A Dream For Kim

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I wanted to write something completely different than the blood and guts i normally do.

This was just a moment of perfection, a dream I had, and still have.

The sun has reached that point in the sky where it goes from too-bright yellow to a calm, gentle orange. The few clouds in the sky have started to go dark, but gain that golden crest around their edges. The blinding white sand has taken a purple hue.

We walk hand-in-hand, our bare feet leaving imprints in the wet sand. The oceans gentle waves caress our toes. The breeze is enough to keep us cool, and brings with it that ocean spray. It takes itself down into your very soul, until it seems as if your entire being is coated in a salty blanket of peace. This is it. This moment right now, this is what our whole lives have led to. We have found our little bit of Heaven.

We’re far from the only people left on the beach. Couples of all ages are doing what we are right now. Fifty yards ahead of us, a young boy is laughing hysterically as his dog chases the seagulls around. Fishermen cast out and reel in, having more luck than the poor surfer who picked this nice, calm day to try and ride some waves. This whole scene plays out around us, but I barely see it. I only have eyes for you.

You hand me your sandals (the ones you insisted n bringing, but refuse to wear), and go out past your knees, until the water barely touches your shorts. Your back is to me, but your head is turned towards the setting sun. Eyes closed, with the breeze lightly blowing your hair back. Taking in this moment. My God, you’re beautiful.

I set the sandals down, out of reach of the tide. I walk up behind you, and wrap my arms around your waist. You place your hands over mine. Sharing this moment, neither of us wanting it to end. Both knowing that we’d never forget. You breathe in the ocean air, and sigh.

“I love you,” you say.

“I know,” is my reply.

Peace. Happiness. Perfection.

A moment to last a lifetime.

Submitted: December 26, 2018

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Seni Haks

Wow! this was beautifully written I really enjoyed it ;)

Wed, December 26th, 2018 8:44am

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