Hitchcock in the Heartland.
Magda Gering has just returned from a cruise with her husband, Micah - but now a widow, minus that same Micah, and with an idea that would make life so much better and more comfortable for her friends: women she's known since high school. It's not a new idea. It's even been the subject of a famous movie. But so simple that even a bunch of old ladies living in a small town can do it. At least they should talk about it. Which is why Magda has called this meeting....

Table of Contents

Call to Order

  Magda called the very important November meeting to order promptly at 2PM: beginning, as she always did, on the very moment, ... Read Chapter

What Magda Had to Share

  Micah, her husband, had started dropping hints about dramatic plans for their anniversary months before the event but Magda ... Read Chapter

Windfalls of Various Kinds

  Magda had been correct in her prediction that nothing could silence the group in her Downstairs Family Room more effectively ... Read Chapter

How Things Got Strange

  It had been Magda’s lifelong belief that people had an annoying tendency to underestimate her, but the night of Micah’s ... Read Chapter

Black and White

  At this point, in the Downstairs Family Room, Bib—deep into her third drink—had interrupted, assertively raising her han... Read Chapter


  As they’d moved out of their gleaming new house into the sad and shabby apartment that represented their new lifestyle, Do... Read Chapter

A Drive in the Country

  Thanks for reading this far. Chapter 7 of this title is being withheld in agreement with Booksie's Terms of Service. As alwa... Read Chapter

An Unfortunate Accident

  Even if Dorothy left her ancient car with Albert she knew he wouldn’t use it, so she drove herself to Will Rogers: leaving ... Read Chapter


  As Jill followed her husband, eager to snatch what looked like two of the few remaining spaces in the pews, she was confident ... Read Chapter


  Just like every other Christmas Eve, Cathy felt the minutes and seconds of her life slipping off into the darkness as she wa... Read Chapter

The Smallest Possible Gun

  Beth Collins—who’d followed Cathy in school by a couple of years and had been unchallenged as “school slut” for most o... Read Chapter

Truck Stop Angel

Thanks for reading this far. Chapter 13 of this title is being withheld in agreement with Booksie's Terms of Service. As always, anyone... Read Chapter


There were few things in the house that Bib had hidden as well as the DVD that held the shaky Super8 footage from her days as a high sc... Read Chapter

Yellow Convertible

Thanks for reading this far. Chapter 16 of this title is being withheld in agreement with Booksie's Terms of Service. As always, anyone... Read Chapter

Very Serious Men with Guns

It was the first time in her life that Jill had been a widow, so she didn’t know exactly what was expected of her. She was confident ... Read Chapter

Pastor Fletcher

Full Redemption must have had a building campaign not too long ago, Bib thought. The Lutheran church building in Broken Arrow had a lot... Read Chapter

The Avenging Angel

Two days before Bib was admitted to Elsinore Medical Center for what her doctors were still calling “tests”, Jill opened her door o... Read Chapter


Clay Bennett found it annoying (and a little puzzling) that—as he was working so hard to make his wife’s exit from this planet upli... Read Chapter


Jill kept a careful eye on Magda from the moment she arrived at the hospital that afternoon: hoping against hope that the sight of Clay... Read Chapter

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