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Chapter 32 (v.1) - EEMAY

Submitted: December 02, 2019

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Submitted: December 02, 2019




I wake up with the usual feeling of dread at what life will throw at me today. As a family, we jump from one crisis to another on a daily basis and I'm tired... more than tired, I'm absolutely exhausted, and to cap it all, me and Scott are still not talking. I truly believed he would be overjoyed to hear how Roxie had managed to get through to Ez where we had failed, so his reaction had both shocked and disturbed me. After refusing to discuss it further, the silent treatment continued until we went to bed, so we turned our backs on one another, which left me stewing over his cutting words, while he fell asleep the moment his head sank into the pillow.

I must have dropped off at some point, but my head is aching, my eyes are heavy and my mind foggy.

What time is it?” Scott asks, stretching.

I'm pleased you could sleep, I've been tossing and turning for most of the night. Scott, what you said about Roxie is out of order, she and Ez have always been close... Ez listens to her, she made her see things differently.”

Look, Emm, I don't want to go over it all again, I stand by what I said. Ez had made her mind up and Roxie should not have interfered.”

I stare at him in anger and disbelief. “You seem to have forgotten, she's still a child, she hadn't considered how her...”

Leave it Emm, I've said my piece.”

So, you would have allowed Ez to broadcast the fact that she is not my genetic child, that you had a relationship with a dog that resulted in her birth. Besides, it's not just our reputation at stake here, it's also our livelihood, and the livelihood of those who work for us. I can't believe you're being so naïve and blinkered.”

I'm sorry Eemay, but I won't change my stance on this.” He bounces out of bed and strides towards the bathroom, slamming the door behind him.

After all we've been through together, will this finally drive us apart? I think back to when Ez was little, though I didn't realise it at the time, by comparison, it was so much easier having her dependent on us. Now, though still a child, she has become so headstrong, self opinionated and independent. Was I like that at her at age? Probably not at twelve, but she has had to come to terms with so much confusion and trauma in her young life, I guess, in a way, it's been character building for her.

I glance at the time, conscious that I have to open a walk-in centre for new mum's to share the overwhelming joys and challenges of motherhood... how ironic given the challenges we have faced, and continue to face, with Ez since the day she was born, but, while I may not always like her, I will always love her unconditionally, whatever lies ahead.

I pull a smart blue suit out of the wardrobe, get dressed in record time, tie back my rebellious hair and step into a pair of matching heels. A quick swipe of mascara and a smear of lipstick and I'm ready... for a strong cup of coffee before setting off.

I walk into the breakfast room to the sight of Pen desperately attempting to relieve Beau of a spoon he is weilding menacingly, before landing a spoonful of porridge with a splat against his mother's cheek, and chuckling wickedly at his achievement. Meanwhile, Lett is leisurely pouring coffee into two mugs. Pen rounds on him, tells him Beau is his responsibility too, and that, given the choice, she would rather pour coffee than always get landed with the dirty, sticky, smelly jobs that he seems to conveniently avoid and that from now on things are going to change. She grabs the cy-tab he is engrossed in and demands they swap seats and duties. I can't help thinking I've walked into a kind of deja-vu situation, but while I sympathise with Pen, Beau's antics made me smile. “Sorry, Pen, but you've got to give praise where it's due, Beau has great aim... that was hilarious.”

She gives me a scowl, porridge stuck fast to her cheek, but a glint of humour evident in her blue eyes. “You wanna try it, I'm sure Lett would be more than happy to delegate the job to you.”

Be my guest,” he says, trying to spoon feed Beau, who has no intention of being 'fed' and is trying to grab the spoon out of his father's hand, squealing with frustration in the process.

It's okay, think I'll pass... not dressed for it, fortunately.”

Pen gives me a thumbs up, without lifting her eyes from the cy-tab on the table.

Mum is pouring tea into her china teacup, telling Ez to eat some cereal, that it isn't wise to go to school on an empty stomach. Ez is unusually quiet and introvert, in stark contrast to the fierce arrogance we have become accustomed to. I assume she is still racked with guilt over Roxie's health scare.

I sit at the table with a mug of coffee. “Ez, please don't beat yourself up over Roxie, she has a long term, chronic illness caused by smoking. She has been advised to keep her medication where she can reach it at all times. She normally keeps it in her apron pocket, so really, she only has herself to blame.”

You weren't there, it was my fault, she could have died.”

But she didn't... so stop worrying about it, okay?” She nods her head, but continues to chew on her thumb nail and to stare into space.

The door swings open and Scott makes an entrance. His face is thunderous and, to make a point, he sits himself at the opposite end of the table before reaching for the cereal, deliberately avoiding eye contact with me.

Hey everyone,” Pen yells, staring at the cy-pad on the table. “The Edesso fiasco has made the headlines.”

There's a surprise,” Lett's says, his tone sarcastic.

I notice Ez seems on edge, starts figeting in her seat, her eyes darting. “Dad, are you ready, or I'll be late for school.”

Ez, just wait a minute, I need to know what's been said in the news. Pen, can you read it out before we leave?”


Grim discovery at one of the most respected and trusted veterinary practices in Cyberia...

Following an emergency call for help from Veterinary Surgeon, Veronica Nirmala, at the Edesso Veterinary Practice, Police Officers raided the premises. What they found both shocked and disturbed them... they discovered Veronica Nirmala clinging to life from a potentially fatal stab wound. She was rushed to hospital by Para-medics where her condition remains critical but stable. Luca Edesso, owner and Senior Veterinary Surgeon at the practice, was apprehended at the scene for the attempted murder of the victim. While searching the premises, officers also discovered evidence of unethical clinical experimentation... investigations into the disturbing findings are currently on-going. Luca Edesso has been detained in custody pending further enquiries, and the Practice has been closed for business until further notice.

The tension in Scott's jaw relaxes. “Nothing specific yet, no doubt all will be revealed eventually.”

I wonder where they've been taken, they deserve to live a normal life, to socialise, to be accepted,” Ez adds, concern etched on her lovely heart shaped face.

Well said, Ez, if anyone can be their champion, it's you ,” Pen chips in, fuelling the melting pot of conflicting opinions simmering in the background.

Scott can't help himself and joins in. “I agree, its about time we cleared the...”

Scott, please, its not that simple, and you know it,” I interrupt, glaring.

With the exception of Beau's toddler tantrum, an awkward silence descends between us all.

I take a gulp of strong coffee in an attempt to clear my head of its sleep deprived fog, then check my phone for messages before heading off for the official opening ceremony. Among several work related messages, there is one from Kait...

Hi Emm

Hope everything is good with you. Was wondering if you and Scott are free to meet up this evening, preferably at our place. I know it's short notice, but I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important. We could order a take-away for dinner. Hope to see you later, say seven thirty.

Kait xx

A sense of dread rises in me. “Scott, I've had a message from Kait, asking if we can meet up at their place tonight, says its important. Sounds a bit ominous if I'm honest.”

You know Brad is helping police with their investigations, maybe they want to keep us posted.”

Dad, we need to go,” Ez demands. She jumps up, her cheeks have flushed to a deep red, her dark eyes furtive.

Ez, what's wrong, honey, you're acting odd.”

Mum, just stop hassling me, okay.” She turns to Scott. “Dad, can we go now.”

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