Counter Darkness

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This story is on an extensive pause and may be discontinued. If you want this story to continue, please report on feedback. Warning, this story was published a while ago and may not be up to standards. If I do continue this book, I will re-do the prologue.

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A story of how someone found happiness by losing everything they knew. A story of how manipulation can be disguised as an illusion of good. A story of which judgment and fear is overcome by the happiness and loved offered by one person.

"Are you happy?" He asked, the sound of sorrow hidden in his voice. His eyes analyzed Nyx. He knew she wasn't. But she didn't. She looked up at him with candid confusion.

"What's happiness?" Sebastian looked down upon the green grass. He gave out a sigh that seemed to excrete his sorrow and pity. He seemed to contemplate his next words.

"Its-" he caught himself, rethinking his words. "Come with me, will you Nyx?" She stared at him, startled by his words.

"And leave everything behind?" She asked him.

"I'll show you what happiness is. I'll give you the happiness you search for."

Submitted: December 13, 2018

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Submitted: December 13, 2018





The pouring rain fell as though the ground pleaded for it to quench its thirst. The tapping from the droplets hitting the roof of the black pickup truck echoed through the inside. The man driving had his eyes wide open so that the scarce light there was would come into his vision. As the wheels drove, blazes and streams of water erupted from his spinning wheels like a volcano spewing water. Thunder and lightning struck the ground in such a force that it shook the ground as an earthquake would. Trees would tumble down and animals would flee from the scene. A storm like this was a death sentence to most.


This man needed to get home to his wife and 2 kids. His boss at the lumber factory didn’t allow him to leave until he had finished, even though his shift was over. He scorched with anger towards the old man. He wasn’t being paid to do overtime. His anger had blinded him as a giant beast leapt on the road. He attempted to come to a stop but in doing so his car swerved and hit the animal. The car came to a silent stop. Scared, the man stayed in his car. “A moose,” he thought to himself. “Or-or a bear, perhaps?” The thought of hitting a fellow human dawned upon him. He turned the headlights on. The rain sounded like intense drums as he slowly opened the car door. He stepped out into the storm. He looked in front of the car to see a giant heep of fur. He sighed in content as he hadn’t hit human. He crept ever so close to the animal. He realised it might’ve been a bear. It had matted, dark brown fur, stained with the oozing blood that poured from its head. Its jaws were opened to reveal enormous canine teeth. The animal was longer than the man laying down, and its shoulders would have reached his chest. This was most likely a bear, except its snout was longer and more slender than that of a bear’s. Its ears were long and pointed. It also had a long tail with dog like paws.


But no matter what it was, it was nothing more than dead now. The man was confused as to what to do with the giant beast. He obviously couldn’t drag the animal into the forest for it was far too big. He hoped scavengers would find the carcass and eat it before anyone came. WIth the storm, it was unlikely anyone would be driving through this road. The man decided this was the best decision. He began walking over to his car as he entered. He was about to start the car when he saw movement. Once again, fear began to settle in. The movement increased, but t was still relatively small. The man slouched over the steering wheel to see what was moving. “A-a puppy?” He asked himself in shock. Sure enough, the movement came undone to reveal a small, wolf-like animal. The man got out of the car once again as he walked over to the movement. A little animal was dipping its head into the fur of the giant animal. Guilt settled into the man. He had killed a mother.


This man was not a hunter, nor did he like to see any animal dead without a cause for it. He reached over and gently picked up the little animal. The animal indeed looked like a wolf. As he looked at the dead beast that he had hit, he saw the resemblance of a wolf too. It was a wolf, not a bear. But the animal was far too large to be a wolf? The man decided he would take the small animal home. He got into the car with the small animal in his coat. He turned the car on and drove.


He parked into his driveway where birds flew from the dry area. He got out with the animal in hand. As expected, when he opened the door, tiny yelps and shrieks erupted. His two daughters greeted him at the door. “You want to see something cool?” HIs daughters nodded in sync. He pulled out the tiny animal. Adoration filled the girls’ faces. They snatched the animal out of the man’s hands.


“Oh, she’s awfully pretty! But, he is so muddy. I shall bathe her!” With that, the two girls ran off giggling into the bathroom. His wife came out of the kitchen, wiping her hands with a white cloth.


“What’s got the girls all riled up?” She asked with a slight smile. The man took off his muddy shoes and his jacket. The wife came over and hugged him as she took of his cap.


“Found a stray pup, didn’t look too good,” he lied. He didn’t want to admit of killing the animal’s mother, so he lied instead.


“You know we can’t have dogs, Richard. We’ve already got the cat and he’s hard enough to take care of. What if we sell it instead?” The man thought for a second before nodding in agreement. Just then the girls howled over and over again. Then, when they were a quiet, a low howl came from the bathroom. The wife smiled at the husband, shaking her head.


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