I wish it could be a good day

filled with hope and joy

not just for me but for everyone

filled with laughter and love.

Fill your home with laughter

and perhaps a few happy tears,

Count yourself blessed for the ones beside you

Things may never be easy ,

Life may even get tough

but just remember those you love and those you've lost

and remember all you got.


Remember all the good memories and the good times you shared.

Set aside the sadness, if only just one day

Be with those who love you,

Help those who need help,

For not everyone is lucky to have a loving warm home

Give some things to charity,

Give the homeless some food

Give them old clothes you don't need


It's not all about the presents,

It's not all about the food

It's about helping those less fortunate

Giving them one less day of sadness

Giving them one day of happiness

A Christmas to remember

because this could be there last

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