Re-define-ing pt.2

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This addition is via the kind encouragement of hullabaloo22. Hope it's not anti-climactic. (despite my use of that last word, I tried to avoid all naughty redefine; though many did enter my mind)

Submitted: December 13, 2018

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Submitted: December 13, 2018



ap-a-thy: walking a path where one can care less.

bitch-y: biting off more than one can chew while confronting an intelligent woman.

bog-gle: getting stuck in a quicksand of thought.

e-lope: moving quickly into marriage after meeting someone through an online dating site.

di-o-ram-a: 3 dimensional display consisting of billy goats and dinosaurs.

pandering: the black and white reality of a bearing situation.

pol-i-tics: telling facial and bodily expression. See rigamarole,

punc'tu-a-tion: the art of getting under ones skin while causing a pause in observation. See tat-too.

rig-a-ma-role: assembling a white lie for a greater good which isn't. 2. acting a part and badly. See politics.

semi-colon: an anal retentive person who constantly reminds that ones punctuation is incorrect.

snipe: hunting for a polite word when among bird brained individuals.

tan-gent: becoming distracted by a physically handsome man.

tat-too: ? or ! or both?.

ty-po: a not so mythological creature similar to an ogre which infects equipment of written words bringing forth mischievous error resulting in the ruination brilliant writing.

worship: cruising upon deep water while in a leaky boat.

zith-er: a sound one makes when trying to contain laughter during a silly symphony.

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