The Barbarian

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Story about a Barbarian and his adventurous team of misfits.

Submitted: January 03, 2019

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Submitted: January 03, 2019



As the sun was setting with the beautiful crimson colour bleeding over the sky, he picked up his freshly sharpened battle axe and put out the campfire. The man's face had deep cuts in some places as it was expected from a warrior of Raghak. His whole life purpose was to fight. He was getting older and yet he stands undefeated. Some of the scars deeper then the others. Some with more past then the oldest of houses. Some with dark secrets that were so hideous that even he wanted to forget about them. As the fire was getting weaker it used it's last breath to lit up the face of the man. The eyes that are sharper then any weapon known to man. He looked disturbed in a way, the memories of last night flooded him yet again.

*Earlier that night*

The torch was lighting up the way with a very weak light. The man knew that he will either have to stop to make himself a temporary camp or keep going in the dark. He knew that the second option was the dangerous one, yet most likely necessary if he wanted to get to town. As he was thinking about what to do his torch faded and left him in the near complete darkness. Darkness so heavy that it felt like it's going to crush him under it's weight. He did not stop; he just continued to walk at the same pace as nothing has happened. After a minute or two his eyes got used to the darkness and he could see again. After couple of meters the bushes on his right moved and he could catch a glimpse of a silhouette jumping out and towards him. It was too late for him to grab his battle axe, so he punched in that direction and as his fist met the target the loud crack could've been heard is not for the opponents loud shouting "AHHHHHH FUCK MY NOSE, GET HIM!" Another two silhouettes jumped out, one from the same bush the other from behind. The man had his axe ready and as the opponent jumped at him he cleaved him clean in half. In the darkness he could feel the warm liquid spraying on his chest and his face. Even without the light he knew what the liquid was but it's wasn't the first time for him. He turned around the face another attacker, however he was too late. The attacker pushed a dagger in his side. The Barbarian flinched and the roar was heard across the forest. The attacker could not react before he was picked up by the throat and slammed head first into the ground. The was hit with such a force that his head was pushed into the ground. The Barbarian then pummeled the attackers head with so much rage that in a matter of few punches his head was just a pool of blood and pieces of brain mashed together as this grotesque stew. The last bandit was still laying on the ground trying to crawl away from the massacre. The Barbarian still in pain from the stab wound and still enraged walked up to the last one of the unfortunate attackers. As he was next to him he put his foot on his head and applied pressure slowly. "NO PLEASE, GOD NO I WILL NEVER DO ANYTHING LIKE THIS AGAIN. I SWEAR PLEASE DON'T KILL ME" after those words only screams of pain and cracking of the skull were heard echoing around the forest.

The Sorceress

The Inn was getting even more crowded with every minute and she could not bear the noise that all those drunks were making. She was lucky that her face was covered by the hood otherwise, some of those men would have already try something with her. She had trouble keeping her fiercely red hair under the tight grasp of the hood. Her emerald eyes were almost glowing from underneath the hood and that why she was sitting with her head nearly in her drink. She had to keep them hidden as the folks around here would take her as something unnatural. They would not hesitate to burn her on the cross with priests shouting their fake prayers to purge the demon from her. “They know so little about magic and yet they want to destroy it without making any research” She thought looking into the drink that was nearly empty.

Her companion was nowhere to be seen and he was running incredibly late at this point. She felt slight frustration but she dismissed it almost immediately. It was almost midnight and the drinking was getting only more intense. There were already fights starting outside of the inn as old enemies from around the town bump into each other. Beating one another until someone sober enough can drag them back to their houses. It was the usual night in this little town. She decided that there is no point sitting around and waiting for him any longer. She gave the Inn owner couple extra gold coins so his memory would stay fresh for the rest of the night. “Make sure that my friend is waiting here for me in the morning. Even if that means that you'll get him a place to sleep” She said in half whisper so no one around can hear. “How will I know who is your friend? What am I? Some sort of a witch?” Inn keeper laughed. “Trust me, you will know when he comes in.” She replied harshly. As she was making her way to the exit someone bumped into her, however she ignored another loud brute and made her way towards the exit.

After couple of minutes of walking all the shouting, laughter and singing was just a distant memory for her. A lot has happened through last couple of weeks and she was not happy that she needs to meet him again. She thought that their ways have parted long ago and she won't have to watch his scared face ever again. “I'm curious how much he have changed over those years. He most likely has even more scars than the last time we saw each other.” She thought slightly zoning off.

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