Dragon Shroud

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Submitted: December 27, 2018

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Submitted: December 27, 2018



As a young woman sits, 

With head in hands, 

Her dreams bubble up, 

Showing her white sands. 


Never has she been, 

This stuck in her skin, 

She sits in the darkness, 

Dirty hands on her chin. 



She dreams of wind, 

She dreams of the clouds, 

Of her scaly wings, 

Of her dragon shroud. 


Her skin a heavy blanket, 

That covers the red beast, 

She itched at the pale leather, 

Her scales longing to be released. 


Her great red family, 

All flew away long ago, 

She could feel their hearts, 

Loneliness the greatest foe. 




A very long time ago, 

Maybe a century or two, 

They had been together, 

The white sands brand-new. 


But the wind blows no more, 

The white sands hold their breath, 

There used to be a white tower, 

All that’s left is ruins and death. 




Fear had tainted man’s soul, 

He built spears and bows, 

From the once beautiful forest, 

Writingfearful and hateful prose. 


The girl remembered, 

The fearful voices and hateful pricks, 

trying to send her, 

Down to hell and the river Styx. 




A golden tear fell, 

As she remembered her lover, 

Who will never again, 

Her blue wings recover. 


But she still forgave them, 

With her heart of gold, 

Their gazes so very deadly, 

Their hearts covered in mold. 

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