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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Bond

Submitted: January 11, 2019

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Submitted: January 11, 2019



It was almost the day for the science fair. Creature X was contacted by the police during the past week. They didn’t know Danny was the creature yet. Except for the few agents who helped Kasper and his friends during the factory fiasco. They promised to keep quiet about it. Agents from Sector B were sent. They were far more trained and prepared to handle creatures than Sector A, the sector Kasper was from.


All the students from the Grade ten science arrived at the gym to set up their projects. The teachers were going to grade them in a few days time. Kasper and Hannah set theirs up all the way at the back of the gym. As they were setting up, Stacy and Felicia walked over.


“So Kasper, you ready to lose,” Stacy said with a smirk. “I still got time to beat you.”


Stacy had a look at Kasper’s stand. “Hah! Do you really think that’s going to beat me! You must be delusional. Why not just pay up now?” Stacy said


“No way. Once I beat you, you’ll be sorry you ever made this bet with me. Kasper fired back. “Hey Kasper, remember me!”


Kasper looked at Felicia for a second. “I’d have to say no.”


“What!” Felicia yelled in surprise. “Well… When we beat you, don’t you ever forget it!”


“What?” Kasper said


“Um... Nothing!” Felicia yelled as she turned around and walked away. “You got some nice partner there,” Kasper said. “Shut up! When we win, we’ll stick it in your face!” Stacy said as she left. “You have a nice sister,” Hannah said sarcastically.


“Haha laugh it up. Listen, we have to beat them. Good thing we put up this decoy.” Kasper said as we pulled off his fake project to put on his real one. “Now, since we did this, her guard will be down. An advantage for us.” Kasper said with a smirk.


After everyone set up their projects, the bell rang. Everyone left to do their own thing. “Hey, Hannah, what’re you doing for lunch?” Kasper asked. “Going home. I don’t eat lunch here. I thought I told you.”


“I must’ve forgotten.” The two began walking towards the exit. “Anyhow, I was wondering if you would like to join Stacy, Cody, and I during lunch tomorrow. It’s your choice.” Kasper said


“I’ll think about it,” Hannah said as she left the school. Kasper decided to help her by giving her chances not to be lonely. The same when he met Stacy. The difference was, he was adopted by her family. “Family! Yes, I forgot!” Kasper thought to himself.


He ran to the lunch room. He ran to his table where Stacy and Cody were sitting. “Hey, Stacy! When is the parent-teacher interview?” Kasper asked


“A week after the Science fair. How do you forget?” Stacy asked


“Oh okay. What’re they going to say?”


“Have you never had a parent-teacher interview?” Stacy asked


“I have. What I meant was, are they going to be only talking about marks, or will they also be talking about behavior, attendance, and such.”


“Of course.”


“I see,” Kasper said as he sat down. “One more thing, what if you have nothing planned for post-secondary?” Kasper asked


“That depends on the parents.”


Kasper hated thinking about his future. That is why he always lived in the moment. “So, folks, I have invited Hannah to hang out at lunch tomorrow.”


Cody and Stacy spat their drinks out. “You did what!” They yelled in unison


“Oh come on. It’s not that bad.”


“No way. You just broke the fam treaty. If you were going to invite her, you had to at least talk to us. You did not! What shall be your punishment!” Stacy outlined


“Guys, trust me. She isn’t bad. She won’t bite.”


“It’s not about biting. It’s about following the rules. You have to discuss with us first.” Cody said


“I feel so betrayed right now,” Stacy said as she placed her palm on her heart. “Hey, it’s not like I cheated on you or anything.”


“You’re right, it’s not. It feels worse than that!” Stacy said jokingly.


“Alright, your punishment will be to, attempt the Three Course Meal Extravaganza Challenge!” Cody yelled


“Hey, don’t yell it. Everyone will notice.”


“Too late!” Stacy said


Everyone stared at Kasper in awe. “Quick, everyone goes buy a meal for the challenge. Remember everything you guys need!” Stacy ordered. Everyone in the lunchroom got up from their seats to get a piece for the challenge. “You know what, go ahead and make me do this challenge. I bet I’ll beat it in no time.” Kasper said as he laid back into his chair.



The food was in front of him. Everyone else starred as Kasper began. “Go!” Cody yelled with his timer. The challenge was to finish the food within the lunch period. For Kasper, that was thirty minutes. You lose either when you can’t eat anymore and say give up, or when the time runs out.


Many students have completed the challenge, however, they were the ones who were into competitive eating. Something Kasper was not into.


The first meal was five pancakes with strawberries. That was for breakfast. For lunch, it was A burger filled with a taco, fried chicken, and burrito in the middle. For dinner, it was ten slices of pizza.


As the time began, Kasper went immediately for the pancakes. Instead of cutting them up, he placed them whole in his mouth. At first, he started off strong. His chewing was fast. However, on his final pancake, he was clearly slower. “Twenty minutes to go!” Cody yelled. The students became even more intrigued. Some of them began cheering.


For lunch, Kasper dismantled the burger so he can eat pieces individually. He started with the chicken. When he finished, he went for the taco. A mess started forming around the table. The teachers supervising were supposed to put an end to the scene. However, some of them wanted to see what will happen.


After completing the taco, Kasper felt full. This was clearly seen by everyone. He didn’t know if he could even make it to the pizza. However, he continued. “Eight minutes to go!” Cody yelled as Kasper finished lunch. He moved onto dinner. At this point, Kasper was too full. He lost his speed he was eating at before. He began his first slice. Compared to his second, his first one was somewhat easy.


“How much longer?” Kasper thought in his mind. “Four minutes to go!” Cody yelled. Kasper saw that he only needed to eat five more slices. That meant one slice in under a minute. Kasper summoned all the energy he had left in him and went all out with the slices. His stomach felt as though it was going to explode. The first two of the five slices felt as if he was going to barf them out as soon as they entered his mouth.


Kasper went unto his third and fourth slice. He decided to eat them in one go. This is when he decided to go delirious and risk everything. He finally finished the two slices. “One minute to go!” Cody yelled. Everyone began cheering. Kasper grabbed the final piece. Just the mere sight made him want to puke. He closed his eyes and tried eating it as fast as he could.


When he finally finished, he had no idea if it was in one minute. The lunchroom was silent. “Ten seconds to spare!” Everyone began cheering. Kasper, on the other hand, was about to puke. He felt as if a skunk sprayed its liquid on the human nose.


The bell rang, most of the students left after Kasper beat the challenge. The few who stayed put his name on the Hall of Fame. Which was basically graffiti on a wall no one visited. “Worth it.” Kasper struggled to speak.


When that was done, Kasper went to his dorm to rest. Stacy and Cody visited him congratulating him on his worthless victory. “Congratulations, you have been awarded the idiot medal of honor,” Stacy said as she walked in. “Urg,” Kasper replied. “Well Mr zombie, let’s discuss this Hannah situation,” Cody said sitting on Kasper’s bed.


“Since you have completed the challenge, we will forgive you for going against our rules. Now, should we invite Hannah to our club?” Cody questioned. “Well, I say we should test her integrity and honesty first. If she passes, I can’t see why not.” Stacy said


“If she joins our club during lunchtime, it would mean there are four of us. I don’t really have anything against her joining us. I mean, the more the merrier. Right.” Cody inputted


“What’s your stance?” Stacy asked Kasper. “Urgh,” Kasper replied


“I will take that as let her join,” Cody said


“But we still have to test her. Who knows, she might just betray us.” Stacy said


“Alright, how about this. Tomorrow, when the science fair is taking place, Stacy and I will do something to test her. You will have no idea what it is since you are her partner. Now, Stacy, meet me in my dorm so we can plan.” Cody said as he left with Stacy.


“My brain.” Kasper thought to himself. “I need to get some water,” Kasper said as he went outside to the water fountain. On his way, he walked passed Vishnu, a close friend he had in middle school. “Oh Kasper, I heard you finished the eating challenge. Congratulations. I had no idea you were into eating things fast.” Vishnu said


“I can’t speack poperly. My stomach harts.” Kasper said in a weird sound. “Oh, I understand. Anyhow, long time no sees. How has it been with you?” Vishnu asked


“I havesh benish huppi. It hurts so much!” Kasper yelled


“I see. Well, a pleasure talking to you. See yeah.” Vishnu said as he left. “Oh my god.” Kasper thought to himself


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