The first book from the first series I started a few years back. Essentially the catalyst for the rest of my writings.

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“Jessica..owh Jessica..Henry..”   [Muffled sound]   Henry immediately puts his hand on Ronald's mouth befor... Read Chapter

The Party

“Henry..we're gonna be late..hurry up!” “Ok..ok..I'm coming!” There was a flushing sound before Henry got out of the bath... Read Chapter

Super Seeker

“Hey there.” “Hi..” was all that Henry could muster from his lips. “Whatcha’ doin out here all alone? The party is in... Read Chapter

Bright Enough

Henry was stiff as a board. He didn't even have the guts to turn his head to the right to face whoever it was that was talking to him. ... Read Chapter

The Grandfather Clock

The woods was awfully silent that night. Not even the sound of crickets to accompany the short journey of the kids that were moving stead... Read Chapter

Come Dine With Me

“It's getting late, I..I think we should get back to the party. I don't really wanna get into trouble with my parents. But hey, guess J... Read Chapter

Out Come The Wolves

With whatever courage he had left, Henry closes his eyes and slowly turned around in hope that whatever horror in front of him will simpl... Read Chapter

Long, Long Ago

Everything went dark for awhile. It was quite hard to get your bearings right when you're not even sure which way is up. He felt like he ... Read Chapter

Distant Memory

“What? What is it? Jeremy!” Henry was the first one to react. Eddie on the other hand have anticipated the reaction so he just stood ... Read Chapter


“Tag, your it!” Henry almost fell when Ronald slapped him on the back after finishing their class. “Hey, watch it!” shout... Read Chapter

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