Golden Leaf

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Short poem about the arrival of fall. Read between the lines, check my vitals signs if everything's alright.

Submitted: December 23, 2018

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Submitted: December 23, 2018





Golden Leaf


Heavy leaf tumbles onto the ground

Lead by tormenting winds,

Will it wilt away, under the big brown oak?

At its feet, other leaves lay decayed

And as the fall shows its firebrick colors

The golden leaf makes its way through the river

Leaving her dark yellow sisters to glow still on the noble tree

Laying on the water, the lady becomes a nenuphar

Unluckily, it never crossed paths with any frog

How it wished it met some being, some form of life

But nothing showed up, not even another of its sister

Surrounded by soft foam, and little blows

From the tiny waves of this minuscule stream

Soon, the leaf encounters an immense waterfall

“There is no other way”, it thought in despair,

It couldn’t run away from the deep void

And second after second, it draws nearer,

So close that it’s only a matter of time

Before the waves below tears it alive

And it falls, falls, falls,

Lonesome amidst countless droplets

That merged to form this horrid ocean

It falls, nothing to stop its outcome

The foam gets more and more intense

Until it crushes the leaf, leaving its structure only

The leaf dies and dust turned to dust again

© Copyright 2019 Elias Brooklyn. All rights reserved.

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