At peace

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This is not meant to offend. Obviously the ending is fabricated, but this is how we cope.

Submitted: December 16, 2018

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Submitted: December 16, 2018



a tear slid down her face, tickling her rounded cheek

bleeding away the mascara, that she had worn that whole week

finally she was alone, and she could not help but break

the anger flooded through her, she couldn't be awake

no one even noticed her, that something wasn't right

there was something very off since she came home that night

a memory burned her eyes, she tried hard not to look

tried not to remember everything he took

"no one will believe you" a harsh voice cut through the air

freezing, she choked back her breath, all she could do was stare

he smiled and kissed her cheek, wiped away a tear

he left her there to weep, frozen in her fear

all she could think about, in her solitude

was all that he had done to her, what right did he have to intrude

black streaks she wiped away, from the mess upon her face

standing now she knew, how she would reclaim the day

quietly she slipped, from the hall closet to her room

making sure no one could see, too dangerous to assume

in her nightstand drawer, laid her jet black instrument of peace

this was the only way, she knew, that she would discover release

the metal was cold on her tongue, the taste unique to powder

suddenly someone was coming, footsteps ever louder

she slid it under her pillow, and held her breath in waiting

he walked through her door, she felt her consciousness fading

he smiled as he approached, removing first his shirt

she couldn't bare to look, she knew her pleas would never work

her eyes snapped open again, she could still escape

she took one solid step away, and reached for her hiding place

he paused for only a moment, his hands slowly raised in defense

it took her exactly three seconds, to decide this would be the end

the shot rang through the house, the panic ensued downstairs

they ran towards the noise, she had not a moment to spare

the metal tasted different now, it had a hint of something reborn

she pulled the trigger again, her body fell to the floor

she doesn't cry anymore, she's not afraid of the dark

she simply exists in peace, at home among the stars I

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