Overcrowded Prisons

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This is my idea to solve the problem of overcrowded prisons.

Submitted: January 01, 2019

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Submitted: January 01, 2019



America has a problem and I have come up with a solution.  Overcrowded prisons are a burden on the tax dollar and rarely rehabilitates a person.  With the three-strike law, we are ending up with more and more lifers in prisons that are already full.  The governments' answer is to give early parole to less violent offenders, but this just lets them guys go out and commit more crimes.

The solution is to have televised gladiatorial battles featuring prisoners.  I know this has been the basis for countless movies and even a few TV episodes on popular TV series, but I’m talking the real thing.  It would reduce the prison population and it would be great entertainment.  Now we can’t promise these people parole if they win, they are criminals after all, but we could offer them privileges.  Win three matches and you get to watch TV.  Win twenty and you get conjugal visits.  The exact number of wins and what is earned will have to be worked out, but if we take it all away they will fight to get it back.

Not only will this reduce our prison population, but by selling ads during the show the government can make some more money.  Some bouts could be turned into pay to view specials.  This would also be as much of a deterrent to those thinking about breaking the law as the prisons are now if not more so.

I know a lot of you are thinking no way this would be too bloody and sick to be shown on TV, but here is the thing, people want to see blood and death.  When an accident happens on a road, be honest as you drive by you look because you want to see a dead body.  If you are worried about the kids, most of them probably have seen worse in the games they play and that anime stuff.

So, if you think this is a great idea, write or call your congressperson and tell them this is what you would love to see happen.  If we all come together we can deal with the overcrowded prisons the right way and not by releasing lesser criminals back onto our streets.


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