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When you humbly ask yourself, is this a special gift I may share for all in this new year 2019? What will this be so blessed for the life giving energy our Sun saves for this planet ? Understood in simple words may our Sun always shines for this gift from God to touch our heart as new life in a simple writing. God has only made this fortune for all here. Let me wish you this peace, hope and joy. Happy New Year 2019.

Submitted: January 01, 2019

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Submitted: January 01, 2019



Everyone, let me wish you happy new year 2019!

Whats your plan for this year ? God has given me these good days. I am so thankful for today. In this new year I like to contribute to make it better.

Just look at the sky above. Do you watch the eagle looking on the sand and feeling something so strange ? We have lots of problem. But I feel let us keep it away from our mind. And live a life worry free. Ok?

I know how hard it is. But I want to ask you something. May I ?

Living a life so facing the death may kill you within. Why are you so fragile ? I know the feelings cannot be crucified for the sake of pain. But how far can you bring a smile everlasting in these last moments of your best friends life here. Please dont let anyone die for the sake of death. Let us give death a new name in this new year. Why not! It is hard to give a hope when you are really so worried.

Hey Stranger. Do you know if you can stop time and never be afraid to leave it so long in this new year.... I like to share this secret with you.... So much you will never be so strong within to count every moment so ever lasting.... Can we talk about how to defeat death and reunite into the symphony of a lifetime ever lived? Do you like to discuss about it ? It is a simple story. Can we continue ?

A new year has come. Yesterday it took a lifetime for one angel to understand where to say no. Death was dancing the drama of a lifeline. When you are so cornered and you know there is a spy everywhere, how will you welcome the trader to the gates of infinity... So far you know death never belonged in this space and time... have you understood why the angel is so silent.... is there something beyond death? only the oracle will tell the trader what not to expect beyond our days... right?

It is a time so silent. We are waiting to welcome a new stranger. There is a drama yet going to race the limits of our tribute. May be we dont want humans to act as the codes of a machine. The planet needs to be rediscovered as living Earth. Everything the journey has made us united, will the gates reopen our search where the lifeline is a mockery of all justification ? Yet the stranger knew the very truth why they wanted a reform in the vacuum left behind these footprints. May be the eagle is waiting for the unseen times.  You feel so thankful that life giveaway a silence making some dots in these pages. Time has always reunited a golden compass. Once again few untold presence kept our mystery where there is symbol of peace. Do you know in this spirit of new year christmas story all loved the conclusions?

Once you know, all you ever wanted is the humbleness before the new turning points of our days in peace... and all you never stopped us telling the spirit of the heaven above... God keeps this secret I just made into the longest life we lived where God is love and friendships doesnt make new enemies.... will death has a answer in the mind of a trader who always watched what can be ingested back into the source as a feather to rewrite the fate of every beings on the living Earth... I know you already is aware about the rest... right ? ... you know there is a silence where you never will be lost but will ultimately host where you want to be... today our problems is the self-definition of the force within... but before the trader there is a untold spy who knows that God granted our teacher never underestimate the power of faith... when you have answered this last question before your heart... you may feel enlightened into a different universe... and all you ever felt the peace is a worthy new year on the days ahead... where death is not the end or resurrection didnt happened in a day... it took three days... and there is a longing presence to know the grace of three days before our angel deep in devotion never knowing that the past is a trap... what may last is not past but the new year ahead? do you really feel the same when the days is not dead but living together in one faith to make each others days a tribute..

Do you ever listen to others? Yes... now not yesterday.... i know how no one felt i ever understood what you want to say...i may know experience told me not to say big stories... the world is a dangerous place....and i feel what is rest is the hymns of ave maria...I fear God...But something really broke my heart to tell you this much... I know you will never ask me so....Waiting... ????what are you waiting for? good question...only one answer...I know what I wrote here. It is not for my life but I am also a part of this story. The worlds oceans is dying with plastics and the living earth is terribly getting polluted. We need to find answers to solve it. Not waiting for death. The end is what we bring for ourselves. I hope you can agree.

You and me have a heart. we need to be silent observers how our future generations can bring us a day for peace with the living earth. But will the problems we have created for them enlighten the great love. our answers is the time life has blessed for a remake. today it is a simple awareness we need to shape our future until it is so late. do you know the peace our queen wanted is the hope we can share in these blessings? may be our queen is so alone.Yet our supreme mother knows it is time we much be mentors of a true faith. There is no wrong in doing the right thing any time so we may light the story of a christmas tree. This is my message of a new year 2019. Let us remake making everything for the best ever lived in one faith for peace ever lasting in our Christmas sundials. I hope you will "not to be a machine" ever do this.HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019.

Actually I didnt write this much to catch any attention. I always thought you like to read something a simple heart wishes. May be this new year make our planet the best ever loved for all its worth. Do you feel heaven is a space we are loved to enact God's will ? I started thinking about from the word "die" as in german it means "the". If you feel you are not Christian, no problem. At least we are human. Not machines. 

We all want ourselves to be loved and it is our great desire to be its observer. We feel our planet has a life giving source from the energy of light, the far away sun is shining for all. At least when we understand this simplicity.... we must know there is love everywhere for the sacrifice our Sun makes burning itself away for all. Do you agree with this ?

Once again time made a companion so hopeful in the joy of a hearts wish. If it is late, let time brings the worth of a lifetime lived with my loved ones in all healthy fortunes we may ever wish for. This is a tribute for the life we have at hand. 

Again the journey untold to share many experience gaveaway for our beginning in the entire universe to conserve what we need to sustain the big planet with her motherly hug. The great love is so promising so is our faith. Let us keep the lively promise to keep this blessing for all.

Limitless is beyond the reach of three words. If our teacher asked us, may you know the reason for our self-existence remake the real sponsor of a human spirit. Where there is love greater than human devotion, a planet saves everything from all the grants heaven may bless us. In this epic, many generations searched for peace as the strings of an uneven time. Few gave everything for a life with hope. Underestimate never the joy of a heart as you listen where the heavenly laws are bounded to remember in the worth that brings for all. Our entire universe asked us this favor today. To rebuild a planet in the verge of a comming back for all. Who will ask us to give more than a heart wish of goodnews? If God gifts us this promise, may your desire declare the outspoken designs as a lifeline for this source. Energy is our devotees sustainence. But how it will warn you cannot be learned by observation. Let us go investigate what caused the longest cause for our fall. Yesterday it was not because we lacked genuine understanding. But what may bring us a future is today under threat. Who may know only a leader not so late born to honor every commitment will be the cornerstory of a trust we can hang on? A leader is within you. This page rewrite the kindle spirit of a Christmas that has comeback for our epic. A new year is born and the Sun is still shining. You may keep this away for some grants you will receive now. But the heart of your story is not a single day not yet made to be our winner. Everyone needs to sustain the promise of a hearts wish. May be the Sun give away its light to shine everywhere without shortcommings. How we receive its energy is lost from a takeaway of time and space? For the history so made has lented a price with who may attend its declarations. Do you understand we must observe all this law yet must not wait for time to run its warning bells? It is not so late. Let us know what keeps us away for the gates of infinity with just three innovations.

Firstly a tradmark for raising peace is a sacrifice. When the entire generation remake this tribute for all who will ever live here, do you feel you have a stranger who will do your job? Where the reason why peace is a trust of all existence, will you keep it away for time to bring more wealth? Who are you crucifying? Just one person in the name of your father.

Secondly where all ranks of faith shines is on endless tribute to raise a gift in hope. When it is the loved lost tribute of any friendship, do you know who honors this lifeline, has always inscribed within us a day to rejoice a true story of experiences and what have you got from this effort undone? Do you feel an innocent man was created to take this hurdle till the highest mountain may strive for honoring this grant? Who will then bring us hope under the edge of trust? May you never forget this.

Thirdly never let your friends worry about the above. It is the joy you shares from heart attract the world everywhere. You may know this inner force is a loved smile. There is a good news everywhere and they who created the magic of food and life, may know the bread was broken for the last supper, not only won him the silence of all sufferings, but the joy heavens understood the choice was a wearaway grant from heaven above for all.

In these three wishes I keep for new year. My family knows it is a strange lived life till the end unknown as human. May be the Sun shine where we are. Let this light bring a heart for the grace from heaven. Finally touching a story for the wish of his fathers heart to be always with a child who ever may understand the great love of our universe for this loved home.

Happy New Year 2019.

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