I Can't Pick Up Your Pieces

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Submitted: December 21, 2018

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Submitted: December 21, 2018



I wish I could tell you
How much I care,
But such an action
I wouldn't dare. 

This poem is for you,
Although you'll never know. 
My love for you runs deep, 
But I'll never let it show. 

A year ago I fell for you,
And even then I knew
We could never be together.
No fact could be more true. 

So I watched you from afar
To let my feelings pass; 
But now I've come to terms
With love that will always last. 

Sometimes I like to wonder
If you think about me too. 
They all say I'm your favorite. 
I deny it (but it's true). 

Your tough love is more gentle, 
Your compliments sincere. 
You happily acknowledge me
Whenever I am near. 

Slowly we became close friends
And my fluttering heart had ceased. 
I was ready to let go...
Let my love for you release. 

Then I learned something new about you
When a secret of yours was spoken: 
Behind the brave face you wear
Hides a man secretly broken. 

My heart was flooded with love, returned, 
As your friend admitted to me
That you were longing for a person
To set your sadness free. 


So now I'm plagued with dreams at night. 
In my arms I hold you tight. 

Your hair I'm brushing from your face, 
Your temple that I gently trace. 

As my lips brush by your ear,
I whisper softly, "You're loved, my dear." 

But I must wake and face the truth: 
Love made impossible by my youth.

I admit all this, but I still love you,
And because of that, I'm broken too. 

© Copyright 2019 P.J. Bomre. All rights reserved.

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