I Want You To Hate Me (Swearing is present)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic
I am about to ruin the reason of the poem, read this at your own spoil.
To the freaks, the ones who feel alone. I've learned that we all need a villain, so in turn, let me be yours. Hate me for the way they spoke to you, hate me for losing your glasses, hate me for every bit a wrong dealt to you. Let me be to blame, if it means you will look at the world once more. Look as it as something better then all you blame on me. Give it a chance, I'll happily be your villain. (This totally makes sense right?)

Submitted: December 13, 2018

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Submitted: December 13, 2018



Dance, Fucking Monkey, Dance (The original name to this poem, you can see why I changed it)


"I Want You To Hate Me"


Let’s take a different approach


Let’s turn down the music


"Stop listening to Papa Roach


Off to church, you’re sick"


For the alternatives


“The fuck is this


Mind of his


It differs, they’re sick”


Does this sound familiar


Feeling as if you’re alone


Changing your clothes and hair


Having to watch your tone


“I don’t see the logic


Send them to a mental hospital”


I’m your support, or what you call it


Give me your anger, your all


We all need one to blame


“They won’t cut their hair”


Attack me, from shape to name


With your frustration, I’ll always care


“Stop wearing black


Your hair is too long”


I’ll always have your back


You’re never wrong


“Stand up straight”


You’re an amazing person


“Help is too late”


Needing to hurt one


Let me be your enemy


The one you want dead


Hate me, forever blame me


All the frustration from your head


I feel your frustration


But don’t hate this world


Let this be your inspiration


Forever, hate me instead


I live to see you smile


I live to be hated by you


You’ve been away from the world for a while


Give it another chance, what I said is true

© Copyright 2020 Raven Leal. All rights reserved.

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