Last girl on earth

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A girl wakes up in a game world and discovers she's almost the last of her kind

Edna opened her eyes in a frenzy. She laid in a bath tub. She seems startled. Unable to recollect any event. not a single memory

She lay stil.Trying to take it all in. A creature jog into the rest room, a little puppy. It seems scared. She quickly got up, but discovered she's naked

Her eyes had really not scanned herself since she woke two minutes ago. She walked out of the restroom, the puppy followed

She found an entire home ripped apart by the unknown 'hello?' she whispered

She opened a closet where she got to. And behold a body fell on her, a female like her, it still had a glimpse of life. Edna lay her gently near herself on the hard floor

The female grasped for breath "breathe, slowly" edna told her

" you have to leave this place 043" the girl grasped

"what?" edna replied, obliviously

"this world is cursed.. i.. i've failed" the female struggled with breath

"shhh, dont talk, just breathe whats your name" edna inquried

"042" she replied

"thats not a name, i'm edna"

The petite girl chuckled"who gave you that?"

"i just knew this, but i've had no memories of what had happened here"

"they did this, they shall pay"

"who did?" edna's curiousity could be said to have ripen

"take this" 042 produced a paper from her pocket "go to all the address in that paper and collect the apples placed there, they're your life"

Edna grab the paper "apples? you're not making sense"

042 starts to cough out blood "remember to use the knife, take them under their neck" 042 choked

"what?" edna in a frenzy "stay with me, breathe... Breathe!" 042 was gone already

Edna looked at the puppy "i had her" she sobs. the puppy whims

Taking her first step outside, and in the clothes of 042. It's windy. Everywhere appeared desolate and looked a world being thrown into chaos decades ago

Edna got to 'walmart'. Empty as it is. Only certain light flickered. She grabs a knife. First address on the list was 'few blocks chestnut street, a club house'

She covered her head from the hooded tshirt and walked briskly. The puppy followed silently

Edna quickly located the building"okay, i'd just go in and grab the apple" she entered, a stanch smell greeted her

"hello" the place was littered with dead bodies ''oh''. She spotted the the ripe fresh apple on top a tray in the pub"didn't think it was going to be this easy"

She grabbed it. Then leaving, she spotted a dark shadow across her path thinking it a survivor "hello, ha..its nice to finally have someone to talk to" The survivor replied with a grunt. Then gushed out. Grabbing edna by the hair and screaming

edna could see the jagged tooth, ugly face: a zombie. She took the knife and slurg in under its jaw. Its paused, then dropped down

she felt a burning sensation up in her arm. She slide up her sleeve to reveal a beeping clocklike letters embbed on her arm"043 health low"

She ate the entire apple and it read "health restored" then it wrote "wave 2"

"what?" edna grasped only then did she realised, she was just another protagonist in a game "player 2 enabled" it beeped again.

Another female had been awoken somewhere else. Several zombies has been awoken too. Edna clutched her knife. Ready for the gamer's next move. The puppy whims.

Her life now depends on the game pad with the gamer's hands on them. Whether she lives or die now like 042 totally depends on the gamer.

This life is a game. You win some. You lose some

Submitted: December 31, 2018

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This is a very interesting and gripping idea. I enjoyed the tension that was built up in this in and not knowing exactly what was going on and how it came to Edna realising she was in a game. It was a great read.

Sat, January 9th, 2021 12:34am

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