Kosovo is picking up its game

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What's happening in Kosovo and Serbia and why you should know about it.

Submitted: December 18, 2018

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Submitted: December 18, 2018



Kosovo is a small country of roughly 1,8 million people located in the Balkans in Southern Europe. It's been independent since 2008, but many countries have yet to recognize it as a sovereign state. Kosovo has a bloody history with its neighoring country, Serbia and the situation has gotten colder between the two during the past year.

While it may not seem like something that will affect anything because Kosovo is a relatively small country, it's still important to know what's going on. if you don't know the current knews, it's that a few days ago, Kosovo said it's going to have its own army, instead of the current Nato troops and security forces that are now providing the country with military protection. The army in itself is going to be relatively small, at least for now. 

And this fact, even though small, is going to get the situation going south. Nato is judging Kosovo for it, as is Serbia. Nato is still going to support Kosovo, though, but the past year Serbia has made it its goal to sabotage Kosovo. Kosovo has been denied access to be a UN member becaus of Serbia. Now Serbia is demanding the United Nations to take action and do something about Kosovo's military plans.

This is a bad situation for both countries. While the British are leaving the European Union, both Kosovo and Serbia want in. This would be great for those small countries for several reasons. Their economy would grow, the border would be safer and the tensions inside the countries would loosen. Corruption would go down and human rights as well as democracy would go up. However, for both countries, the main reason neither is in the EU, is their own issues with each other. 

The countries in the Balkan have had it rough since the 1990 when they were a part of Jugoslavia. Then came the civil war and ever since, the countries have had their ups and down be mostly downs. For those small countries bringing their opinion out there would be a lot easier with the EU, so it'd be crucial to the citizens to be a part of something bigger. EU has its pros and cons about the expansion in the Balkan, but it'd do some good, especially now with the Great Britain leaving and creating a place for new countries to step in. Yes, it'll cost the EU some money, but it'll be beneficial in the long run, just like since the fifties when Europe began bonding together. 

The world is technically divided between the ones supporting Kosovo's independence and the others on Serbia's side. Not even all EU countries have recognized Kosovo, and this is a problem that needs to be solved in order to help out those countries. Maybe after Brexit (hopefully) gets over and done with, the EU can face new problems and possible solutions because Britain is going to leave a hole and that hole needs to be filled. That's why following the situation between Kosovo, Serbia, the EU and the UN is important, even though it's not on the front page of every newspaper.

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