Handbook of Hell

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For those who are about to become employed in the service of Hell, this handbook will give you your introduction.

Submitted: December 14, 2018

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Submitted: December 14, 2018




Welcome aboard.  Some of you worked hard to get here, some not very hard and others are surprised.  You will see alot of familiar faces as well as new ones.  We are always bringing new people on board in our ever expanding industry and there is always room for growth.
There are plenty of opportunities to advance, and rewards for high achievers.  We pride ourselves on high quality of work and a solid team effort.
Our goal is the absolute and total destruction of humanity.The complete annihilation of the family and governmental structure is our end game, and we have many resources and methods at our disposal.  We show no mercy or compassion and pride ourselves on exceeding the limits of the imagination of damage to leave not a single man or woman standing, but to grind them all to dust. 
Now you might think that this goal is unreachable and will meet with great opposition but the fact is it is not only within reach but we have more cooperation and support than you might think.  Indeed it is possible to perform our jobs right in the face of humanity without any form of response.  You will find that the performance of your duties may even be amusing and enjoyable at times.  You would be amazed at how humanity can observe destruction in their midst and simply continue forward, staring blankly and paying no attention, taking no action to derail the process.  This will be made more clear in the chapter on vice.
You will be assigned a particular department to work in, and in the pages to follow the departments will be outlined and a brief overview of how they work and a glimpse of their accomplishments.
Who They Are
They are the dominant species of the Earth, to some they were God's highest creation, to others the most highly evolved of nature's beasts.  They have the intellect to create massive cities, highways, technologies, reach into space and do things that other creatures could never fathom, as they land on the dinner table in many instances.
For all of their development and mental prowess, they also have significant weakness.  They are unable to live in harmony without quarreling and murdering each other wholesale, cultures clash, competition and quarreling fill their world from the small children to the massive governments.  From the very beginning they have hunted each other down, committed genocide and played into our hands often with full knowledge of their cooperation and with no concern over where it would take them.
Some of them turn to vice, which helps us out alot, and many of them turn to various Gods.  You will find this very amusing, in that humanity will worship gods made of various materials.  They will carve some from wood, some from metal, and some of them even tend to worship themselves, and of course, they love money and the things it can buy.  Alot of them worship sex and when you have seen the appearance of many of them you begin to scratch your head in wonder.Their Gods serve to validate their actions, remove or bestow guilt, and give them a false sense of security and superiority, and in cases of the occult they will turn to dark forces to achieve their agendas.  Gods come in all sizes and shapes.
One thing you will not need to fear as you go about your work is caution.  They have little.  It is amazing how you will be able to put life threatening danger in the face of human beings and they will simply stare blankly at you and continue on into the face of it.  You will find this very convenient.A prime example is their use of vehicles in transportation, aggressive, and with no concern over harm to themselves or others.  the same can be said of their abuse of chemicals.
Also, don't concern yourself with the warnings of others.  Since you are here you probably already experienced this, having one human being warn another of danger, and they  will simply ignore the warnings and surge ahead, even to the point of death.They will calculate the end game into the equation and once accepted it becomes meaningless, an example being the chemical abuser who simply says "we all gotta go sometime."  We welcome them happily.
Perhaps you were a victim of arrogance yourself, hence you are reading this, then you know how it works, a human being so self convinced that admission of guilt or wrong is impossible.  We find this very amusing and it greases the skids. 


They are proud, certain of their own superiority, and forge ahead, however  blindly and physical harm is acceptable, even enjoyable if it involves another human being being the victim.


When the consequences of their acts catch up with them, don't worry, they will blame God.They wont turn on you because you are the fun guy.  You gave them the idea and paved the way, it's God's fault. 


See, according to them if God  was all wise and powerful and knowing there could be no evil.  He would just come down and mop it all up and let them continue to do as they pleased.  Since they have the ability to make personal choices, then that means, ah, God gave them that ability to choose an unhealthy decision that hurts them or others,  so that means he is at least, if not totally guilty of the consequences of their actions.  It's a big game of Blame The Other Guy and God gets to be the main one.  Human beings rarely take responsibility, and all you have to do is suggest that God did the bad thing to them, and they are off to market.You will find there is a big market for God bashing. 


Now of course they don't want him telling them what to do, which makes our job easy, according to them he should stay out of their business but come mop up the mess when the pot boils over. 


We strongly advise using this as a selling point to make your job more complete....blame God.  Here is how it works:  Henry over here gets in a car wreck and gets hurt bad.  After three days of agony he dies.  Suggest to them that God was punishing Henry for something.  It makes God look cruel and helps weaken their faith as well as strike the terror of the Lord into them.  Fear is a tool of incalculable power, get to know it well.  You might use the big whammy and suggest.....ah, enjoy this one:  God did it for a reason.  God can do the most atrocious, horrid act.....but it was simply for a reason no one can explain.Henry can also make a bad decision, such as being an aggressive driver, and that's God's fault because he gave Henry the ability to decide to be aggressive.  See the beauty of it?No matter what the situation, if god did not prevent it, it is then his fault. 


Now this can cover a myriad of situations, death, disease, you name it, God always did it and he had a reason they cannot comprehend.  This serves to make him look like a big bully or idiot, which will make your job very easy.  The last thing they will do is factor in their own, humanity.  God did it.  Keep this in mind as you read this hand book.  God started the wars, created the diseases, it's all his fault. 


Humans can pollute the water, air, and soil, which we always appreciate, but it's God's fault.  Henry's demise in the accident was his fault too.


Now it does not matter if roads were slick, Henry was tired, the other guy was on drugs, a squirrel showed up, none of that matters, God did it, period.You can use this very affectively to up the guilt among the religious, more on that later.The beauty of this tool is that Christians will help you use it by bringing it up over almost everything down to a hang nail.  It can act as a sledge hammer to faith.  Many who were already weak will be pushed over the edge if they believe God is a big bully who just killed a child, took Uncle Buddy or anything else you can blame him for.  It is an amazing faith destroying tool.
Your Resources


There are a number of resources that will aid you in your career, bringing you from a beginner to a reigning terror of havoc upon humanity, both suspecting and unsuspecting.  I want to give you an introduction to my favorite resource among the tools you will be trained in using in your new line of work:  Organized Religion.


Organized religion has so many available angles it is truly exciting to comprehend.  It is one of the most lethal weapons you could wield and will give you an extreme thrill of accomplishment once you have mastered it.  Happily the number of people who can see right through it is not overly threatening.


Since it is a broad topic, I will break it down for you into sub topics and discuss them.


Sub Topic 1:  Falsehood.Falsehood is useful because it goes all over the place but is all through religion.  It is simply a belief that can be proven false, but no one cares as long as it is what they want to hear.  They will ignore positive proof and resort to mockery and character assassination, which is very enjoyable to watch.


Historically you have many religions  which provide material for new ones.  In past centuries human beings, fictional people, kings and the local plumber could become gods.  The main reasons are money and power, but you probably know that already.  Scare the pants of the people and you will plant those pants in the pew and empty those pants into the collection plate.  Thank you Calvin Klein. 


As long as you feed the people what they want to hear they will line up for dinner.  Fact is irrelevant, and fear is a huge ally.


One of the assets of religion is that spinoffs can be most useful, specifically if you are gay or hate gay people, we have a church for you.  Want to shout and scream and play with snakes, we have a church for you.  Want to marry a girl barely out of second grade, or just have a relationship with her, we have a church for you.  It's a bit like the ice cream shop, a flavor for everyone.  On the high end, if you get the right people you can pit them against others and get them to kill each other either through war or murder.  Massive wars have been staged and genocide resulted as one religious order went 'gains another.Supply them with good weapons and you have a party.


You will run into Christians and others who are truly sincere, who practice from the heart and are completely devoted.  Don't let them discourage you.You can reign unholy terror on the world with religion properly used.
As long as you make it pretty and make it something they want, they will find a way to integrate it into religion, and they will not listen to anyone defaming it. 


For example, Christmas is a holiday of great controversy.  Christmas existed thousands of years ago, and if you ever read the bible you will know, it is not mentioned.  In fact, the driving concept behind the story of Jesus is his death and resurrection, not a chubby gent in red jammies who rides a sleigh pulled by reindeer (assumably without Coggins Shots) and delivers toys to all the good little kidlets one night a year.Found in Mathew 5:8 of course.


Merchants love the holiday because Christians, atheists and the Pet dog spot and kitty cat Buttons will flock to stores and buy tons of pricey new toys.  Suicide, crime, accidents, all are at a high point at Christmas, and the other half of the religion which does not embrace the holiday stays home.The more havoc you can cause at this time of the year the better, and you will find thieves, con artists, and others your willing tools.


Now of course this is merely an example, and you will encounter sincere people who want to celebrate for their own reasons, but the point is, origin regardless, if it works, it works.  No argument.


Topic 2.  Hypocrisy:  An excellent resource, and it should make you think of our introduction above.  It causes division as well as throwing a negative shadow.
For example, Julie over here fudges on her taxes and is a pathological liar, has a salty mouth and loose skirt.  When she logs onto her social media she finds a trans woman in a video.  Julie will learn five different languages to call the trans woman names and condemn her to  hell, all the while nice and safe in the knowledge that no one will recognize her.


Next example:  Bob is a pastor of a local church, preaches on each weekend and helps run the teen club.  What no one knows is that Bob is skimming church funds and has a "relationship" with more than one of the teens.  Bob also has no problem confronting a Goth girl in the street over her short skirt and hardware on her clothing and telling her how God disapproves of her.  Once exposed, if his damage ever is, he serves as a sledge hammer to the faith community and does incalculable damage to his victims in the mean time. 


You will find lots of Bob's and if you pick dramatic ones, you can usually dust them off with a bawl session "I have sinnnnnned against you") and use them again.In time, you will want to keep pocketfuls of Bobs to spring up in every church you find.  It weakens faith, destroys bonds and leaves a fire path of destruction.


A small tool that is also helpful to recycle your Bob is a small statement that excuses everything from a cuss word to murder:  "Christians aren't perfect."  While this is obvious, it can be usefull in cleaning up a major sewage spill so you can reuse a well trained Bob.


Another useful form of hypocrisy is the Troll. This kind of hypocrite slams everyone for their view and their own superiority  and then living by none of it.  Trolls are useful because they proclaim their view loudly in public and serve to destroy home and family and alienate others, as well as to give religion a foul stench in the snoots of observers.They are referred to as religious nuts, bible bangers and other things and can be found spreading their views and bashing others, often very profanely, in social media.  They love to hide.  They are useful because they cannot or don't want to see their own stupidity  and have no sense of morals or values.  They pay their dues in church on Sunday and think they have it made.  A pocketful of them can give you a two for one deal.  Trolls come in all sort of sub cultures but religious ones can be very useful.


In the modern age of technology, we strongly advise you to stay on top of events and make use of the Troll.


Topic 3.  Jesus.com Insurance:This is a fabulous tool which acts as oil in the engine of the worst of Christians.  Here is how it works:  Shall we say, Mark, is a married skirt chaser who lives next to Rhonda who is a mule for a local drug lord.  What do they have in common?  They both go to the Holier Than Thou church of God and both  have some very nice clothes, suits from Haggar and dresses from Ross.  Mark knows he is a bad boy, but feels safe since it's legal and Rhonda watches her rear view mirror and avoids cops. 


One day during a revival meeting they both accept Jesus and toss some change in the pot.  Now both of them feel all good about themselves.  They go on their merry way because they now have Jesus Insurance, that is the nice warm feeling that since Jesus was crucified for their sins they can do pretty much what they want. 


It is similar in nature to a man who buys Farmer's home insurance then burns his house down to collect the money for a fishing boat.  They call it insurance fraud.  For some reason you will find alot of Christians think of it the same way, now that they feel saved, they can do anything and it's all good.  Now of course this is also unbelievably disrespectful, so you accomplish alot with one concept.


Topic 5, Greed:This is an easy tool to use and it is a very flashy one.  Greed is a huge motivator among the hierarchy of the churches and it drains the pockets of the less fortunate, feeds the most corrupt of leaders and it also serves to make a mockery of humility and humbleness and flies in the face of the concepts of Jesus.  Greed is the highly motivated ranking officers who drive fancy cars, own big homes, bounce expensive women, and it shows a glowing example of waste and pious vanity to the world.  It is easily explained by saying "look at what God did for us", enabling the greediest of pastors and church men and women to wallow in a lifestyle of luxury at the expense of the people.  Once greed takes hold it can be a powerful tool, leading to other helpful resources such as dishonesty, stealing, and corporate level corruption.  It might take you a while to affectively learn how to inject greed into some while others will be easy.
Ego also helps, when a human being becomes assured that they are entitled because of who they are.  Pride and vanity work together with greed like well oiled gears. 


Now we come to another resource which has wide spread affects:  Vice.Vice is a useful tool because your job will be to damage as widely as possible and to claim as many as you can at any given time and vice helps enormously.  Vice is like a magnate and once attached it drains the victim and victimizes those around.  It can also be obvious, but the affected will not only still indulge happily but may also be openly boastful.Let us examine one of my favorites which reaches from top to bottom:  chemical abuse.


You will have an easy day finding participants in vice, you will be able to cause catastrophic destruction with very little work.


The amazing thing about chemical vice, or in street terms, drug and alcohol abuse, is how readily the victims engage and how wontonly they disregard consequence.


The mechanics of these resource are that the given chemical in question, be it alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine you name it, began to cause damage to the user, was examined by authorities who legislated a law declaring it off limits, which created avenues for us worth celebrating. 


Almost before the ink dried the feeders began to search the dark for sources and found that those sources were already stocked and the doors were open.  Drug empires formed, loaded with high ranking king pins, Captains, Field soldiers and the kitty cat Buttons.  Competition, greed, murder, violence, brutality of every conceivable sort rose to epic levels and has remained there as the dollars flowed. 


Prisons fill with inmates, courts jam with offenders, wars transpire between suppliers, police organizations fill with corruption, and on the street, mom and dad as well as the kids indulge and party.


The amount of violence and destruction chemical vice brings is a site to behold, bankrupting households, tearing families apart, destroying lives and in the best cases resulting in death on every level. 


You might use this resource as a form of recreation, it is so easy.  Participants of all ages engage in chemical vice, oblivious to it's consequences, with no concern over anyone but their own lust for more.


Drunk drivers abound partying on the weekends and beyond, damaging property and killing car loads of people.  Men become abusers of wives, wives abuse children, children turn on parents and as theft, prostitution and violence reign supreme, the family structure disintegrates.  You can accomplish great things in short time with chemical vices, and once you have your targets, quotas are easily met.


Whilst humanity complains about how evil triumphs, they play into our hands by feeding the machine then turning away from anyone who points it out.  It is almost so easy as to not merit rewards.You will recall the routine mentioned before of blaming others.  While the people perpetuate the cycle they will nonetheless try to make others responsible.  Drug and alcohol abuse are one of our more enjoyable resources as we watch the nuclear affects. 


The mechanism is nearly indestructible, as you can eliminate body parts and a new one will replace them almost before they are gone.


I would like for you to note also, an important tool: Attitude.  In each of these sections, promote attitudes of resignation and total defiance. 


Resignation is the attitude that as long as it doesn't affect me, it is not my problem.  Specifically someone has an auto accident and rather than assisting, another comes to take pictures.  Total defiance is an epic platform for all of the above mentioned, the attitude of "I'll do what I want and you can't stop me."  This defiant attitude helps create an indifference to consequences and makes your human tools almost indestructible.When they don't care what happens, they cannot be hurt.  It is highly useful when promoting psychopathy.



Among the tools you will find enjoyable to play with is another that sucks living human beings in like a vacuum and it is so easy to use you merely set up the pieces and let them follow.


Deification, yes, similar to worship, almost hand in hand is the process of making an object, in this case a human being into essentially an object of worship. 


Now indeed, our humble under study, you might think the idea of a human being worshipping another is absurd, depending on what era you lived in, but factually speaking, it is simply like popping a leak in the cow and letting the kitties follow.


You will recall we discussed greed earlier and it plays a part.  The most base of human beings, indeed whether they have education or not, can become godlike with a bit of gold and silver and it does not even have to be the real thing. 


It is an illusion, a thing which says to the mind "I am bigger than you, better than you, smarter than anyone you know and you must imitate me, keep up with me, do as I do, meet my approval and do your best to follow me or feel inferior to me.  I am your surrogate god, and what I say is law."  It is fairly simple, take any human tool and glamorize them with a paper thin image of clothing and other items that elevate them above the ordinary person.  Flash is cash they say, and another form of reverse intimidation is the flash from the cash.  Even though the deified one is merely a human being when stripped of the goodies, this becomes obscured quickly  and easily under fabric, paper and paint.


Among the two most popular and affective deities are the religious leader and the celebrity, to some degree the same thing.  Now keep in mind you have religious leaders who are sincere in their walk in their faith, but the most useful to you is the one who is in it for the money. 


We have gone over religious leaders, and we will touch on a fun one, the Faith Healer in a moment, but for the time, let us examine one of the fun ones, a celebrity.


Now in and of itself there is nothing so bad about being one of these, but they can be a useful trap to help reel in those you wish to consume.  The rock star, who is enabled by his elevated position to the point where he or she can perform bizarre theatrics and be accepted, commit crime and get away with it, and live a life that would kill most regular people, accelerated by great profits.  Do you yet see the beauty of this?


Some of your celebrities have a most enticing vanity issue, and they see themselves as above others, which is polished to gleaming horrific perfection by the addition of wealth, displayed through fancy cars, extravagant and wasteful clothing, personal toys, houses, and luxuries which are paraded in gaudy glory before adoring fans, many of whom feel inferior because they cannot attain such status. 


These things can be used to lure the average person into personal lifestyle indulgences which destroy the person and financial infrastructure and injure the home and personal life.  See how it works?They feel obligated to try and compete with this false image, and inferior if they don't succeed.  It works well both ways because the more the regular human being goes out of their way to mimic the deified celebrity, the more self oriented the other feels. 


Deification can be a powerful persuasive tool also.  Once a celebrity or televangelist has assumed a place of prominence they can be wielded as a weapon.  For example, let us say you have a sub culture, be it the gay community, trans gender community, Goths, etc, one of the groups considered the human undesirable.Regardless of the interior motivation of these sub cultures, the proper wealth encrusted celebrity can wreak havoc on them. 


Human beings, like carnivores, love to eat meat, including other human beings.  When someone gets someone else down, they close in for the kill.  Right or wrong are meaningless, simply the ability to cause strife, division, and confrontation.  It has been the same down trough the centuries.  You can also use this deification to help glamorize violence and drugs, as well as other deviant lifestyles because the celebrities bring a following. 


Religions come in all shapes and sizes, which is helpful in wielding the religious celebrities against sub cultures, and creates division.  Judgement reigns supreme and again makes religion look that much more sour.A successful television star will have enormous influence over people who will buy a product, imitate style, and accept their viewpoint over anyone else because of the glamorous, glitzy show they put on.
For example, Henry works for a local garage and drives a Ford.  If he speaks out against a sub culture, a few people will agree with him.

Meanwhile Jennifer has released three big movies and two albums and if she barbecues another, many will follow.  Her viewpoints do not need to be based in fact, simply her status will endorse them, much like the popular girl at school can bully the outcast and the people who want to be in her circle will follow.

Education does not play a major role.  For example, two men graduate college, we will call them Phil and Ed.  Both men have degrees and both men have a full head of hair.  But Phil is a staunch evolutionist, Ed a die hard, solid iron creationist.  They contradict each other, but yet only one of them can be correct.  They will also lie and fabricate, or hide any information which devalues their viewpoint, and this fact will be ignored by their followers.


Keep in mind you do not have to worry too much about truth damaging your assignments.  Truth can be painted with a thin layer of deception and untruth and produce the most toxic, and gratifying, confusion and take evidence in many directions.  It is an art form, sprinkling deceit with truth to cause the masses to walk in total blindness. 


People will become confused and not know how to sort through the confusion, which helps result in self doubt.  Deification is a nice way to lead masses of people down any path you want them to follow.


In modern times, this tool has been amplified by the mass media to staggering proportions and it is not only useful and destructive, but it works in all levels and age groups and can facilitate anything from suicide to wars. 

One of the beautiful aspects of bullying is that it is similar to a disease, you can spread it.  A parent who bullies others teaches their children to bully others, intimidate and rule through verbal or physical violence. 

In times past it meant someone of great physical strength would overpower another through weaponry or simple verbal or physical power.  Once the mass media came into vogue, it was possible for us to unleash a wealth of attackers who spread from nation to nation an had plenty of anonymity and fake faces to hide behind. 

As a tool for you to  use in your assignment, bullying is a process to become thoroughly acquainted with.  A bit of verbal intimidation, gaining the advantage over a weaker person, then gathering a following because of bravado can wreak havoc starting in childhood, then moving through all levels of schooling into adulthood, college, social gatherings, churches, and neighborhoods. 

Bullying leaders rallying armies can be used to destroy uncountable people and have created genocide down through the ages. 

The teenage boy or girl finds the weak, unwanted or unaccepted person or group, begins a verbal or physical assault, and becomes the parent who spews hatred and venom which is soaked up by children.  As violence grows among the developing people, the casualties spread like a virus.  At some point the victims sometimes learn to fight back but in many cases they do not, and the cycle continues. 

Bullied women become battered wives, bullying men become abusers of family, children and other members of society.  Children become dysfunctional and grow to become scarred adults and often without their knowledge they pass on the symptoms to those around them. 


If you raise any of your assignments to positions of power you will find that a good bully can lead to destruction beyond imagination for long periods of time, such as wars and genocide. 


Part of the beauty of this tool is that the victims often either never learn to resist or by the time they do it can be too late.  Bullying can be a very affective tool in your arsenal of weapons for human destruction.  The polish on this tool is that if you refer to the section on attitudes, you will note that the human attitudes of "I'll do as I please and there is nothing you can do about it" reinforces bullying.


Indeed, as you may already know, there is nothing more durable than the human attitude, it is stronger than any material substance, often unbending, inflexible and indestructible.  Once you learn to manipulate the human attitude and corrupt it, causing the human will to act destructively, you will accomplish more than you imagined possible. 


Job Hazards
While we pride ourselves on an affective team effort, high quotas and overall affectiveness, we also face challenges and dilemmas.  Here we will address those, and I will begin with one of the worst:  Family.


Family is one of the worst issues we face because a strong, well balanced family can be a formidable issue.


The family is the building block of society.  It is the start of everything and the growing place of strength.  It is the place that leaders and constructive creators begin, the place where proper functioning is set in motion.  For these reasons it must be destroyed.


When a father and mother recognize their proper roles in the home and perform them with respect and affection for each other and actively work to raise their children properly, it undermines everything we stand for.  It is vital to inject vice, ego, division, chaos and rebellion into the home.


Causing division and pitting family members against each other is of great importance.  Breaking down the parents through sexual deviance, personal abuse, chemical vice, personal differences, is essential to  destroy this machine before it can produce quality members of society.


The greatest despots and genocidal monsters, serial killers, haters, are born and nurtured here.  It is essential to create bullying young people who turn into bullying adults, self centered and abusive, uncompromising and hard hearted individuals to poison society.


If you can affectively undermine the roles of mother and father, divide them, and follow up with rebellious children you can break down the family structure from within, resulting in suicide, abuse, divorce, incarceration, and loss of faith. 


Lack of discipline and teaching of values, morals, respect for others, and love for their fellow human being can wreak havoc on many levels if done properly. 


Young people who see parents fighting, demeaning each other, disrespecting others and who who learn to disrespect authority and be bullies breed fighters, abusive parents, murderers and fill the streets and prisons with evil people, removing safety from society. 


Sexual permissiveness helps alot also, creating single parents, broken homes, absentee parents and turmoil for many of the children involved.  It also creates financial turmoil which cannot be over stated, as financial problems will be a great tool for you in causing strife, depression and breaking down the family from within.It creates health issues also, and in modern society is easily injected into all walks of life. 


This might sound scary, but early in your career you will see how easy it actually is.  Make it trendy, make it fun, make it pretty, coat it in false beauty and they will take it willingly.If you can interject chemical abuse and religious differences also, you will be well on your way.


Among the tools you can use to undermine family are ego, self absorption, workaholics, peer pressure, competitiveness (such as making people feel they must keep up with those around them) and if you can mount a multi directional attack, only a strong family will see you coming and be able to resist. 


As the family falls apart, so society falls with it. 
You may refer to the history books to see the accomplishments we can list, far too many for one volume.  The wars, genocides, suicides family and cultural disintegration, stand as a testimony to the affectiveness of our team, and how easily our purposes have been accomplished.  One needs only to see the mug shots of legions of thugs and despots, the photos of stacks of bodies from holocausts and wars to bask in the radiance of our achievements here and realize your potential in your career. 


You will be assigned a position soon, and begin basic training and perhaps we can ultimately watch the smoke rise and listen to the screams at the end of the day. 


Welcome to Hell.

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