Sweet Release

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

This was inspired by a writing prompt on r/writingprompts

The writing prompt was "You've spent the past six months in a cell being tortured by your kidnappers every day. The only person you have to company is the Angel of Death, who appears to you every night to chat. One night, they put a hand on your shoulder and say "Fuck destiny. I'm getting you out of here."

Numb, the kind of numb that you feel at the last ten minutes of your life before you froze to death in an avalanche. Under the weight of 10's of feet of snow, the weight of the snow holding my weakened limbs in a place as I feel pressure on every inch of my body. 

Only darkness and geometric florescent patterns circled on the inside of my eyelids as I try to open my eyes. Around me, I hear what sounds like water dripping but very faint and muffled. I try to yell out for help, but I'm so weak I can't even open my mouth. I put all my effort into opening my eyelids just enough to let light hit my retina or maybe even find the source of the water. I see a blur of light in an arched pattern and think there may be a way out. 

The last slivers of memory before I go unconscious is that this wasn't the first time I realized there was an arch of light and a faint muffled dripping sound. How many times has this happened before? How did I get here? These questions exhaust me and I feel the weight of the tonnes of snow packed 360 degrees around my body and I black out again. 

All at once I could hear a hard thud as I felt my head jerk from side to side. "Thud" again, like a side of beef being beaten with a baseball bat. The geometric patterns on the inside of my eyelids are dancing like their on fire. I hear movement from behind me and over my head. 

"Is that the sound of someone talking?" 

I hear a voice but I can't make out the words. I can hear the words in my haze but its like I know the words I just can't associate them with anything I know of. 

Another thud and my head shakes again, my eyes open by reflex but I feel the swelling and can only see a blur. I hear a mans voice with a foreign tongue, wild and furious talking to someone else in the area. My eyes strain to see what's behind my blurred vision, I see the arch of light I believe I have seen before but it's different this time. This time I realize the arch of light is a silhouette of an arched window. As the light shines into the room from the small window I realize its the window in the door for the room I'm in. 

As I slowly become conscience I start putting the pieces together. I'm being held captive for reasons I can't at the moment remember. Where did all the snow go? I can't move my head more than a few degrees left or right, my hands, nothing, my fingers or toes, gone. I see them attached to me but there's nothing there. 

I try to look around and my captor notices I'm awake. He walks over to me, lifts my hand up and then lets go of it. Gravity pulls it back to the ground with a smack and a small thick splash. 

I still can't focus because my eyes are swollen shut, I force against the pain to keep them open. I look to see where my hand landed and wondered why I couldn't feel it, I saw it drop, I heard the thud and wetness but I couldn't feel anything below my neck. 

They had beaten me for weeks and now they have finally broken my neck and most of the pain is gone. The hallucination of the avalanche must have been because I am now a paraplegic and my brain was dealing with my loss of nerve endings. 

My captor turns his attention to another person I just realized was in the room with us. Was this the person he was talking to? He shouts and swings his baseball bat at the puddle of person across the room from me full swing. "Thud" and no sound from the body except the sound of the metal baseball bat hitting meat and bone, They must be dead and if they weren't before they are now. 

My attention is drawn to the arch of light that was cast on the wall and I notice an outline of a person. This person was smoldering like he was on fire. My god, has this baseball bat wielding psycho burned a guy to death? My sense of smell is getting stronger as I smell,,,,, sulfur? My vision is getting better and I see a hooded shape of a person with a staff, no its a sickle and his shadow is traced against the wall from the light outside the door. Smoke arose from inside his hood over the top of his head, where his eyes should have been there were flames that curled out like eyelashes. His nose and mouth were smoldering. I could feel the need for me to breath harder to keep up with how afraid I was. 

In a flash, Death was hovering over me as if to whisper in my ear. He pauses, looks at my captor and I realize my captor doesn't know death is in the room with us. Death moves in toward my ear and whispers with a smoky tone, not of this earth and says "I have waited here for weeks to take you, There is a special place in hell for people like your captor. He isn't torturing you because you have something he wants. He isn't torturing you out of revenge. He is beating and torturing you because he enjoys it." Death turns and looks at the other person on the floor and says "I finally got to take him earlier tonight and now I'm taking you." Death moves his hand toward me and pauses, looks at my captor and in a flash Death is in my captors face, close enough that my captor is frozen in horror. Death puffs a small cloud of sulfur into the captors face at the same time my captor takes his first full breath to scream but a sound never leaves his mouth.

My captor drops the bat, falls to the floor and sobs. Death tells my captor "Today is not the day I take you. I won't be back for you soon, you will live but you will live as a pariah. You will live out your long life tainted with the breath of death. Everything about you will repulse everyone you ever meet. Your every endeavor will fail. You are doomed to be alive. I will be back for you after you have suffered here on earth until I'm satisfied that you have paid your penance" 

Death steps back sickle in hand and in a flash and he's back in my face staring at me with his burning eyes and smoldering face. He holds out his hand and gently touches my cheek and its finally over. 

Submitted: December 17, 2018

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J. M. Crawford

Cool story. I've heard of the breath of life but never the breath of death. Very creative.

Mon, December 17th, 2018 10:51pm


Thank you very much.

Mon, December 17th, 2018 2:53pm

Ryan K. Mallegni

An interesting take on Death. Well structured and the flow was good.

If you have a moment, please stop by my page and read some of my stories. Here is one I think you may enjoy:


Tue, December 18th, 2018 9:20pm

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