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The Man of Death

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Submitted: December 23, 2018

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Submitted: December 23, 2018



The room was blurred by a dark haze that drifted through the barred window, distorting the light. A black creature scurried up the bare wall as it felt vibrations disturb where it rest. Two hands of bones and veins slammed against the wall, knocking the creature to the cold cement. The creature struggled to outrun the quickness of the hands, but failed in its attempt to escape. The eager hands captured it and refused to let it go. 
“Hi there little fella,” spoke the man of death, “Don’t you want to be my friend?”
The black creature couldn’t understand. It frantically moved its legs within the cupped hands, longing to find a way out. 
“Well if you don’t want to be my friend,” the man of death shouted in frustration, “then you shall perish!”
The hands of bones and veins flung the spider hard to the ground. A bare foot of bones and veins smashed the creature with unnecessary force. The man of death took a seat on the floor. The man of death licked the creature off his foot. And the man of death filled the room with painful laughter until he, himself, was nothing.

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