Is That So?

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
A little something I wrote today. I need to exorcise all the pain.

Submitted: December 27, 2018

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Submitted: December 27, 2018



Is That So?


In front of the mirror of my soul, I’m seeking my truth.

Not minding the growing pain, I step further, thinking this fast world will slow down a little bit.

Never mind the unreachable dreams I’m dreaming, or the false hopes I’m hoping.

Simply, I’m looking for happiness, and they say it stands right in front of me, but where?


‘Cause I swear it’s nowhere to be seen.

The only thing I feel, through the filters of my body, are woes and grieves.

When is it ever going to end?

Lonely, in the darkness of the night, I wonder, side by side with the tears on my pillow.

They’re all soaked from the flood of solitude.

How is it that I feel lonely even when surrounded by the people I love?

I wish I were special, wish I could change things, even if it’s just a little bit.

What is the meaning of feeling this senseless?

What is it?

Is it just a reflection of my insane mind or is that a mere natural conception?

If I’m human, it’s only natural to feel pain, but I desire those instants of joy too.

Am I that selfish?

A little too boyish?

I knew it was a trick, to grow up this fast, on this fast lane

I should not mind the pain, ‘cause everyone, one day, experiences pain

So, I scream at night, in my worst nightmare, where I miss a train

The train that will lead me to Heaven, the guided light

If only people would and could pay more heed, if only they cared

"If", but with the "what-if"s, you could rebuild the world

I don’t pretend to rebuild this world, just to make it meaningful

At present, nothingness is overtaking my heart and soul

I feel nothing, I see nothing, I hear nothing

I’m just a puppet other tend to manipulate and handle at ease

It’s dreary to hide your smiles for so long

And you shouldn’t say you’re unhappy, because according to them:

“You’ve got everything to be happy”. Is that so?

© Copyright 2020 Elias Brooklyn. All rights reserved.

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