Age of Revolution

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Does the feeling of being born into the wrong world ever happen to find its way to your heart?

It was a world that lacked everything; justice, freedom, equality and whatever a normal human wished to have. The world council separated the lands and created kingdoms with royal families and nobles. And for some reason, they, too, got their share of lands but were always caught up in the wars against rivaling kingdoms.
Amidst the chaos of wars-
Lived a 14 year old who was the only one with the power to defy the kings. Having no memories of her early life and no family, she made a decision which will overthrow the world. Little did she know that every single one of her decisions needed a sacrifice of the same value.
She stood straight and clenched her fists, “I have not but I certainly have seen kings bow down to inferior humans.” His eyes widened slightly. Not only has she seen a king but he was also bowing down to another person. It didn’t seem believable to him. A king? Bowing to another human? The rulers of these kingdoms knew nothing but selfishness and desire. They had power, money and everything a man needs to accomplish perfection in this world. To see one of them dropping to his knees means that someone far greater and out of their league appeared.
But who was he?

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