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Short story, open ended. A consciousness after death.

Submitted: December 18, 2018

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Submitted: December 18, 2018



“I never wanted to bury you.” he whispers, dropping a flower on my grave. The white petals fluttered to the mud, stark against the grey tombstone; grey light; grey sky. I try to cry, to yell for him, to anything, but I can’t move so much as a tear duct, or a pinky.

The frustration swells to new heights. I’d never appreciated before how each little movement of my body bled off emotional energy as well as physical. Now it just built up and up and up, overwhelming me, always on the cusp of a break, but never receding.

Where is my son?

The words float through the ground, unattached without a physical, working brain.

He was in the car with me. I have a sudden image of his booster seat, his tiny body buckled in tight, then glass shattering into the car from the windshield.

Why is he not standing with his father?

Where is my son?

Where is my son?

Where is my son. Where is my son where is my son where is my son WHERE IS HE?

A brilliant white light engulfs me, and my husband shivers on the ground above, as though he can feel it. The energy in me is gone, spent. His footsteps tremble around me, vibrating the earth as he turns and leaves. Only the sounds of the rain hitting the earth and the insects crawling through it remain. I feel a presence though, a leftover warmth from the light.

“Hello.” murmurs a voice calmly. “It’s nice to meet you. Would you like to come with me?”

Who are you? I think, hoping that somehow the low baritone around me can hear.

“I’m afraid I cannot answer questions unless you decide to come with me.” I think I can pinpoint the voice as being behind me, around my back. I yearn to be able to turn and see. I never was good at echolocation, even when I had working ears.

“I can tell you that your son will be where I would like to take you.”

Something inside of me unclenched and the world went dark. I turned, facing the voice for the first time.

“Will you come with me?”  

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