For a Fren to Find Me

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is what happens when everybody is tired all the time.

Submitted: December 17, 2018

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Submitted: December 17, 2018



"To goat-" Laughter "The great Shakespeare. HE DID HIS WORK, NOW DO YOURS"

"What are you even saying? The last two didn't make sense!"

"What does that have to do with that you have more time than us, and we finished it in HALF AN HOUR"

"We look like angels, but were really gonna kill you." We both smile sweetly ;)

"One does does not choose a fandom. The fandom chooses those it deems worthy of it's repesct."

"Fudge you, Word!!!"

"Court reperter" (court reporter)

"Peach pathologist" (Speach pathalogist)

"Mehz.... can... ENGRISH!!!"

"SMRT! Not dumb, but not quite smart."


"Stupid frozen meat packets!"

*Procedes to steal soda while holding finger guns saying ayyy*

Fren 1: "You dropped me" Fren 2: "What?" Fren 1: "You dropped me off a cliff." Fren 2: *confused fren noises*

*In bad brittish accent* "I dOn'T kNoW wHo'S tHeY aRe! AAAAAA-"

"This is so cringy, but so funny at the same time"

Fren 1: "Can I bribe you with a popsicle?" Fren 2: (sadly) "Yeah..."

(touches hair) "Why is my hair sweating...?"

Fren 1: "Hey, are you okay?" Fren 2: "Physically? No. Mentally? No. Emotionally? No. Spiritually? ... Maybe."

FFFM... Something... It was SOMETHING

Oh, yeah! My childhood!

Ow! Ow OW! Straight!

My childhood as a recipe: One part Care Bears, one part Fraggles, and a sprinkle of near-death.

I can flatter you, and still be straight.

I am very straghetti; I do not like girls (Author's Note: This is my friend. I'm as bi as... a bi person...?)

Student: Hello human! Teacher: *distracted* Hello human

Life isn't hard, only solitaire.

Fren 1: What? it's a bird during flat hand? Fren 2: What I meant to say was 'A bird flying through a noodle.' What I actually said a "A bird throughing fly a noodle.'

Fren 1: Shh! Stop being smart! Fren 2: You're the one who's wrong. Fren 1: SHH

Fren 1: The apple juice broke you, didn't it? Don't deny it. Fren 2: *dies of laughter*


I'm at least half cannibal. Maybe 60%.

Fren 1: It would become a lifeles ball of fuzzy flesh. Fren 2: WHAT DO YOU THINK DEATH IS?

We found a cabinet labled bullets in our science class. Still looking for gun. HOWEVER-

The BISKET 'aint enough for the RISKET!

I am very aggresivly happy today.

Nooo... WEEEE *insane laughing*

Fren 1: Human? Fren 2: The law requires I say yes.

Don't mind me. Just dying.

I got chocolate all over my pickup lines!

Fren 1: *puts chin on bottle* Fren 2: What are you doing to my milk?!

Fren 1: I survived 3 anxiety attacks in less than 24 hours, and you're freaking ouf over a Q? Fren 2: Uh-huh... *continues to whine gibberish*

Fren 1: Causing yourself pain to prove a point. Fren 2: And that's what I mean-- OW!

Fren 1: Best way to stop a fight? Fren 2: Apple juice. Nuff said.

Fren 1: It's kind of funny how the bookmark is behind te head, bu- Fren 2: WHAT?!

Uh-uh! This is your job. *I* drew the old guy!

Fren 1: It's curved! Fren 2: Yes, it's an O

I have a lower tolerance to sugar that most people *brief pause* ... I say as I eat sprinkles...

Where is my emotional support cookie?

Fren 1: I won't let go until you see that I forgive you
Fren 2: Good, because I want infinate hugs
Fren 1: Does that mean I get to walk with you?
Fren 2: Yes, but I'm going to my house, because I want to nap
Fren 1: I want a nap!
Fren 2: Well, it's a queen size bed
Fren 1: Wow... That's smooth

(FYI: Fren two is heterosexual, and I have a boyfriend)

*fren 1 gives fren 2 the silent treatment for 30 minutes*
*gets on bus* 
*fren 1 and fren 2 talk and laugh like nothing happened*

Fren 1: I'm getting a brain freeze
Fren 2: Hi, Getting a brain freeze, I'm, [Insert Fren 2 name here]
Fren 1: Hi, [Insert Fren 2 name here], I'm sad-- I mean dad

Fren 1: B****, you look so pretty!!
Fren 2: Thank you, b****!

Fren 1: *hand on hip* We have a dream!
Fren 2: *puts hands out in front of her* A tream?! What's a tream???

You start most of these. but I'm the one who makes it humourful ... humourous *slams hands* *squeals in agony*

Living in Washington
There's water there *gestures with head* *pause* There's water over there *points to a couple houses* *pause* There's a lake somewhere over there *gestures with hand*

Behind The Scenes
Fren 1: FFFM?
Fren 2: FFFM.

Fren 1: *makes weird noise*
Fren 2: FFFM?
Fren 1: FFFM.
Fren 2: Ehm... How do you spell out "*insert screech here*"?

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