The Asylum

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This is my first character entry in my asylum story.

Submitted: December 29, 2018

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Submitted: December 29, 2018




Subject: 767yqWuSW6vKMCnFEeaKNJSGWay23qDjgMbMLQislH8

Name: ???

Called: Kat, Kate, Rose


Suffers From: Anxiety, Bipolar Depression, Low Self Esteem, Insomnia, Homicidal/Suicidal Thoughts


Needed Things: Mask, Music, Hoodie


Stay Away From: Knives, Jerks, Large Groups Of People, Fire, Explosives, Weapons


Reason Things Are Needed: Her low self esteem makes her hate how she looks so she started wearing the mask which hides her face and makes her have the expression of being happy. She gets very overwhelmed around many people and loud noises but music helps her stay calm, focused, and not listen to other people. Due to her self hate to her face she wears her mask but to the hate of her body she wears an oversized hoodie.


More Info: Subject 767 dose not like being by many people, she only will stay around friends or trusted people for long amounts of time. She is pale from staying inside away from people and is always very tired and sleep deprived. She dosen’t talk to many people about situations or her emotions. Most of her day is spent walking around or hiding from other people in the asylum. You can sometimes see the corner of her mouth but she almost never is seen smiling. The only times she has been seen smiling was alone or when she is with really close friends. Also, she is never seen without her mask unless she is the same situation as if she was smiling. Her hoodie only ever comes off when she is hot, with trusted friends, VERY happy with herself, or alone. She likes animals more than most people and when she dose speak in the few times she has she will refer to other people as “humans” and not by their names or pronouns. When she dose start to trust you she is kind, funny, and consults many people that need help.



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