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Chapter One

My ups and downs on day one


I was born May 28th, 1961 in St Vincent’s Hospital in the lower east side of Manhattan New York. What I’m about to tell you is very true, according to my mom cause as you well know, I was just too young to know at this point of my life. My mom, God love her, would always tell the story about how easy it was giving birth to me. As a father myself, I’ve experienced my wife giving birth to my children and believe me it was not EASY! Being in the same room with Noelia (my wife), was beautifully emotional and physically painful at the same time. First the painful side. My wife was in labor for 24 hours for our first daughter (Christina Joy), the pains became worst and worst as the delivery time approached. As a supportive husband, I did my best to comfort my wife; I would encourage her by saying what an awesome mom she’s going to be or just by telling her I’m here for you while holding her hands, (BIG MISTAKE)! When she had a contraction, my wife’s hands morphed into vise grips which practically crushed my hands, Then, her voice changed out of no ware; it was like a scene from the exorcist minus the spinning head, her deep dark scary voice blamed me for her condition and everything I’ve ever done wrong to her, but after she gave birth all returned to normal but that’s for another book, getting back to my story, mom told me that she was about to give birth to me so she was being transported to the elevator, cause in St. Vincent’s Hospital the waiting rooms and delivery rooms were on different floors .On the elevator, she let out a sneeze that caused her to project me out like a fast ball from a pitchers hand. Now, the nurse at the foot side of the gurney had to have had some training by a catcher from the New York Yankees, because she caught me just before I hit the deck. Now you could understand why mom said delivering me was easy.  After the nurse got up from the floor she told my mom congratulations it a boy! Now because my mom gave birth to me on the way to the delivery room, we had to change course back to her waiting room so we were in that slow moving elevator for a while, in the mean time the doctor

attended to my mom while we were on the way back which explains my ups and downs.  Now, this is something you have to know in order for you to understand the next chapter. When mom and I returned to her room, I was taken to be weighed; mom said I was just a few ounces short of 4lb. and only 4” tall (I Only know what I’m told), you see, She knew that God had a purpose for my life the second I was born, what it was would be unclear for the moment,( Jeremiah 1:5 Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you). Mom would always remind me of how small I was, she could hold me within the palm of her hands.  The doctors and nurses would visit mom and I in the room, concerned by my condition, they would repeatedly remind her that I may not live for too long because of my size and weight, although, strangely my health was very good, but my mom would pray day and night for me without giving up,(James 5:16 The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man (or woman) avail much) Although my  mom is a very small person  4’5 “ to be exact  with small baby size hands, but her faith was bigger than life.


“If you don’t believe me, ask my wife”

“The secret to youth is in a smile




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