Fog Community: Awake

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
He finds himself trapped in a corrupted version of the place he calls home. The silence of the nightmares will slowly reveal the occult within the community.
(Based on where I live, kind of. It gets foggy and spooky, that's about it.

I will update this with other "chapters", as I prefer to divide this one to give it proper attention and details to maintain it faithful to the original vision in my dumb brain.)

Submitted: December 23, 2018

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Submitted: December 23, 2018



Surrounded by a forest of fog, a small community sits on top of a bed of churning nightmares. The bed of darkness underneath hide secrets from shadows long forgotten by time, and anything remotely close to being a consciousness or even aware. A perpetual night plagues the trapped sky, with stars blinking irregularly, as if hundreds of eyes observed.

It is there where a man awakens to the sound of police radio chatter at the entrance of the mysterious fog covered community. However, a quick glance reveals that he this is, in fact, his home. He recognizes the houses, the single long street and the surrounding nature. There he stands between two patrol cars, both with their doors opened. The police lights remain on, adding to the disorienting nature of the place. The sound of insects and a single distant barking dog remain constant, but no one seems to be present. Police radio chatter quickly becomes muffles and unrecognizable, with words sounding more like chants, heavily filtered by static. The unnerving ritualistic sounds activate a primal fear within the man’s heart, urging him to move from there. The first of the unreal sights is when the man tries to leave the community. The entrance is impossibly blocked by the body of a mountain, which should not be there. The mountain shifts and transforms as he tried to move around it, creating a loop of hopelessness.

He can only move down the single road, exploring the empty houses, trying to find someone within the corrupted image of this familiar place he called home.

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