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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Review Chain

Claire who murdered a rapist

Claire stared at the small knife she held in her hand.

it was stainless, bright and glitters when pulsed in the sun or any light.

She heard footsteps outside her room. She clung to the dagger and reiterated the tenth time "i'm going to do this"

Caire was a twenty years old female with many 'features'.

The kind of features that could make a pastor sin

Many men had their eyes on her. But could do nothing as she was trained as a nun in the south somewhere in africa

she had been kidnapped right in front of her church by gruesome drug baron named leguini

Leguini has had brutal oral sex with claire which was suppose to be anal admist claire squabbles and resistance.

But he had told her that today, its either he fucked her hole or get killed

Claire waited with anticipation, she was a nun, she should not kill, infact its in the holy book

"damn the holy book" she thought "i've already commited a higher sin by sucking off a heather" she said then spits at one end of the rat infested room.

The door creeked a bit and the baron, huge with muscles, entered

Claire fidgeted, she hid the knife behind her back.

Legini grabbed her "today is the day, i'm going to get you pregnant" he chuckled and grunted.

He started to smooch claire, from her neck, going down her breasts and down her navel

With no impulse, claire pushed the glittering object into his neck and held it there, looking into the baron's eyes as he choked with blood, like crimson poured out. Alot gushed at her white gown and she didnt care

She seemed to enjoy it, the eyes, the eyes of the baron still looking at her with zero emotion

With a triumphant shout "ARRRH"

Claire pulled out the dagger instantly. She let legini's head slurged on the ground

Exhuasuted, she kneels beside him, did a sign of the cross and spits at his corpse.

She went out from the trap room into legini's assorted bar right in his room. She found no guards

Legini had probably told them to leave as he plans to ravage claire "poor souls" claire comments

Claire poured herself a drink. She saw a packet of cigars, and it was finished

Cops showed later. Caire was nowhere to be found

Submitted: December 27, 2018

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