Victoria's Secret

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She's just a hot little woman who lives int he apartment across the way..............

Submitted: December 26, 2018

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Submitted: December 26, 2018





Ray turned off his phone and stuck it back in his pocket.  No one ever called him anyhow, so why even concern himself with it, probably just another sales person.  Whatever they were selling Ray wasn't interested.  If he wanted something he would go find it and get it himself.  He hated it when people invaded his privacy.

Making his way back to the janitor's closet ray heaved a sigh.  He was sick of this place but still he was concerned over what was going to happen when they shut it down.  It had been put up in 18...something, as a hospital.  The floors were worn from various wheeled tables and chairs on them, and the walls had peeled paper, yellow stains from leakage and the place was one step up from a total slum, and yet they still had mental patients in the psych wing.  Ray actually liked them a little.  They were total loons, some of them with criminal tendencies.  They drooled, they yelled, they argued, and they cried out for attention because monsters and the end of the world were coming, they were not crazy and someone had to listen to them before it was too late!

Roy swept, mopped and did other chores as assigned so the state would not find out how badly they needed to shut this dump down.  Even his janitor's closet looked like a cell, with a few pictures of naked women on the walls, chemicals, rags, and supplies for keeping the place going even though it was like resuscitating a corpse.  Every now and then a rat would scurry by, but that was okay, because Ray fed them.  There was a small family of rats living right behind some pipes, and Ray brought enough food from his house, even ordering pizza to share with them, and he was amused thinking how the owners would react if they saw the rats come in the janitor's closet, walk up to Ray, and he would take out pizza, hand them some and they would sit like friends, eating, and Ray would talk to them, and even pet them as long as he was slow and gentle.  He liked the mama rat, she was about eight inches long and very soft.  Her fur was softer and smelled better since Ray had been feeding them, and their babies had no fear of him at all.The babies had crawled on him like pets, walking onto his lap to eat and walking up his arms sitting on his shoulders.  It was okay, Ray was nothing but a rat himself.

His apartment was in an old building that had originally been a warehouse, converted into an atmospheric set of apartments.  That meant what was run down and trashy was now an "exotic" home.

At six feet tall, with a neglected beard, hook nose and eyes close together like a possum, Ray was anything but attractive, and he knew it.  He frequented the bars now and then, but if he wanted some female action, he had to get them good and drunk and he hated drunk, ugly women.  That was okay though.  Ray would walk into his apartment and open his long top drawer in his salvaged chest of drawers and get his toy.  He would then stare into one end of it, and at the other end came an image which he craved to have for himself.  But it was never going to happen, some hook nosed, rat feeding janitor with an ugly, time damaged, it was just a dream....




She pretty much followed the same routine each day.  When she got up, she cleaned and tidied, then got dressed, followed the same routes down town and took care of business, then came home and relaxed.

Victoria was alone, but she didn't care.  She had had men in the past but sooner or later they withered away and she preferred her own company rather than dealing with the drama.  She did not want a man being all worried because she worked in a loud, pulse pounding heavy metal club, with live bands covered in leather and spikes, steel, guitars wailing at almost dangerous levels, drums exploding with such fury that the walls shook and men who looked terrifying screaming into microphones as customers, many of them with practicly no clothing on, head banged, drank, and in some cases got very hot and raunchy as Victoria walked among them, up and down, taking in who was who, how they smelled, what they were drinking, and who they were with.

Victoria was five feet tall, with an almost perfect figure and hair, her black hair and eyebrows striking a fearsome look against her paleness, and she dressed in spiked up heels, painful for most women, and either dresses or badass looking goth rocker clothing that showed what she had.  The boys ate it up and the girls would often come up  and dance with her, getting close and tight, pressing on her from every angle, checking out this piece of temptation who was in many cases, what they wished they were.  Victoria had her pick among them, for her amusement and whatever, and so each night she made her rounds, then stepped out into the darkness that was this dirty little town, with drug dealers, pimps, and lost souls littering the streets.

No one cared, and the old buildings and bridges were littered with lost humanity, the mentally ill, the junkies who just lived from one fix to the next, the forgotten ones.  They would lurk in the shadows till they were found by the city, their cold remains brought to the local city Body Bank and disposed of...

Victoria was firmiliar with the body bank.  She had a part time job there working the office and keeping an eye on the locals.  Every night they brought more, murdered, suicides, accidents, the unsolved, embalmed them at city expense, wrapped them, then she took down their information and they would take the body down a long hall three stories tall, with nothing but freezers filled with dead, injured, mutilated remains, sitting on ice till the cases were solved, the killers found, or the courts gave an order to remove them and take them for cremation or burial.  The walls of the Body Bank were filled with the smell of the dead.  Victoria got information on them and their families, and when she needed another unknown, she knew where to go.  She also liked walking down the halls, occasionally stopped to regard the dead in their little holding cells, some of who'm had been here for years.

Then they would come and give a court order to her friend Chris, who glanced at it, went back and fished out one fo the bodies, and with little care or attention he shuffled it into a hearse or whatever and away it went.  Just a job.  whooptie.

Victoria had been all over the city, seen thousands of lost souls.  Then she would go home and change into one of her night outfits and settle in to relax in her apartment which was more of a museum for antiques.  The sun would fill the sky and she would fade into the shadows of her bedroom till the next night.




Ray wandered down the street and looked around, just like clock work, perfect timing, was Dan.  Short, hairy, with round eyes like a troll, he knew who he could trust, any and all fo his friends including Ray.  He knew that because if he couldn't trust someone, or if they betrayed him, he took out his pointy little knife, stick it in their throat and split them open.  Either that or Ray would tie them down dismember them, then gut shoot them so it took time to die.  Dan high fived Ray and they got into a small pickup truck.  They roared down the road to the edge of town, put on knit masks, coveralls, and took their weapons out of the seat by the gas tank.

  "Let's rock."  Dan said, and he stomped into the building with Ray.  The desk people saw them coming and panicked, and Dan grabbed one of them as he always did in his ampatient way, and Ray took another of them to the back, kicked and beat them till they handed over the money, and they were ready to head for the door when the local police car showed. Dan came out first, shoved the hostage into the truck and held them as Ray got in and sped down the road.  It was one cop car, like the last time, and since they had already planned their route and getaway, like the other times, they were gone in seconds, leaving the police to spend days investigating while they spent the money.They drove out onto an old trashy road they had used in several jobs, pulled to the side of the road, and drug their hostage to the edge of the bog.

Ray lit a cigarette as Dan fired two rounds into the hostage's head and they were gone after throwing the body in the bog.  It would only take hours and and the animals would destroy every last bit...just like always.

Ray split the take with Dan, high fived again, and they parted, like always.  Ray went out and bought his cigarettes, expensive booze, and sat a night in the strip clubs, boozed up two girls, and got some action.

Hours later he was back at home, and he dug out the telescope.  He aimed it at Victoria's window and began to watch and smile.

Why she continually undressed with no regard to her blinds and curtains he did not know, but after a few weeks of this show he hoped she would never get wiser.  Looking at her made Ray feel different emotions, more like a rat than the rats did because he knew he was repulsive and would never be able to have a broad like that.  He wondered at times how much work it would take to turn him into enough of a resemblance to humanity to even talk to her.  But he also knew if he tried to associate she would close the blinds in disgust and his show would be over.

Ray cracked open a beer and watched her again, till the sun began to show and she left the room.  He then sat back and drank and watched television till he fell asleep.

Ray woke up to hear the phone ring and Dan was on the other end.

  "Hey pissant, you still work that job maintaining the nut house?"  Dan asked.  Ray smirked.  "Who else do you think keeps the city rats healthy?"

  "Well me and the boys have a job coming up and if you want to be part of it, you need to get that drilling machinery you had and come meet me at Stoner's Wrecking yard this hour.  No more shitty little teenage jobs for pocket change, this one would be the big one.  You won't need that job no more."

"I'm heading your way."  Ray replied.





Stoners was well known to the two legged rats.  It had a car crusher and a shredder and you could fill a cemetery with all the snitches and losers who had been chained in old cars, thrown in the crusher and smashed, then ran through the shredder where the car and the man would be reduced to shavings then melted down in a metal separator and disposed of with no clue left.  The owner got a payoff for leaving the gate unlocked, then a car would come in with someone bound and gagged, a snitch, a mule, a local who needed shut up, a "job", and they would close the gate, do business, then go back out to dinner.

This night Dan was with two others.  they had been casing an older bank down by the warehouse district.  A short man who looked like a rotweiler, named Stuart, had brought his brother, both of them with long stints in prison, and they were planning a nice little job in that bank.  Stuart had some papers and he laid them out on the management table at the scrap yard and Dan, Ray and the other fellow, an amputee with a steel leg named Rob, gathered around.

Stuart pointed to the papers as he spoke.  "This bank gets one major deposit from the city each week on Wednesday.  The basement is steel drawers inside the vault, with reenforced cemement behind them.  that's all."

Rob nodded.  "We rent a mobile home in that trailer park, tunnel under the road, across the parking lot, drill through the wall, cut the rebar, cut through the steel and we'll be in."

Ray looked doubtful.  "So that's it, we just torch our way in?  No more security than that?"

"Nope."  Dan smiled.  "We do the digging and dirt removal, you do the drilling a cutting."

"It'll take a long long..."  Stuart cut in.  "It will take about four months.  You willing to do that for a van full of cash?"

Ray smiled.

Later that night they began a career of going to their day jobs, earning just above minimum wage, meeting at the trailer park, going into a ratty, run down mobile home surrounded by trailer trash drug fiends and prostitutes, and spending the night tunneling then supporting the tunnels.  The neighbors were generally strung out, drunk, or trying to avoid police attention and did not concern themselves with the large van that came and went and hauled dirt away, till the tunnel snaked across the road, under the parking lot, and finally Ray dug out some drilling equipment he had stored and began cutting through a cement wall.  Stuart then torch cut the ribs, and they found themselves facing a wall of steel.

Dan looked at his fellow thieves.  "Okay boys.  Tomorrow is the deposit.  We slice through this wall tomorrow night, we off load the money into the van and we haul ass.  We divide it, and none of us knows where the others went.  You ready?"

They all agreed and for one more shift, Ray fed his rats, and as the babies grew into adults, they left to make their way elsewhere and Ray found papers taped to the front door condemning the building.  The courts had ordered the patients removed and in two weeks he would be let go.  Ray laughed.  In two nights he would be gone anyhow.

Ray enjoyed Victoria's show one more time, this time rigging his camera up to the telescope and photographing her.  He showed up at the trailer house shortly afterward and the four men used laser cutters to pains takingly cut through the steel wall and find themselves facing the vault drawers.  They then cut enough of them up to crawl into the bank and they hastily began to offload a large cube of cash and steal as much jewelry as they could before time ran out.  They then got in the van and drove off into the night.






Ray could not believe his fortune as he stared as the back pack loaded with cash.  They had taken their haul to a local money laundering facility Dan was involved with and even at thirty percent they had a fortune.  The television, radio and news had exploded with reports of a major bank robbery, and it was on the news every night as the money was processed, the thieves divided it and prepared to go their seperate ways.

One more time Ray decided to put his telescope to good use and look at Victoria.  But tonight was different.  He saw that she was packing to move.  He was disappointed, but it was okay.  He had studied every inch of her and had files full of pictures of every angle.

Ray looked at his money.  By the end of the week he would be far away enjoying a new life.  Maybe he would do something about his ugly face.  Surgeons could fix his hook nose and maybe...Ray got on his computer and noticed, the file...was gone.  Ray stared.  The file that had Victoria's pictures in it was noplace to be found in his computer.  Had he deleted it by accident?  What the HELL?!  She was moving away and he could not replace the pictures.

Ray got up and began to pace.  He was SURE he had not done anything to that file.  His heart raced.  Could she, she did not know...or did she?

Pacing fast, Ray say the television.  He stopped and stared as a news item unfolded about two robbers who had been involved in the robbery, Stuart and Dan...both found brutally  killed in the ghettos.  Ray stared, then he heard a voice behind him.

"I hope those guys weren't friends of yours."  Ray spun in shock and in the living room of his apartment stood Victoria.

"Oh by the way, I'm sorry, but I didn't want you to have those pictures you took, so I went ahead and deleted them."

Ray suddenly felt angry.  "So you came into my apartment and went through my computer?"

Victoria laughed.  "I knew the moment you snapped the first one from your little telescope.  I just let you have your fun for a while.  Stupid boy."

"You bitch."

Victoria laughed again.  "Oh my, such harsh words from a thug who has been augmenting his pissy paycheck by robbing people."

Ray looked at Victoria, then he grabbed a gun from his couch cushions.  "You seem to know alot about me."  He hissed.  Victoria mockingly pouted and cocked her head like a little girl.  "But-but-but mister bad man, you spied on me changing my close and showering for months."

Ray aimed the gun.  "You aren't taking away my chance at a new life, you skank.  I've seen you take strange men into your apartment countless times.  You're a whore."

Victoria shook her head.  "I didn't have sex with them, Mr. Robber, I fed on them."

Ray loosely aimed at Victoria's head and pulled the trigger.  The gun popped loudly and empty space.  In shock, Ray heard Victoria laugh from the couch behind him.

"Do you eeevvver clean this filthy place?"  She mocked.  Ray spun around and shot into the couch...into empty space.

"What the hell!?"  Ray yelled.  Suddenly he ffelt victoria's breath on his neck as she made fun of him once more.

"Naughty language!"

Ray suddenly was flung onto his couch by Victoria with superhuman strength.  He then realized, Victoria was no ordinary woman.  Her eyes shone in the dark apartment and he realizeed she was a vampire.

Ray got up and swung at her hard, but she laughed it off, then she bared her fangs and Ray felt pain, and began to scream for his neighbors...but there was no answer.

Ray saw the money in his last fleeting moments of life.  Now he knew her big secret, she knew him, knew his friends, and fed on all of them.


On her way out the door, Victoria saw the bag of money, took a one thousand dollar bill, and tottered out the door.  "You watched me undress, I don't work for free."  She laughed.











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