Overture of an Odyssey

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Isekai Weebs

Awakened in a dungeon by a voice calling him "Harbinger", Hyx had no recollection of his memories prior to this peculiar situation. There are only two things he remembers, his name and he comes from earth. Facing the countless aberrations of the dungeon, he came to realize he is not on earth anymore.

Now faced with such reality filled with dangerous monsters, hostile environments and difficult choices, his humanity and morals will be hanging on a thin blur line between black and white if he wishes to survive.

This is a story of a seemingly normal human's transformation into a monster. A tale of a boy's rising among terrors of the foulest. An overture of a tragic and epic odyssey

Table of Contents

H0 - Awakened to Darkness

Here we go, a tragic story of a boy who got Isekai'd. If you dislike tragedy, twisted romance, and gore, this is your opportunity to turn back now.

Disclaimer: This is my story and I have posted it on RoyalRoad too.
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