Jacob's Perspective (Former friends addition)

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Jacob's perspective on what happened with the friendship between him and Celeste.

Submitted: December 21, 2018

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Submitted: December 21, 2018




Ok, so I admit that I might have been a little rude to Celeste for ditching her, but you have to hear my side of the story!


We’ve been friends since we were two. We’re practically the same age-- Celeste is born 3 days after me! But since middle school started, something has changed for me. I started to like her. More than a friend, I mean. I pretty much wasn’t able to talk to her! That’s when I started to distance myself from her. Like, we still hung out, just less often because I made excuses that I had to do homework or tutoring or something like that. I felt kind of bad, but Celeste didn’t seem to be too affected by the decrease in hang-out times.


Usually, at school, I don’t talk to Celeste anyways. We live in our own separate worlds at school. It’s not like she’s all alone there, because she seems to have her own little group of friends, just like me. To be honest, I don’t particularly enjoy this arrangement, of us being apart, but it keeps both of us from being social outcasts in the school.


At school, I hang out mostly with these kids named Logan, William and Lucas. They’re decently nice, and pretty funny. We’ve established our own role in middle school society-- not too popular, not too well-liked but not hated either, not bullies. School life is not too bad for me right now.


One day in December on Christmas Break, I was chilling in my room. I was super bored so I texted Logan and asked if he could come over. He was cool with that, so ten minutes later we were hanging out in my room, building a lego spaceship. Then my phone buzzed. When I picked it up, I saw Celeste’s name on the notification. It read,


Hey Jacob. Wanna work on the catapult @ my place? 5:30?


I didn’t want to be rude and text while Logan was over, so I hastily responded with an “idk I’ll ask my mom” response. I just left the conversation at that.


Ten minutes later, I get another text from her, asking if i could come over again. I guess she really wanted to have me over. Since Logan was here, I couldn’t just leave to go to her house. Plus, I could barely keep a conversation with her! So I simply replied No sorry mom said no.


I guess Logan was curious as to what I was doing, so he looked over my shoulder. When he saw Celeste’s name, He immediately tried to grab my phone. Unfortunately he succeeded, and managed to open FaceTime and call her faster than I’ve ever done before. I don’t know what was in his mind…what he did was….evil.


Unfortunately, Celeste picked it up. I bet she was confused because Logan kept trying to run away from me, in return making the camera spin like crazy.


“Hi, Celeste! You’re Jake’s girlfriend, right?” are the words that came out of his disgusting little mouth.


I kept screaming at him to stop and trying to grab my phone away from him, but he dodged me every time.


I had told Logan, Will and Lucas a bit about Celeste, how we were friends and stuff, and how I had a crush on her but they didn’t really seem to give it a second thought. That was back in October. I thought that they might have forgotten by now. I guess not.


Logan was now asking Celeste, “So how long have you been dating?” over me screaming and trying to get my phone away from him. Our Lego Spaceship was completely trampled and destroyed. It was chaos.


What I was going to say in response to the dating remark was, “LOGAN CUT IT OUT RIGHT NOW!!!! CELESTE ISN’T MY GIRLFRIEND SHE’S MY BEST FRIEND, BETTER THAN YOU, OR WILL, OR ANY OF THE OTHER GUYS SO JUST SHUT YOUR BIG MOUTH AND LEAVE MY FRIEND ALONE!!!!” But I got cut off mid-sentence because at that moment, my mom opened the door. I guess she heard a lot of shouting coming from my room so she probably wanted to see what all that screaming was about.


Logan held my phone up to mom and was like, “Oh, this is Jake’s girlfriend!”


My mom knows how good friends me and Celeste are and probably would never think that we would date, ever. She seemed pretty shocked.


I was too, to be honest. I knew before that Logan wasn’t one of the nicest and most trustworthy kids, but this was just too much. I honestly couldn’t believe Logan would do this. I also felt bad about lying to Celeste


I heard Celeste say something just before she hung up on us, something like, “I thought we were best friends. Best friends don’t lie.”


That literally shattered me. Like my heart started to race.Luckily after she hung up my mom suggested that Logan leave, and he did thankfully. As soon as he left, my soul felt eaten. Dead. Broken. We were still friends, even if I felt too nervous around Celeste to even talk to her. But I didn’t realize that our being apart hurt her so much. She never even hinted to me that. My emotions were a combination of being upset and wanting to make it up to Celeste, and wanting to never talk to her again. It was weird.


After that day, I stopped being friends with Logan. He had hurt me and I didn’t want him to do it again to me, or even Celeste. About a week after that day, I finally got the guts to text Celeste and apologize for what had happened. It was this big long thing that told her what happened and how sorry I was. It took me the whole week to revise and edit, to make it sound not too cheesy, but not too cold or harsh sounding either.


And then my brilliantly stupid mind thought, “oh, it would be a great idea if we stop hanging out with Celeste until February!” So yeah, that’s what I texted her. Aaaand yeah. I haven’t talked to her since that miserable December day.


I still think about her. Every single day. It makes me really miserable sometimes, but I’ve taught myself to think, “It’s almost February, Jacob. You can do this.”


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