The serial killer

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He's got you in his clutches , you want to get away but cant , he has a hold over you and wont leave untill you have taken your final breath

Submitted: January 01, 2019

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Submitted: January 01, 2019



He was bad for you from the start, But you could not get enough. He was dangerous ,but he took your Breath away like nobody else could.

He was an acquired taste , he closed some social Circles for you but also opened up new ones. People tell you to get away from him that he’s Taking your best years and robbing you of Your beauty.

You listen sometimes , you drop him for days, weeks , months. But you always go back . He tells you that he’s killed most of his lovers And that your next, even this doesn’t stop you. You appear to embrace him even more even if It costs you your life.

The day finally comes , he stands over you He watches as you take your final breath , He offers no comfort to you all he cares about Is his next relationship his next victim. This was always a one way relationship you Knew that.

You loved him to death and he loved killing you Slowly. The fact is smoking was your one true love.

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