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A charade is a pleasant act or respectable appearance. Underlying is an almost unbelievable pretense to something far worse. As this is written, please bear with the mystery. It has all been colluded.

Submitted: December 13, 2018

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Submitted: December 13, 2018




Part 1


"There is no way that was a starfish!" Jared exclaimed. He threw his hands in the air, admitting defeat to the game. 

"What the hell was the point of me just standing there, arms and legs wide open then?" Rebecca huffed towards him. Disappointed that Jared couldn't see that the simple game was starting to frustrate him. She broke out abruptly with,

"I thought you would totally get that. Guess I was wrong!" 

Jared looked away. He was pissed. More pissed than he had been for a long time. He had felt berated and attacked these last few weeks. He knew why. He knew the exact reason behind it, but couldn't hold back any longer.

"Well, Becca, fuck you. Looks similar to something else I guess." rolling his eyes back. 

Rebeccas face grew instantly red with heat and rage, "What the FUCK does that mean? Are you calling me a dead lay Jared. You ASS!"

Without turning or missing a beat, he blurted "Take it how you hear it, I don't care."

Across the room on the other couch, Dan interjected "Guys, it's a game. Lighten up already. Jesus." His wife Shara held onto his hand, backing him up. 

"We love you guys, stop fighting. Please, this is supposed to be a friendly game. Why don't Becca and I go to the kitchen, fix up something to drink and snack on, and we'll keep playing?" Shara said. 

Rebecca looked over at Dan and Shara, smiled and exclaimed "Sure. Sorry. Let's go."

Jared looked back towards Dan, mouthing something offensive if Rebecca were to hear him, the calmly stated "Sorry honey. Didn't mean to piss you off. Mind making me a sandwich?"

Becca exclaimed "Fuck you and your sandwich. I'll be back in a bit with some crackers or something."

As the ladies walked towards the kitchen, Jared muttered out to Dan "Holy shit man, she's still pissed. It happened almost a month ago. I said I was sorry. I don't know what else to do. What would you do?" 

"I wouldn't have done it in the first place, ass." Dan said, throwing Jared the finger. Jared scoffed, flipping him off also. "You need to start wisening up man. You can't be screwing up like this if you guys decide to have a baby, or if you decide to even adopt a dog for christs sake. I know you can do it buddy, but you gotta work with her, and she has to be a little less leinient with you."

Jared grumbled his disdain at Dan. He knew he was right, but he didn't want to admit it. "Fuck you too Dan, ya bitch." he said.

"Well, if it doesn't work out, I've still got my job, my apartment, my car, and all my stuff at my place. It's been a strong trail run, but I think we are finally at the crossroads where I tell her to get the hell out of my life. I tried being civil about what I did. It's not like there wasn't a reason behind it at all. Shit, it's what I do for a living."



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