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Just a little fun poem I wrote after watching a coca cola commercial one day. Hope you enjoy!

Submitted: December 15, 2018

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Submitted: December 15, 2018





I’m sitting at home

feeling kind of blue

I turn the TV on

having nothing else to do

A commercial comes on

advertising a certain cola

I’m not saying its name

but you know it’s a soda

It says this cola is refreshing

that’s the feeling I really need

I have to do a test

on this cola’s theory indeed

I get in my car

go to the corner store

Walk to the back

and open the cooler door

I grab the cola

from inside

But it’s so crazy

that a 16oz bottle cost a buck 85

I can’t wait to get back home

so I hurry to the car

Got home really quick

since I didn’t travel very far

I go in the house

have a seat in the kitchen

Hoping this cola will lift my spirits

is too much tension

I open the cola

it makes that ‘spuuush’ sound

I think that’s the refreshing

that is coming out

I take a big gulp

and then I stop

Waiting for the change I’m suppose to feel

my happiness to unlock

So I drink some more cola

until it’s all gone

But I had to take pauses

since its taste is so very strong

I sit the empty bottle down

and just stare

Thinking all the refreshing feelings

must have dissipated into the air

Now I guess you think

I’m feeling even more depressed

But actually getting that cola

relieved some stress

It made me feel some hope

making me leave my house giving me something to do

But now I’m just sitting here burping

feeling like I’m being rude

Trying to release

all this air that built up inside me

Because I drink all that cola

way too fast you see

But now all the air is gone

so I’m starting to feel hungry since I’ve yet to eat

Have to leave the house once more

go get me a combo number three

And guess what soda I’m going to order

with my burger and fries

You know it’s that same cola

but for a different reason this time

Not to get happy or get refreshed

cause I’m in a solemn mood

But because the commercial also said

it goes great with any food!



Dena M


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