Broken Promises

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Chapter 27 (v.1) - Chapter 27

Submitted: August 14, 2019

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Submitted: August 14, 2019



Greg clenched the clear plastic cup as he drank the remaining of his lukewarm water. Most of the prisoners had left the chow hall as Greg stirred what was supposed to be baked beans on his tray. He was waiting on a visit from one of his contacts outside. A correctional officer yelled out and his voice echoed against the cafeteria’s walls, “Chow’s over. Time for count.” Greg got up from the cold metal table and dragged his feet across the floor to dump his tray and then headed back to his cell.

Greg finally returned to his cell after count was over. His cellmate was at some class and Greg was happy to get some temporary solitude. Although the screaming and mindless chatter of the other prisoners didn’t seem to simmer down at least he had the room to himself. 

He pulled out a notebook and pencil and laid it out on his bed. He began to write a letter to Sarah, apologizing for all the crazy mess. He didn’t mean to scare her because he loved her. Greg lifted a corner of his mattress up and pulled out a hand-drawn sketch he had another prisoner draw of him and Sarah. He put the sketch into an envelope with the letter and sealed it shut. He yelled for one of the officers and after a few minutes are arrived at the door, “Yes Finch.”

“I was wondering if I can get this letter sent out.”

“Hand it to me. Mail pick up is on its way anyway.”

Greg waited for the officer to open up the compartment in the door then Greg slipped the envelope through the other side. Greg then called out to the officer once again “Is anyone at visitation waiting for me?”

“Let me check.” The officer spoke on the radio “Visitation for Finch…yes…Okay…I’ll let him know.”

“Someone’s there for you. I’ll take you now.”

Greg was then cuffed up and taken to the visitation room. He hoped he would be able to hear more news about AO2050.
“How you holdin’ up?” Ben said with a laugh.

“Did they fix your camera?” Greg said as he sat across from Ben.

“No. They wouldn’t since they were arresting me.”

“Did they charge you?”

“Yeah. Not too big of a charge. I have a suspended sentence, so I’m a free man for now.”

“Good.” Greg looked around the room before whispering “Any news on the group?”

“Well, Frank’s in custody as you know. Henry’s a nervous wreck and Victor’s in custody as well. He broke into where Sarah was staying.”

“If he did anything to her I’ll…” Greg stopped himself before he became angry. 

“I still don’t know what you have with Sarah.”

“It’s a long story.”

The conversation lasted an hour before visiting hours were up. Right before Ben left the room he shouted to Greg, “they found the video.” 

Greg’s hands shook as he was brought back to his cell. ”Which video?” Greg mumbled to himself as he paced around the cell. “I deserve Sarah. Why should she be with someone like Chris?” 

Greg grabbed a small bottle of paint and a tiny canvas. As he began to paint a portrait of Sarah, he hoped they would be reunited once again.

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