The Orb in Yawn Forest

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Another fable that was inspired by a drawing. My congratulations to the artist, or artists, that created the cover pic. {Pic ID in upper left corner.}

Submitted: January 02, 2019

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Submitted: January 02, 2019



As we enter Yawn Forest we can hear the cries of a Peach-Colored Pixie that is wandering aimlessly.

"Milderpeed, Milderpeed Rootlander, where are you?"

She did this several times and then she whistled a whistle that was super loud and very shrill.

After the whistle she called out again,"Milderpeed Rootlander, where are you? I am in great need of your advice!"


"If I've told you a thousand times, I've told you once, do not Whistle that Whistle because it vibrates my leaves; some even fall to the ground." Said a gruff sounding voice that was hidden somewhere in the foliage.

Pixie's facial expression of dismay lessened as she stated, "I believe the saying is, {"If I've told you Once, I've told you a Thousand Times"}, not the other way around."


Milderpeed's laugh was like the sound of a big base drum. So, "Boom, Boom, Boom," rolled out of his mouth.

Then, without hesitation, he replied, “Potatoes, Potahtos! I say it my way and you can say it your way, but whatever the way it is said the meaning is still understood.

Now, what problem is so great that you wake me from my midday nap? Have you lost your Book of Dreams, again?"

"My Book of Dreams was not lost, you know that, I simply could not find it for awhile," said Pixie, with a twinkle in her eyes.

Milderpeed laughed again, "Boom, Boom, Boom, then he said,

"You say Potatoes, I say Potahtos. Now what is the problem?"


The Pixie's face took on a bewildered look and she said, "Gadd Zooks, the Tamperer, has conjured up a Spirit Fetcher and is removing spirits of Joy from every living thing; that is why the forest grows darker."

Milderpeed moved his great limbs apart and looked through his canopy at the sun-soaked sky.

Then Milderpeed replied,"Hmm, and I was thinking that clouds were responsible for this darker day. I should look up more often."


Pixie mumbled some words in agreement as tears rolled down her peach-soft cheeks. Then she said, "This darkness is not coming by way of the clouds, and if something is not done soon we will all be without much light at all." 


Milderpeed moved his great trunk from side to side and then he began to rustle his leaves.

This was something that Milderpeed did when he was going into deep state of thought. And according to local legend, it often brings forth wonderful ideas.


Also, it should be noted that Milderpeed Rootlander was conceived by magic and is the oldest Oak-tree in Yawn Forest. And it is said by the woodland creatures that he is wise beyond his years.

But further telling of Milderpeed Rootlander will have to wait for another day; today we have a more important fish to fry.


After thinking for a good deal of time, Milderpeed said, "I remember a time when Yawn Forest grew even darker than it is now.   In that day there was much fear felt by the woodland creatures, a fear made possible by the actions of The Very First Tamperer, her name was Grief.

Grief had come with her army of Timber-cutters and she was going to cut down this forest."


Pixie looked horrified at the thought of losing Yawn Forest, so she asked, "Why would Grief want to do such a stupid thing?"


Milderpeed replied, "I am without understanding of her motives, but this is what she said when I asked her the very say question, "Because I want to, and because I can!"

Pixie laughed and said, "Was that her explanation?


Milderpeed simply nodded to signify that it was true.


Pixie laughed again, and then stated, "Well that does not make any sense at all. No wonder you did not understand what she meant.


"I know, she said crazy things like that all the time, Milderpeed replied.


Pixie had another question, "Why is the Forest still here? Did you stop Grief from cutting it down?"


Milderpeed snickered and said, "Yes, you might say that the future of this forest was decided by a wager."


"What kind of wager?" Pixie asked.


Milderpeed took his, I'm about to tell a story, pose and began by saying, "After much spying, I mean, information gathering, was done by my woodland friends, I found that Grief lived by certain rules and enjoyed playing certain games.

One of those rules was that she always kept her word, her promises, and any bargains that she might make; honesty seemed to be her best quality.

And the second thing I learned about her was that Grief liked to gamble. And she was good at it too because she seldom made a bet unless she felt that she had the upper hand; she liked "Sure Things".

After finding out these bits of information I asked my good friend Hummingsfield if he would take a message to Grief, for me. And, of course, he was happy to do so."


Pixie jumped to her feet and asked, "Are you talking about the Giant Hummingbird of long ago, the one that is a legend in these woods? You were friends with that Hummingsfield, the Exceedingly Large Hummingbird of Yawn Forest?"


"Well of course, we were very good friends right up to the day he was called to the other side of the rainbow," Milderpeed stated.

Now where was I? --- Oh Yes.

After finding out these bits of information, I asked Hummingsfield if he would take a message to Grief; which he did.

In the message I offered a challenge to Grief and this is what I wrote: I am Milderpeed, the Giant Oak of Yawn Forest, and I challenge you to a Test.

Come to me and bring three of your most gifted Timber-cutters. If they can cut me down then you shall have this forest, but if they fail at their task then the deed to the forest will be turned over to me with your honest promise that you shall never set foot in Yawn Forest again; not you or any of your Timber-cutters."


"Did she answer the challenge?" Pixie excitedly asked.


Milderpeed made a giggling sound and stated, "Well, Dah, the forest is still here.

You see, I had the advantage in this game because Grief did not know her opposition, she just assumed that I was an ordinary oak tree.

Well she was wrong. She should have never assumed anything. And she lost the bet because she did not know that Magic Trees cannot be cut."


"Wow," Pixie simply stated as she fell backward into a stand of soft clover. Then she snuggled into the clover and marveled about Milderpeed's craftiness.


After a brief period of reflection, Milderpeed said, "Now, let us get back to the problem at hand, "Do you know how and why Gadd Zooks has conjured such a terrible Orb?"


While still seated in the clover, Pixie replied, "Because that son of a troll wants everything to be as Joy-less as he is."

Milderpeed frowned for a moment, then asked, "Is that answer a fact, or is that answer a guess?"

Pixie looked a little surprised by the question, and then replied, "A guess, I guess."


"And do you know where Gadd Zooks is now?" Milderpeed questioned.


Pixie daintily sniffed at a clover-flower and replied, "The last time that I saw him he was running through the village of Pixie's with that awful Orb in his hand.

It must have been sucking the Joy from everyone because they were all running away from him, in a panic.

Gadd Zooks has been a thorn in the side of everyone in this forest since he came to live here, but that is the way of Tamperers; they can't leave well enough alone. 

Now he has brought that Orb among us and we will all be cast into darkness."

"Cast into darkness, cast into darkness! Oh Boo-Hoo," said a busy-body Mockingbird.

Then the bird flew from a nearby bush and landed in the clover with Pixie.


"Hit old Zooks-ie on the head with something heavy and hide his Orb in The Whispering Cave; no-one dares to go in there, The Mockingbird said rather loudly."


Pixie laughed and replied, "If no-one dares go into The Whispering Cave then who will take the Orb into a cave that no-one dares to enter? I think that you have created a conundrum.


"Conundrum, conundrum," mocked the Mockingbird. "A problem to solve is a problem earned, that's what I always say."


And as the bird flew away, Pixie yelled a question in the bird's direction, "Don't you mean, a problem solved is a problem learned?"

But the Mockingbird was gone by then, so Pixie just shrugged her shoulders and said, "It must be, a problem solved is a problem learned, that would make more sense."


"Are you still talking Potatoes and Potahtos?" Milderpeed questioned."We have a problem and we need to deal with it, now," he grumbled.


So Milderpeed made a whistling sound, the kind of sound that the wind makes as it blows through the branches of trees.

And in a very short time birds began gathering in Milderpeed's branches.

That is when Milderpeed set a task before them, by saying, "All you birds, please fly all around Yawn Forest and if any of you should see Gadd Zooks, the Tamperer, then use whatever method you see fit to drive him in my direction. But be of a careful manner because the object he carries may be dangerous, so keep your distance.

Now fly, my friends, and guide Gadd Zooks to me!"



Early the next morning Pixie heard a terrible sound, and it was coming closer and closer to Milderpeed's present place in the forest.

"What is that sound," Pixie question.


Milderpeed replied, "It sounds like a distressed Tamperer and he is close at hand."


Well, just as Milderpeed said those words, Gadd Zooks ran into the clearing.

There were several hundred birds working in unison.

And each bird was dropping little pebbles on the Tamperer's head, steering him in whatever direction they wanted him to go.

As you can imagine, Gadd Zooks was terrified! He was crying and calling out for someone to help him.

Milderpeed called the birds to come to him, so they flew to his branches to land.

Then Milderpeed said to Gadd Zooks, "Give that Orb to me and the birds will leave you alone!"


Gadd Zooks was hunkered down in the tall grass and when he heard those words he lifted his face just high enough so that he could see. And that is when he asked, "Is that you, Milderpeed Rootlander


"Yes, I am here," Milderpeed replied.


"Good," Gadd Zooks stated, "I was bringing this Orb to you when the birds attacked me. It is not my Orb and I didn't know what else to do with it. It might be dangerous!"


Milderpeed questioned Gadd Zooks further because he did not trust this Tamperer.

Milderpeed asked, "Are you telling me that you did not make this Orb?"


Gadd Zooks laughed and stated, "Make it, are you kidding me? I do a lot of things but I have no magic and I do not make Orbs!

I found this Orb in The Whispering Cave and I thought that it might be worth some Yenom. But when I tried to find a buyer, no-one wanted it.

Then I discovered that I could not let go of the Orb, it is stuck to my hand and it won't un-stick!

As you might imagine, I became frightened and did not know what to do about its adherence.

Then I remembered that someone told me that you had wisdom and were magical, so I thought that you might know how to free me from its grasp."


Milderpeed stretched his great trunk out fare enough so that he could reach the Orb, and then he took it from Gadd Zooks.


Gadd Zooks started to run away, but the birds cornered him at the edge of the clearing and directed him back.


"You are going to finish what you started," Milderpeed stated, now wait there until I have had time to examine the Orb.

It took some time for Milderpeed to complete his examination and when he was done he told Gadd Zooks, "Take this Orb to the bottomless lake and throw it in, it will not bother anyone once it is out of sight."


"Why do I have to do it?" questioned Gadd Zooks.


Milderpeed grumbled under his breath and then replied, "Because you were the one that caused this trouble in the first place. If you hadn't taken the Orb from the cave then no-one would have been frightened by it.

Now take it, I have removed its adherence quality so it will not stick to you again.

But be warned, I have given instructions to my fine feathered friends that they may Pebble you silly if you do not go straight to the lake and finish this task. --- Now go!"


As Gadd Zooks disappeared into the forest, with Orb in hand and birds following close behind, Pixie began to dance around gleefully. Dancing is something pixies do when they are very happy.


Then Milderpeed stretched out one of his branches and scooped her up. He held her close to his big wooded face and said to her, "What are you so happy about? You were part of this problem!"


Pixie looked startled and surprised at his statement. So she replied, "Whatever do you mean? I did not carry that terrible looking Orb all around the forest extracting Joy from everyone. So how can you say that I was part of the problem?"


Milderpeed gently placed Pixie the ground in front of him, then he replied, "That Orb may look frightening to you, but it is simply a Cave-dweller's lamp. It may have been left behind by whoever lived in The Whispering Cave."


Pixie laughed and stated defiantly, "No-one lives in that cave! So how can that be true?"


To which Milderpeed replied, "The lamp is about a thousand years old, so I doubt that the owner would still be alive."


Pixie sat herself down on a Puff-leaf and asked Milderpeed, "Well, if the Orb is so harmless why did you tell Gadd Zooks to toss it in the lake?"


Milderpeed quickly replied, "Because you ran through Yawn Forest telling everyone that the Orb would take their joy away, so it was far easier to get rid of the Orb than to try and convince everyone that the Orb is harmless.


Pixie looked upset and then stated, "I simply said what I believed to be true!"


"Potatoes, Potahtos," Milderpeed replied. "You made a guess about a glowing ball instead of asking Gadd Zooks where he got it and what he planned on doing with it.

If you had asked him, instead of assuming the worst and making up emotional stories about something as harmless as a cave-lamp, no-one would have been afraid of it."

Pixie laughed and stated, "Well what about all the Joy that was being sucked out of everyone, huh, what about that?"


Milderpeed laughed back at Pixie and stated, "When I took the Orb from Gadd Zooks, did it take my joy away?

No, it did not.

And did it take your joy away when Gadd Zooks brought the Orb into the clearing where you were?

No, it did not.

Why? Because that orb was never what you said it was and it’s sinister power was all made up in your imagination.

The orb makes light and aids the cave-dweller, that is all it can do.

You were the one telling everyone what the Orb was going to do to them. So, of course, whatever joy they had in them turned to fear. And it is that fear that is causing Yawn Forest to become darker, not the Orb.

Now you should tell everyone that you made a mistake. Go back to the Pixie village and tell them too. And if you do not tell them, then I will have to do it for you, after all, the sooner everyone stops being afraid then the sooner the darkness will leave the Forest."

Pixie's normal peach color turned red and she pleaded with Milderpeed not to make her do such an embarrassing thing; making mistakes was not something that Pixie likes to admit to.


"Very well," said Milderpeed, "I will not tell them about your mistake. You may explain it to them whenever the question arises. How does that sound?"


Pixie started to dance around and she replied with such joy, "OK, that sounds like a great deal!"


Suddenly, hundreds of birds flew from the trees and when Pixie saw them she asked Milderpeed where they were going in such a hurry.

To which Milderpeed replied, "I know how you are and I am sure that you will never tell anyone about your mistake and the trouble you helped to cause; no matter how dark the forest gets.

And unless someone asks you, you will never say anything about it.

So when someone asks you about the mistakes you made regarding the Orb, and they will ask, don't blame me and think that I told on you.

No, just ask them and they will tell you, "A little birdie told me all about it."


D. Thurmond / JEFalcon



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